Addon Review - ReforgeLite (by Shamanic)
ReforgeLite is an in-game list of stat weights, along with an interface that allows for one click reforging (based on those weights).

It comes with a set of preset stat-weights for each class and spec or you can of course enter your own stat weights manually. Once you've inputted your weights or edited the existing ones, you can save them for future use so you only need to do this once.

Step One: Type /Reforge Or click reforge an item at any reforger. You will get your ReforgeLite Panel showing the stats of the current gear equipped. A red stat means you have already reforged away from that stat, and into the green stat.

Step Two: Stat Weights. For example, I've loaded the Arcane Mage preset on a low-geared character. You can choose to add a minimum or maximum cap, from the stats, for example "Hit, at least spell hit cap, 1742." A nice note for hybrids is this addon does take into account the hit from spirit conversion and it does recognise hit talents automatically, although you can always manually adjust anyway.

Step Three: Click Calculate. You now get a new table telling you what it would recommend you do. You can either use this to manually adjust your own items, or you can get the addon to now adjust these for you.

Step Four: Click Show. The items with the tick next to them are items that the addon perceives to be correctly reforged.If you want to keep any items exactly as they are, check the tick. Items with the tick will NOT be automatically reforged. Anything that is not ticked, will be reforged as it has listed when you click reforge. That's one click, reforge everything unticked. You can hover over the item icon to see the full item stats.

In this example, I will be reforging 10 pieces of gear, for a total cost of 178g, 47s, 60c.

Note! Be careful not to click "Reforge" until you're sure you're ready! As soon as you click reforge it will start cycling through each piece and reforge it automatically. You can click cancel if you change your mind before it's finished.

Conclusion: With this you can change as little as one piece, or as much as all of your gear - ideal for after patches when weights change, on new characters or with new gear.

2011 European Invitational: Day 1 Round-Up
Blizzard's recap of the European Invitational is now available, you can also check out the official site's Video on Demand section to watch the finals if you missed it!
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
There were plenty of shockers, and even a few tears towards the end, but we’ve successfully wrapped up day one of the 2011 European Invitational.

Starcraft 2
After a slight delay, the matches finally kicked off at around 2pm. Naniwa and Strelok had a close round, which eventually swung in Naniwa’s favour. Ret and Tarson had a tense battle too, ending with Ret claiming the victory.

There were more than a few sad-faced fans when White-Ra went out 0:2 against Thorzain in the first round, and then landed another disappointing score against Nerchio in the Consolation Bracket. This must’ve been a relief for those cheering on Nerchio, though, after he lost his first round against Socke 0:2. Following his defeat at the hands of Ret in the Championship Bracket, Tarson reclaimed some ground by beating Strelok 2:0 in the Consolation Bracket.

Round 2 seemed nice and easy for Thorzain, who managed to win two games straight up against Socke. He’ll now face Ret in Round 3 tomorrow, who narrowly came out on top over Naniwa 2:1. In the Consolation Bracket, Tarson beat Socke 2:1, and Nerchio went down against Naniwa, meaning Round 3 will see Naniwa facing Tarson for a chance in the final.

There were some clear victories early on in the Warcraft Brackets, as both Colgate and Showtime scored 3:0 against their respective opponents; I can’t believe it’s not Wizard and x6tence. The losing teams faced each other in the Consolation Brackets, which saw x6tence walk away with the lead after a 3:0 win. Showtime won out over Colgate with a 3:1 score on Round 2 of the Championship Bracket.

World of Warcraft
Both Surprise Effect and Victornox went through to Round 2 after winning their Round 1 matches against DNAW Trio and Feeling Mad. The ensuing battle between the winning teams was close, finally seeing Victorinox take the lead 3:2 in Round 2. DNAW Trio and Feeling Mad faced each other in the Consolation Bracket, resulting in a 3:1 score to DNAW Trio.

You can visit the official 2011 European Invitational site now to see the ladders, replays of the matches and more!

2011 European Invitational: Day 2 Round-Up
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The 2011 European Invitational has come to an end, but what an exciting end it was. We now know who will be travelling to BlizzCon to compete in the event there, and they all thoroughly deserve it.

Firstly, WoW team Showtime pulled out all the stops and defeated the finalists from the Consolation Bracket, DNAW Trio. The runners up fought valiantly, making Showtime work hard for their victory. They managed to win a match, making the score 2:1 to Showtime, but were beaten in the following game. Both teams will get to take part in the Global Invitational during BlizzCon in October.

Starcraft 2
In StarCraft II, Tarson went up against Naniwa in the Consolation Bracket and was defeated 0:2. Naniwa went on to play against Thorzain, who was previously beaten by Ret in the Championship Bracket. Naniwa also walked away from that match with a 2:1 victory, and entry into the Grand Final.

Both Ret and Naniwa seemed icy cool as they began the Grand Final match, each walking on stage to a rapturous reception. However, Ret won the first match after catching Naniwa off-guard. The second match was over even quicker, as Naniwa tried a new tactic which, sadly, just didn’t pay off. Ret hardly seemed to break a sweat as he won the Grand Final 2:0.

