World of Warcraft lost another 300,000 Subscribers last quarter, Patch 4.3 this year
Activision Blizzard latest earning call revealed that World of Warcraft lost another 300,000 subscribers last quarter, following the loss of 600k subscribers announced last quarter.

In this conference call we also learned that:

  • The next patch will include "major raid and dungeon content", we can most likely expect a raid and a 5-man from Patch 4.3
  • Patch 4.3 will be the "largest content update since Cataclysm"
  • It will be released later this year, which means that we can probably expect a PTR soon.

It's also worth noting that despite the loss of players, Mike Morhaime pointed out that the new trial system resulted in an increase in new account creations. For more details on the earning call, go check the coverage on sites such as Venturebeat or Gamasutra.

BlizzCon 2011 Virtual Ticket Now On Sale
The Blizzcon virtual ticket is now available, it seems that some people already got their Murkablo Companion Pet by buying the ticket early. (See this forum thread. However, this is most likely a bug and pets might be removed very soon.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Want to experience the panel discussions, tournaments, game-related announcements, and all the excitement of BlizzCon 2011 from the comfort of your own home? Then be sure to check out the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket!

The BlizzCon 2011 Virtual Ticket is now available for purchase around the world for $39.99 USD (pricing may vary by region). Virtual Ticket coverage will be available as a multi-channel Internet stream and also via Pay Per View on DIRECTV in the United States, granting viewers a front-row seat to all of the action on the show floor including exclusive interviews, demos, and more!

New DIRECTV subscribers in the United States who sign up for DIRECTV service between now and September 25 through will receive this year's BlizzCon Virtual Ticket coverage for free. Existing DIRECTV customers will be able to purchase the event on DIRECTV Pay Per View for $39.99 beginning Monday, October 10. Visit for more info.

DIRECTV customers who order the Pay Per View event through DIRECTV will receive the multi-channel Internet stream at no extra charge, and those who order the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket will also receive this year’s to-be-announced BlizzCon-exclusive World of Warcraft and StarCraft II in-game items.

Don't miss out! To learn more about the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket, head on over to our official BlizzCon 2011 Live Stream page or read the FAQ.

Cenarion Hatchling Raises More Than $1.9 Million for Japan Earthquake Relief
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of World of Warcraft players around the world who purchased the Cenarion Hatchling pet, we’ve raised a total of more than $1.9 million USD to support the ongoing earthquake and tsunami relief efforts in Japan. In May, we announced that for every Cenarion Hatchling purchased by July 31, 2011, 100% of the $10 USD adoption fee would be going to assist victims of this disaster -- and the community responded by opening up their hearts and wallets wide. Thanks again for your support and for helping to make an impact on the lives of those affected by these events.

To learn more about the Pet Store, please visit the Pet Store FAQ.

Diablo III Beta Profile Update
Originally Posted by Zarhym (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The beta test approaches! We’ve just updated our System Check program and would like everyone to update their Beta Profile information by running the new one. You should do this regardless of whether there have been hardware changes made to your system.

You can run the new System Check by visiting the Beta Profile settings of your account:

I don’t have a Beta Profile
If you haven’t yet created a Beta Profile on your account you’ll be presented with two download options, PC and Mac, for our System Check program. Running the program will present you with the Beta Test Opt-In Agreement, and once you agree to that it will immediately query basic computer specification information such as your type of video card, processor, and RAM. Clicking the Send button will then upload the shown information to your account.

On your Beta Profile page, you’ll want to ensure you at least have “Diablo Universe” checked for future testing, if not StarCraft and Warcraft as well. That’s it! You’re now eligible for future beta test opportunities.

I have a Beta Profile
If you’ve previously uploaded your system info you should use the links to download the new System Check program for PC or Mac and update your system info. Run the program, read through the Beta Test Opt-In Agreement that appears, and once you agree to that the program will immediately query your basic computer specification information. Click Send and the program will automatically update your profile with your system specifications. You’ll remain opted in for whichever beta tests you’ve previously selected, and you can change these selections on your Beta Profile page at any time.

