Update - For the record, the international codes 009 and 041 only seems to appear on Blizzard's online games trademarks. This isn't a book or anything like that. It appears incredibly likely based on previous trademarks obtained by Blizzard that this is the next expansion.

Mists of Pandaria
Blizzard just trademarked a very interesting "Mists of Pandaria".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Primi View Post
    One thing they learned from TBC is: you cant have just one starting zone.

    I remember the day TBC was released.That day there was,literally,15 players for every mob...and to be honest playing Whack-a-mole with mobs whenever they spawn is not funny.

    Time passes and they released Wotlk with a hero class.Everybody makes a DK.It was not really rare getting in bgs where 30-40% of players were Dks(and the rest pallys that were truly op at the time) and that is not a good thing...not for people playing DKs and not for everyone else.

    Did Blizzard learned "You cant have just one hero class" ? Will they make the effort to make,at least,two hero classes (hybrids so we have 5 tanks and 5 healers) so theres only 15-20% of each new class instead of the double?
    Will they add a new class in the first place? Did we get to travel to the place where the father of Kung-Fu Panda is living right now? Why the fuck do I get excited with just the voice of Angeline Jolie on a tiger character?

    Awww...tHe universe,so full of questions,so short of answers.

    Thumbs up if you didn't look at the panda

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    Quote Originally Posted by dibidibirek View Post
    Burning Crusade: Races
    Wrath of the Lich King: Class
    Cataclysm: Races
    Mists of Pandaria: Class

    Pretty obvious, isn't it?

    Pandaren won't be a playable race and they won't choose a faction. Neutral like Tuskarrs, just more important.
    They'll gonna teach us the new hero class for sure. Monk? Brewmaster? can't imagine anything else... maybe Runemaster.

    Main villian will probably be Azshara, maybe she's invading Pandaria and they call for help, otherwise they would all die. So Naga and "Mists" probably involves Kvaldir (WotLk) - Mist guys - too. Or maybe there lies an old god beneath Pandaria. (Probably not N'zoth, but another)

    And hopefully there will be all the missing isles (Kul'Tiras, Kezan, Zandalar, Tel'abim and much more). Maybe Kul'Tiras as Alliance Base and Kezan as Horde Base, although it could be possible that we're getting a BIG neutral city in Pandaria. Who knows.
    100% Agree with this. More likely they introduce a new hero class than a new race. Or Both. But New hero class is a defo cause we need something to spice up wow in that sense.
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    One could assume that in the next expansion a new class will be made playable not a new race, I'm thinking monk, because it could fill a dps and a healer role, just like DK filled tank and dps role
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    I'm guessing that this expansion will be about:

    The Pandaren asking the horde and alliance to come to their aid, because of some evil thing that is happening on their secret island Pandaria. Maybe we'll get a Nortrend look-a-like, but at the south of Azaroth.
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    They're stated several times that classes are harder to implement than races, and that they don't plan new classes. Three expansions don't formulate a rule, nor can they be the basis for an "order". You could also say that 2 out of 3 times, they added races instead of a class, so it's a 66% chance that the next expansion introduces new races
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    If MoP is a troll, why is it a CONFIRMED trademark?
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    Quote Originally Posted by navai View Post
    I feel sorry for the art department. They'll have to rework the entirety of Deathwing's Chin for china too. It barely passes EU laws , its that offensive.
    Barely passes EU laws? Hah, yeah no its not offensive in EU.
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    Please no.....
  1. Seasqwaa's Avatar
    I think it'd be pretty cool if you chose a faction through the starting area quests. Eh, I can't really see how this is going to turn out or what it actually is.... but it does seem quite intriguing. Maybe it'd even be a race that can only be one class; and a special class at that. Though, that would NOT be good for population.
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    who cares tbh its just another player skin with a new racial or two and same classes. Heres hopein they do something more creative then a selling point of a new race
  1. Viperdream's Avatar
    Who says they will become playable? Maybe they will visit us and say they are in need of help of whatever evil is lurking out there.

