Void Storage and Transmogrifier - Patch 4.3 Teasing?
A teaser on the official Warcraft Facebook Page hints at two new types of NPCs coming in a future patch, most likely Patch 4.3: the Transmogrifier and Void Storage NPCs.

"Transmogrifier" seems to hint at a way to change the appearance of something, the first thing coming to my mind is either a way to change the look of your items (it was experimented in the past with things such as Darkspear Overcloak but dropped later). I guess it could also be a way to change facial/body features on characters.

The "Void Storage" is probably ... well, another kind of storage? Or a high-tech magic trash can.

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  1. Venziir's Avatar
    Heh, a bit late it would seem b00b, but fair enough. This does seem very interesting. Not a big fan of ethereals per se, but this does look intriguing.
  1. Hyve's Avatar
  1. mmoc6af618f320's Avatar
    Hmmmm....... Interesting
  1. mmoc53d469cddd's Avatar
    Tbh i think Void Storage sounds more like a vendor for something.
  1. Uselessrouge's Avatar
    allways liked the skin of those npcs ^^
  1. Wraug's Avatar
    ooooohh ahhhhhhh
  1. phoenixia's Avatar
    Gimme bank slot ! BANK SLOT
  1. Renovo's Avatar
    Account wide storage slots, maybe? >.>
  1. Fizzelkazoo's Avatar
    Glad to see the ethereals back! Missed them since TBC.
  1. Lamora's Avatar
    Void storage would be a nice way to send items between servers I guess. Sort of a shared bank for all characters on a Bnet account.
  1. Ijoemomma's Avatar
    I hope the void storage is cross server storage for things like heirlooms. that would be one way for them to solve that problem.
  1. Elta's Avatar
    Void Storage maybe a way to Send BoA's Cross-server?
  1. Senbo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Renovo View Post
    Account wide storage slots, maybe? >.>
    that actually makes some sense. some type of battle.net wide storage
  1. Hean's Avatar
    Anything related to ethereal energies and the consortium and I'm in.
  1. mmoc310a7931c1's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Vayjir View Post
    Tbh i think Void Storage sounds more like a vendor for something.
    How does storage sound like a vendor?
  1. ButterToast's Avatar
    This is very interesting actually. even tho i dont know anything about this. still pretty interested.
  1. paloalto's Avatar
    Void? As in, "Vengeance of the Void?"/duck
  1. Herecius's Avatar
    Ah! The Transmogrifier! Scientific progress does, indeed, go 'boink.'
  1. lonedrifter's Avatar
    Yay Etherals! I loved those guys in TBC! I'm glad to see them making a comeback One of my favorites =3
  1. Shazzia's Avatar
    It's not the fact that they are Ethereals that is important, it's their titles."Transmogrifier" is someone who change appearance of cloths. Maybe we can change our gear?People who think Ethereals will be playable are retarded.Why would they add a Burning Crusade race as playable? Pandaren won't be playable either

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