Having current system specifications and checking the franchise boxes to express interest in beta testing our future products does not guarantee your entry into the beta test. We will grant a very limited number of people entry from the entire pool of those interested, based on their system specifications and other factors. While having an official Beta Profile is one way to potentially get in, we’ll have information on other ways to increase your chances as we draw closer to the beta test.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Lack of Blue Posts / "Where are the Blues?"
The whole team is here today. We're actively reading the forums whenever we can while working on other tasks. :)(Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Repair costs too expensive?
Repair costs have always scaled with item level. If anything, I'd say this game has a burden of too much gold out in the economy, rather than too little. 4 deaths in 1 5-player Heroic dungeon run is well above what you should expect as an average, and 100 gold is pretty easy to come by at level 85. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

New Warcraft Fan Art
The Blizzard Fan Art Section has been updated with five new pieces of fan artwork set within the Warcraft universe.

"The Raid" Livestream on August 6th @ 6:00PM PST
Blue Loon Films, the studio behind the upcoming World of Warcraft documentary, The Raid, has announced that the live stream of their film will take place on August 6th.

The Raid follows a guild over the course of a few months and features a host of content including in-game and at-home interviews with the players.

To celebrate the release of the film, TypeFrag will be giving away:

  • 1 desktop PC by Doghouse Systems
  • 5 high-end gaming headsets
  • 25, 25-person Ventrilo servers

The PC features an Intel i5 Quad-Core CPU, Windows 7 64-bit, 1TB HDD, 4GB RAM, 2 NVIDIA GTX 460 PCI-E video cards and more!

The live stream of The Raid will take place on August 6th at 6:00PM (PST) and is brought to you in part by TypeFrag, and Curse!

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  1. Exauras's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nebthet View Post
    I clearly stated that I've already stopped playing and never planned to play it forever.
    I must've missed where you said you had quit. there was a lot to skim and i wasn't to interested in reading all these pages anyways. The 20 years part was more for anyone in general. I believe games are meant to go out and people should move on. My other part still stands, any game you play and quit is going to lead to wasted time. Playing a 2nd game when you could be playing WoW can also mean you wasted your time. When you look at it like that, it makes everything that you don't see as productive useless. If that's the case you should play D3 and spend your time farming for stuff to sell on the AH and make profits!
  1. Azuri's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by s1ppr View Post
    Wrong. They increased the numbers of "servers".
    And it IS increasing
    True statement acutally, i took a screen shot last night of the US servers and i will post them when i get home tonight 50% of the servers were at high and the rest were all at medium. Can't post it from my Iphone. I took the screen shot because i knew the retarted lack of proof coments would surface when the sub count came out.

    I could care less if Wow subs are up or down since I don't play wow anymore but keep telling yoursel Rift is dead, denial is a bitch. Wow won't die but you can be sure as hell it's bleeding subs that's been proven. The game is getting old wtf do you expext? People need to get over the fact that there are other games that can and will compete with wow now and none of them acutally will kill wow but all them are taking a piece of the pie.

    Lucky for blizz they have D3 out in the near future at least those customers lost from wow will stay with their other product.
  1. JayJay09's Avatar
    I think Blizzard just fails too hard in that balancing issue. At least for PvP. RNG is a way too big factor there and some classes may faceroll cc other players, while other classes need to have some skill for their cc chain, since they have cooldown on their cc abilities etc.. That's at least some minor problems within the core of the game. And if Blizzard keeps doing it their way, PvP will never have a proper balance. Never.

    Out of PvE perspective, I am simply bored of the game. Nothing new, nothing challenging, Endbosses Hero die within less than 2 weeks.. I don't know, PvE just bores the shit out of me. I raided hardcore during BC and wotlk and Cata just makes me /yawn, although I thought it couldn't get worse after ICC...
  1. Chipper's Avatar
    I'm expecting 4.3 to be Deathwing raid + an Old God/Queen Azshara raid. Since it's a huge patch, it will be in beta for 2-3 months like all huge patches before it and they haven't even started hyping 4.3 yet. The hype for a patch is typically a month prior to beta. Firelands is still in it's prime being only 1 month old and they've never announced another major tier before the current tier is around 3 months in age. Best estimate about 4.3 puts the hype starting in September. Blizzcon panels will likely cover Mists of Pandaria in October while the new patch goes into public beta. Then the patch will release around mid December. The leaked production slate has, so far, been accurate and has the Mists of Pandaria hitting stores April-June 2012. So, this huge tier will likely have a planned lifespan of 6 months which is in line for the next xpac release and typical for final tiers.