    I don't think Blizzard would name a whole expansion to one race
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    Chen is gonna be corrupted by the old gods and be the big bad, obviously!
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    Theory on Mists of Pandaria The Pandaren have come across the ocean, to find the Horde and Alliance, for support against a great enemy (what that is, is anyone’s guess) that has begun to attack Pandaria and the surrounding areas. The Pandaren would most likely be seeking aid from the Taurens and Night Elves, due to WoW lore and known Pandaren interactions with the two races. Rather than the Pandaren becoming a creatable class (and thus able to be an ‘enemy’ to one faction or two if it were a new faction) they are in a similar position to that of the Steamwheedle Cartel Goblins, neutral to all (except without an at war button available in the reputation panel). This also solves the problem of the Chinese Government from banning WoW CN (note - I live in Hong Kong, but play on an Oceanic server so I get a view of both versions of the game). Further speculations suggests that the two main bases (one Horde, one Alliance) will be Kezan (having been calmed after the whole terrifying Volcano eruption) and Kul Tiras looking to be the most likely Alliance base (seeing as the Kul Tiras are technically Alliance). Other islands to be included could be Zandalar (with the Rise of the Zandalari patch, it seems a greater possibility), Plunder Isle (home to the Bloodsail Buccaneers, those guys you become friends with temporarily for the Insane title); Tel Abim (of the famous banana), Crestfall and Zul’Dare (thought to be west of the Wetlands and east of Gilneas), the complete Broken Isles (packed full of Naga as can be seen in Warcraft III) and there is also the possibility that an underwater city could be added (giving greater reason as to creating Vashj’ir style graphics). To speculate even further on the underwater city, it is possible that it could be some sort of infested version of the destroyed Darkspear Islands, possessing Nagas, Water Elementals, etc… This gives us 8 new zones (counting Crestfall and Zul’Dare as one due to size) which is close to previous expansion numbers (7 in TBC, 9 in WotLK, 6 in Cata of questing zones). Feel free to comment, it’s an open discussion, and this is only my own theory, based on WoW lore and the newly unofficially released name. Also final comment, I personally wasn’t too happy to see Pandaren being put in WoW (maybe I’m just too serious and should lighten up) but with this new theory, and some time I believe that Pandaren aren’t going to be a complete joke and that knowing Blizzard they will put in a decent effort at making them into deeply intriguing and serious characters for us (while still keeping those people that want the cute, furry Pandaren to exist happy).
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    Please tell me, how Pandarens are worse than Taurens ? No, seriously?And I am really fascinated how people are all arguing about lore. It is a fantasy story, it is a fantasy story by Blizzard, they can twist it and change it as much as possible. Deal with it. This is not hitory book about WW2.
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    I started a thread on the idea, but it was suggested I post here as well, so here we go.

    I want to put this out there now, so that when we see the information show up before/during/after Blizzcon this year, I can point back here.

    I'm thinking we'll tackle N'Zoth either as a raid or heroic boss this expansion. This will lead upset Azshara because of her tie to him, and she'll move to attack Azeroth.

    Since all of the races on Kalimdor/Eastern Kingdoms are currently up in arms because of the Cataclysm, she'll want to stage her attack from somewhere a little less obvious; Pandaria.We, of course, get word of this somehow and head there to help out because if she gets control of that continent, she will have the resources to move against us. The panderans, desperate for help, offer to aid us by joining both sides against the Naga Queen.Meanwhile, Nyog' Sothep helps to empower Azshara so that she can complete her mission since his own would be so closely tied to it.

    The player select screen will be updated to include Panderan on both banners, horde/alliance. Whichever you pick then determines the starting experience for you.I'll add more here as it comes to me, or give credit to others if they add something I can agree with. This is, currently, my own speculation, but it would make sense given how we're tackling old gods left and right. That would explain why it's "Mists of Pandaria." Because we're going after Nyog' Sothep, the Nameless mist. (obviously he won't have the same name for WoW.)

    /cast Flameshield.

    *EDIT 1*Feel free to disregard this in favor of the above, but I wanted to include my idea here. If they decide to add Monk as a class, it could be a cloth tank/dps/healer that uses Int/Spirit gear and shields (like power word: shield, not Bulwark of Azinoth) to perform its duties. This is a separate idea to the above suggestions, but I didn't want to create another thread right now, since this one seems to be moving along on its own.
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    the word mist suggests that it's the Kvaldir who are attacking the pandas which would be normal considering they have a history of trying to destroy cute+fat races (tuskarr) the Kvaldir could possibly be encroaching on the pandas due to the naga pushing them out of the sea due to them gaining the power of (or at least subduing) neptulon allowing azshara free rain of the sea so less space for the Kvaldir to call home.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrowstorm View Post
    You made an account just for this?

    I can only say, bye!
    When are you going to stop replying to everything people say? You try to look mature and all with your 15 years, but you often reply to troll posts as if they were serious.
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    Here comes the monk class with a panda race.
  1. Nathanyel's Avatar
    There won't be a new class, and it especially wouldn't be limited to only one race.
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    I don't know why people concentrate on panderens being a playable race, if such thing happends they would have to be neutral, as in WC 3 they help they alliance as much as they helped the horde. In any case, we can get a cool hero class out of this expansion, such as panderen teaching us to become brew master, or even something completely different we havent heard of yet that the panderen has master. Also i doubt that blizzard would pull another expansion that introduces a new playable race since this expansion alredy did just that.

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