Ragnaros 25 Heroic Mode World First Kill by DREAM Paragon
DREAM Paragon just killed Ragnaros in 25-Man Heroic Mode! Congratulations to them!

Ragnaros: Too soon! (From Paragon)

Or was it? No, not really. Not if you ask us.

We've NEVER put as much effort into a kill as we now did on downing Heroic Ragnaros. We had a few grueling low percentage wipes and we were already planning on continuing early tomorrow with a better set of gear. Our kill attempt was going to be our last pull of the night as the thunderstorms and disconnects were kicking in.

Then everything clicked. All of our combined effort, practicing, theorycrafting and planning finally paid off. We had a near-perfect try and Ragnaros just melted away. A wave of relief washed over us. It was finally over. We wiped 500+ times on the boss, although I lost count at some point. Absolutely epic feeling after such an epic fight!

We'd really like to thank all of you guys for supporting us. We also would like to extend our gratitude to our sponsors who help us do what we do; a big thank you to SteelSeries, ASUS and especially our new partner DREAM! We'd of course like to thank Blizzard and the developers as well. The hotfixes were lightning fast.

You can also follow us at our social media sites:

We will be releasing a video of our kill later on -- most likely as soon as someone else kills Ragnaros on Heroic. Until then, keep following us!
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  1. Foxhoundn's Avatar
    Gz them! Deserved
  1. mynameisjona's Avatar
    Gratz to them. Wish it was vodka but so it goes
  1. mmocea0b4c5a98's Avatar
    Congratts to them!
  1. mmocc9d9ffa03f's Avatar
    Gratz to Paragon
  1. mmocfa2fcc6742's Avatar
    Congratz sorry for method they didnt make it once again
  1. mmoc3572bbcdc6's Avatar
    I just got told a message was too short and needed over 10 characters and it had 11 characters. I think MMO-C forgetting how maths works is a bigger story.

    Also; Gratz to Paragon <3
  1. mmoc3f8691e37f's Avatar
  1. Bodom's Avatar
    I knew they would get it.
  1. mmoc79be39102d's Avatar
    "Just"? It was almost two hours ago. But congratulations.
  1. mmoc4f671b6bc4's Avatar
    big grtznow vid plz
  1. Hakto's Avatar
    and once again they show why they are the best raiding guild in wow.
  1. Matik's Avatar
    Gz 10char10char
  1. Lienne's Avatar
    grats to Paragon
  1. Yunru's Avatar
    That was a little too fast
  1. ImEveryCliche's Avatar
    A well earned kill! Can't wait to see the vid
  1. tremors's Avatar
    Congrats! =D
  1. Rixis's Avatar
    and i bet method get second now, poor sods, but well played paragon
  1. mmoc6af618f320's Avatar
    Well once again, awesome job! In only 2 weeks (as said before, EU reset has not come yet).
  1. Deathwing the Destroyer's Avatar
    Grats to them!
  1. Nelle's Avatar
    Clearly having sauna and using vodka as steam (pun intended) is overpowered !

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