Void Storage and Transmogrifier - Patch 4.3 Teasing?
A teaser on the official Warcraft Facebook Page hints at two new types of NPCs coming in a future patch, most likely Patch 4.3: the Transmogrifier and Void Storage NPCs.

"Transmogrifier" seems to hint at a way to change the appearance of something, the first thing coming to my mind is either a way to change the look of your items (it was experimented in the past with things such as Darkspear Overcloak but dropped later). I guess it could also be a way to change facial/body features on characters.

The "Void Storage" is probably ... well, another kind of storage? Or a high-tech magic trash can.

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  1. penguinsane's Avatar
    omfg, if "void storage" is something I can send my heirlooms across servers with, I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER, BLIZZ. PLEASE MAKE THIS SO .
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    Best guess: Transmogrifing vendors are the solution to customizing the looks of our gear without some "tab" functionality. These questions will have to be addressed: Will it act like Reforging? (e.g., the vendor right next to him?) Will you put the "pretty" item in one slot, the "stat" item in the other slot, and click "Transmogrify" for a fee? Can you undo the change or is it permanent? Do you get both items back if you undo the change?
  1. flanYfran's Avatar
    I really do hope the Transmogrifier is a armor changer !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Senbo View Post
    that actually makes some sense. some type of battle.net wide storage
    hope so, maybe a precursor for being able to send BoA gear cross server, which i think will make a lot of people happy.
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    Oooooh you sneaky Blizzard you, how you keep surprising and teasing me...


    Void Storage - Account wide storage, i.e. Bnet bound items to be transfered between realms.
    Transmogrifier - Reskinning items? Gimme gimme.
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    I'm always a fan of more storage, in whatever that capacity might be! Can't wait to see what this is all about.
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    OMG! It's happening! IT IS HAPPENING! This just might be up there with some of the best WoW news ever! I'm going to love not having my tanking set look like a half warrior set.
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    This can mean a lot of stuff =D
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    Transmogrifing vendors sound like Ink Vendors from Rift.
    allowed you to change the color of your armor set. worked cool. you can get some sick color combos in Rift with it.
    just my .02
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    Scientific Progress Goes Boing all over again!
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    Sorry, but this looks fake, easy to photoshop this :P
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    If the "Transmogrifier" is indeed an NPC that will let you customize the look of gear, I would be super happy !
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    Void Storage = account wide storage. That's where I'm putting my money (in regards to what it is).
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    I think it will be like: you can use an item you got ( like vanilla set or something) and merge it with your Heroic superub gear.So you get the good looks with the pro stats, would be kinda need
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    ITT: Calvin and Hobbes reference brings back awesome memories. ty blizzard
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crysthalica View Post
    How does storage sound like a vendor?
    They could sell more storage items, you know, since bags are storage.

    Would be nice if it was a battle.net shared bank though.
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    Arcane reforger hmm what could that be ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Herecius View Post
    Ah! The Transmogrifier! Scientific progress does, indeed, go 'boink.'
    You sir have just won the internet.
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    Please be wardrobe slots or something. I think that blizzard has been less creative than in the past, so I would love to be able to wear some T6 on my mage.

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