    I don't see where you'd fit in another independent tier prior to the Deathwing tier.
  1. Eirangel's Avatar
    The Guild was the most stupidest funded project ever, no1 cares about it anymore and no1 wants to see old content or hear stories about old content in WOTLK..waste of time and money
  1. el3mentz's Avatar
    I see the end of the WoW... one by one we all will quit, cuz the game is boring and we playing same things with different skins and stats... 7 years last 4 nothing new or inovative.... Personally i will change WoW with Diablo 3 or StarWars The Old Republic! GL with the epic wow ending... !
  1. Goranhir The Furious's Avatar
    I got nothing against the game, or Blizzard, or normal players, but for some reason I like seeing butthurt idiots in denial yelling 'no it's not dying 900 000 players lost is NOTHING, NOTHING arrrrrghhhh!' It's like they can't stand people saying that 'players are leaving the game you like muahahahhaha' and they go into some sick rage making excuses why are players leaving lol. Hope another 3 million go away just to see more irrational nerd-rage on the forums, it's delicious!
  1. Pickledmilk's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Tidycat View Post
    Has anybody ever thought that the people that are leaving isnt because the game is bad? 300,000 people. Can we assume that some of those people have since died (im not too sure how they canceled if they died, but whatever),
  1. Harith's Avatar
    the thing with WoW is they have had a big rotaion door with lots of ppl leaveing and lots of ppl joining what we are seeing now is so many ppl have played WoW now and quit that they can't get that many new players to adjust the figure to the ppl leaving, and i woudn't be surpirsed if they break a new record in the ammout of subs once a new exp pack comes out
  1. MrShapatsky's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by planetchips View Post
    Durr, yes, Journalism is taught. It is NOT a field of science as you claimed, journalism falls under "arts" in most colleges. Hell, I even said "behavioral science" for your benefit, thinking you would look into it so you would understand the exact field for what you were talking about. That was the point I was making, way to miss it (not surprising, since you missed the first one). I hope you're not majoring in journalism because your reading comprehension sucks. Seriously, learn how to read in context of your previous posts, it's like you forget what you wrote before and reply as if my posts are stand-alone.

    As for not replying, you've constantly dug yourself into a deeper pit with every reply. Its taken you way too long to try and save face. I've enjoyed pointing out your inability to think clearly.
    Ok i am back in! But i i sent you a PM, since we are way way offtopic, pretty much thanks to you.
  1. Ayperos's Avatar
    I'll be passing on the virtual ticket this year. After doing it for 3 years, its the same ol same ol. Same type panels, same type reskinned murloc. I'll just wait a day, if that, and all the panels will be on the internet anyways. Saving $40 this year.
  1. Isaq's Avatar
    I enjoy Cataclysm A LOT more then I did WotLK, even though I am only 3/7 FL Normal modes I am still having more fun then I did at any point in WotLK. For me the only good thing about Wrath was the ability to have 5-6 current tier raid geared toons.
    "Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder."

    Yes, we are having a lot of different opinions and views, and that's just normal. As for myself, I was bored with Cata 4 months after release, something that has not happened with any of the 2 previous expansions.

    Anyway, personally I'm looking forward to dig my teeth into a new MMO, something completely different would be nice.
  1. Lazertrooper's Avatar
    I quit months ago because Blizzard kept elemental shamans shit ever since Ulduar. And I was really getting sick and tired of seeing boomkin jump around pretending like they are pro with their shitty starfall and dots.

    7% of player base seems very much like a whole class to me, wouldn't be surprised if they were all shaman players.

