Patch 4.2.2 on Test Realms soon?
A wild Patch 4.2.2 appeared on the test realms download servers a couple of hours ago, and it looks like we'll go through a bugfix patch before we get to see Patch 4.3.

Important - Most of these changes are nothing more than tooltip fixes to reflect Patch 4.2 Hotfixes already active on live servers. I'm mostly documenting them for the sake of it.

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Achievement Changes
PvP - Arena
  • Challenger now also includes Vicious Gladiators.
  • Gladiator now also includes Vicious Gladiators.
  • Duelist now also includes Vicious Gladiators.
  • Rival now also includes Vicious Gladiators.

PvP - Tol Barad

Death Knight (Forums / Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)
  • Improved Death Strike increases damage done by Death Strike by 40/80/120%, up from 30/60/90%. Increases critical strike chance by 10/20/30%, up from 3/6/9%.

Shaman (Forums / Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)
  • Shamanism gives an additional 32% benefit from spell power, up from 20%.

World Events

  • Deflecting Star is now bound when picked up.
  • Lava Bolt Crossbow now increases haste by 81 instead of mastery by 75. Increases critical strike rating by 88, down from 91.
  • Lava Bolt Crossbow (H) now increases haste by 92 instead of mastery by 85. Increases critical strike rating by 99, down from 103.



PvP Gear




Client Strings
  • LanguageRegions["ptBR"] = 12;
  • GUILD_NAME_ALERT = "Guild Name Change Alert";
  • GUILD_NAME_ALERT_GM_HELP = "You must pick a new name within the guidelines of our naming policy.";
  • GUILD_NAME_ALERT_MEMBER_HELP = "Your guildmaster must pick a new name within then guidelines of our naming policy.";
  • GUILD_NAME_ALERT_WARNING = "Your guild has been flagged for a rename.";
  • OLD_GUILD_NAME = "Old Guild Name:";
  • TRIAL_ACCOUNT_LEVEL_CAP_REACHED = "You have reached the maximum possible level on a trial account. [Click Here] to upgrade your account!";
  • TRIAL_ACCOUNT_MONEY_CAP_REACHED = "You already have the maximum amount of money on a trial account. [Click Here] to upgrade your account!";
  • TRIAL_CAPPED_MONEY = "Trial money cap reached.";
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  1. Actarius's Avatar
    Welcome back to the news posting Boubouille. We missed you.!
  1. mugutu's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by prodruidlol View Post
    so the unheeded warning nerf is already on servers?
    Yeah that was a week or two ago.

    Bastards are nerfing my Necromatic Focus, too. *raises fist in anger at the sky*
  1. Wishblade's Avatar
    Awh, but I want 4.3 PTR... Oh well, I guess my patience will handle the wait.
  1. Senarx's Avatar
    A wild Missingno patch indeed.
  1. Spunt's Avatar
    So they nerfed Necromantic focus? Not like the proc was all that good anyways, but jeez.
  1. Yunru's Avatar
    Dk tanks got buffed--havent noticed
  1. Medivh's Avatar
    nerf on necromantic focus? -.-" i can understand anymodifier on spell but not items already spent with dkp. InsTead of that trinket i could get another like ragnaros trinket
  1. dope_danny's Avatar
    can they just add y'now, ANY dps plate shoulders?
  1. Gohzerlock's Avatar
    Necromantic focus was pretty lackluster to begin with... was taking away 3 mastery per stack really necessary? I mean now moonwell chalice just ruins this raid trinket, for that matter so does darkmoon card.
    It was bad enough the ragnaros trinket is just terrible.
  1. Inval1d's Avatar
    Guild name change? :O

    And about time Occu got his achievement.

    But I don't see the logic behind bringing this to the PTR. :/
  1. Arridor's Avatar
    Wild patch 4.2.2 appeared! Wild patch 4.2.2 used Confusion It's super effective! Player is now confused. Player fainted.
  1. Wildshooter's Avatar
    When the ptr opens it'll probably be much bigger than this, it's not like they need to test achievements and tooltip changes, and that's all I can see described there...
  1. Bareno's Avatar
    So apparently the PTR wants me to download ~7.8 gigs of data. Is the PTR patch not available to download yet? And if so, how do I get my client to fully recognize that it already has the full PTR client? Seems like to me it's trying to download other language packs...
  1. Ocnarian's Avatar
    yes, has been for a few days already.
  1. Falarson's Avatar
    Pretty sure this is mostly to test the Brazilian version.
  1. Porcell's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Powell View Post
    Looks like a huge nerf to the BS sword.

    And finally the rag shoulders are now actually worthy to use as a tank.
    Just tooltip updates, this stuff has been in for a while. I was confused last week when I tried to reforge the Hit from my shoulders into Mastery and the button wouldn't click. (Because the hit really already was mastery, confirmed on character sheet by removing the shoulders).
  1. Jaq's Avatar
    There are no buffs or nerfs. The tooltips for a lot of items are displaying incorrectly.
  1. dotsown's Avatar
    yay for new patch
  1. Bareno's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ocnarian View Post
    yes, has been for a few days already.
    You mean its been asking people to download all that data since the 4.2 PTR shut down? (Or for a week)
  1. Schizoide's Avatar
    Except for the achievements, this ENTIRE patch is tooltip updates, assuming that MMO-champ's datamining didn't miss anything. All of those changes are already live.

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