World of Warcraft
As with the WoW finalists, both Ret and Naniwa will take part in the Global Invitational at BlizzCon. We’ll see you there!

Don't forget to catch up on the replays, match brackets and more over on the official 2011 European Invitational site.

The MMO Report
Looks like it's time for our weekly MMO Report! Because, really, Monday would suck without Casey.

Dark Legacy Comics #299 and Teh Gladiators #260 + #261 are available!

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  1. d07RiV's Avatar
    Can't really say why I named it that way, it was intended to be a small calculator but it already grew into something larger than "Lite" would allow. Its too late to rename it though.Stat weights are as good as you can get without running a complex calculation for every reforging option, which is impossible. Feel free to calculate better stat weights for your character with simc or similar tools, so far I don't know any addons that do that (since addons have pretty limited computation power).
  1. Achaman's Avatar
    pfft asif reforging is so hard?
  1. Zurgan's Avatar
    I have a smäll problem with this addon. installed it yesterday and logged my mainchar. Tried the command /reforge nothing happened. Went to reforgeguy and morgontidning happened. Logged my alts and both the command /reforge worked and then talking to reforgeguy. Uninstalled it and reinstalled it bit same issues on my main. Weird or am I doing something really wrong?

    Edit: Found a solution to my troubles. my main is a hunter with Lava Bolt Crossbow equipped. Apperently the xbow is bugged and shows damsingel stats. Unequipping it made the addon work properly.
  1. hhyy00's Avatar
    Why are MMO-Champion posting addon articles on front page nowadays? Addons like Reforgelite is not required at all. I think I speak for everyone when I say, "Please stop or lessen front page advertisement." Thanks.
  1. Simca's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by hhyy00 View Post
    Why are MMO-Champion posting addon articles on front page nowadays? Addons like Reforgelite is not required at all.
    Addon reviews have been happening for nearly a year. I wrote one back in December 2010, and that wasn't even the first one. Recently there has been very little in the way of news from Blizzard.

    As for the "not required at all", of course that's true. You're also not required to have eyes, hands, legs, or a mouse to play World of Warcraft (no offense intended to any disabled persons). However, use of those items does generally increase your DPS and/or response time.

    ReforgeLite is a nice addon that lets you get the EXACT amount of hit/expertise you need, which is usually a net gain of around 10-15 Mastery/Haste/Crit. Now you can get exactly 8.00% Hit without having to minimize the game and use an outside tool.

    As for the people saying "reforging is hard", yes it is. Reforging scenarios are NP-Complete problems ( Getting a PERFECT reforge is pretty damn hard. Maximizing your best stat (e.g. Mastery) while getting perfect 8.00% and 26 Expertise is actually pretty freaking hard without using a reforging calculator program or addon. I assure you that 9 out of 10 times a reforging program will beat your "hand-made" reforges (especially for multiple cap classes - hit/expertise).

    Quote Originally Posted by Mammoth View Post
    I was like "oh neat, I can get this addon and it'll make reforging easier." But then I realised as a tank, it's absolutely useless, the value of Dodge/Parry/Mastery change as you get more of them; weights just don't cut it. If you have to research your current weights every time you want to reforge, you might as well use the same website to tell you how to do it.
    Ask Mr. Robot actually incorporates the Diminishing Return formulas into their tanking weights and is extremely awesome for accurate Tank reforging.
  1. Marxman's Avatar
    Perhaps it's a bug in just the current version, but ReforgeLite was making absolutely wrong suggestions for my reforging even after I entered my own variables. I had Haste as twice as valuable as Mastery, and yet it was telling me to reforge everything to Mastery on my Hunter. Either there's a bug or the addon is a pile of shit, I'm not really sure which. Either way, it does not work at all.
  1. blgdinger's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Marxman View Post
    Perhaps it's a bug in just the current version, but ReforgeLite was making absolutely wrong suggestions for my reforging even after I entered my own variables. I had Haste as twice as valuable as Mastery, and yet it was telling me to reforge everything to Mastery on my Hunter. Either there's a bug or the addon is a pile of shit, I'm not really sure which. Either way, it does not work at all.
    hahahaha, yeah dude the mod is totally borked.

    I have my stat weights entered from simcraft, which notably was haste at 195 and mastery at 185. I set the hit to be at least 1725 and the results I got looked pretty good. I then set the haste minimum at 1993 and it took like 10 sec to calculate. The result? It reforged PURE mastery. I was like oh I guess haste/mastery got mixed up somehow. so I set the min mastery to 1993. What did it do? It reforged all the mastery to hit, leaving crit untouched, and actually reforging into crit apparently.

    All I can say is the mod is pretty much useless if you set a min value for anything besides hit.
  1. Jinna's Avatar
    What I like most about reforgelite is this scenario:/raid Summon me back, I wanna try this fight with mastery instead of haste and in frost presence/cast hearthstone/mount-use dropdown for saved "DW Frost Mastery" weights--calculate--show--reforge-/raid Okay, ready for summon

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