    Point is this, there are people who like particular classes regardless of their strength. But if their class is weak, they will get alienated in game, at which point they WILL lose interest in the game.
  1. Paincake's Avatar
    For me biggest turn off is that they have butchered up many classes/specs I used to enjoy. For example, in TBC with my Rogue I did Mutilate Arena, Subtlety BG's and Combat PvE. In WotLK, Subtlety was pretty much dead but HEY at least I still had 2 specs left that were semi enjoyable. In Cataclysm all of the 3 specs have been butchered. I don't enjoy the whole class anymore. 6 years of playing my Main, my Rogue it was advertised as a class specifically for its intended designs. With Cataclysm the they made my us into a leather wearing Fury Warrior.
    Now then theres Healing playstyle been completely changed up despite all the protests that happend on a large scale before launch. Tanking specs are not as enjoyable as they used to be. This doesn't leave people many options and thats where frustration sets in for many players including myself.
    Blizzard took a gamble by changing the most basic designs of the gameplay.




    Forget balance for now. Make them fun again. Too many enjoyable aspects of gameplay have been compromised by Blizzards decision to change so many things. When Cataclysm launched I knew many many Healers who just either quit or rerolled even after 6 years of play.
  1. Meldon's Avatar
    I wish this time they will update the moonkin form and make balance druids viable in PvP like they are in PvE. uhm nwm maybe they have to lose another 300k subscribers....
  1. Arcangel14's Avatar
    Dont forget about the promised CoT WotA raid!
  1. Repellerar's Avatar
    PLEASE let 4.3 include updated player models! Im on the verge of quitting because my eyes have gotten sore looking at the old pixel boxes!
  1. phai's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nephyron View Post
    I wish this time they will update the moonkin form and make balance druids viable in PvP like they are in PvE. uhm nwm maybe they have to lose another 300k subscribers....
    I am just PRETTY SURE that they WONT get the 300k subscribers back just by updating your damn fuzzy boomkin form :P
  1. scubistacy's Avatar
    Well... I have almost left already, playing since 2006. It's not the lack of the content, it's not the difficulty. At the end of Wrath, the game was perfect for my playstyle - not going to extreme with 1 character, but being able to play all the classes I like at the content level which suited me best. I don't need hardcore challenges, I want to experience the content from more than just one perspective - and don't tell me that playing druid or paladin would be enough. Even after all the homogenization, the classes feel different for me - but I am not able to play them all anymore. Too much tedium to equip one character, or three, I cannot take it any more to equip the others. It seems just like a waste of time.

    People only speak about raids, and arena, and everything else in this game is just stupid bullshit, means to get the "real fat lootz" or something like that, to boast the ego with hardcore modes and gear. Any other kind of gaming satisfaction goes out of the window. I love my characters and every single time I look at the screenshots or fanarts, I remember how great this game could be. But it is not any more. It has lost its soul, traded for achievement and loot.
  1. Jokerfiend's Avatar
    It's flat out true, regardless of your stance on casual or hardcore, the game isn't innovative anymore. I don't/can't raid anymore(due to prime time work from 1p to midnight) and the whole point of this game is to raid. So I have no incentive to play. I'm a great player, I don't stand in fire, I bring flasks and food buff, I come correctly enchanted and stat weighted, also I'm a tank. Yet I can't raid. When I do have a chance to PUG, I'm turned away cause I don't know the fights. Not like 5 minutes explanation and maybe a couple of wipes to get the hang of the fight. People won't bother. Telling me to Youtube the fights.. Ok I watch the videos and watch the videos. So then I "know" the fights. Well that doesn't help me get into PUG raids either cause I don't have the achievement. So explain how I can do better? The only arguments ever are get a guild group. Well please tell me a guild that raids 12p to 2 am, knowing I can't make commitments, and is still cool enough to let me come when I can. Yeah I thought so. This a GAME. Not a job. Having to make commitments to a game and PAY to play it. Really? Really? Can you honestly answer with a straight face? This is why the game is failing. Raiding is obsolete, it SHOULDN'T be the only avenue to the pinnacle. Sorry but a mountain doesn't only have one path. Yet y'all expect this game so have only one path. *rolls eyes*

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