Patch 4.2 Hotfixes - August 16
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  • Threat
    • Threat generation for all tanks has been increased to 500%, up from 300%. This applies to warriors in Defensive Stance, death knights in Blood Presence, druids in Bear Form, and paladins with Righteous Fury.
    • Vengeance should no longer be generated when damage is fully absorbed by damage shields. When the shield breaks from damage or damage is partially absorbed, the amount of Vengeance generated is equal to the full amount of damage taken (including the damage absorbed.)
    • More information can be found in our latest Dev Watercooler.

Dungeons & Raids
Baradin Hold
  • Occu’thar has come into a larger supply of PvE gear than he previously possessed.

  • Hell Hounds should now be nigh impossible for a single player to kill.
  • The Grab Bag dropped by all Firelands bosses should now occasionally contain Crystallized Firestones in Heroic difficulty.

  • Baleroc should now always choose Inferno Blade the first time he casts Blades of Baleroc.

  • Beth'tilac now does slightly less damage on normal difficulty.

Lord Rhyolith
  • The explosion damage radius of each Magma Meteor just before Lord Rhyolith should now more closely match their spell effect visuals.
  • Volcanoes should no longer emit plumes of smoke while they are dormant.
  • Concussive Stomp should no longer knock nearby players back.
  • Magma Flow lines are now 30 yards long, down from 40 yards.
  • Rhyolith now activates volcanoes less often on normal difficulty.
  • Stepping on an active volcano now removes 16 stacks of armor, up from 10.

Majordomo Fandral Staghelm
  • All threat generated in this encounter has been reduced in Heroic difficulty.

  • Ragnaros’s Sons of Flame should now be immune to silence effects.

  • Shannox, Riplimb and Rageface have all had their damage reduced slightly on normal difficulty.

  • Players should now be able to keep the Quest Giver buff from the quest Welcome to the Machine in Hillsbrad Foothills.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
GC's latest blog: Active Mitigation Playstyle
Right now it's tough for DK tanks because they're the only ones on anything resembling an active mitigation model. The one active mitigation guy is going to look like he's working harder than the passive mitigation guys because, in a lot of ways, he is. If all tanks had worked this way from the start, it would be the norm, and nobody would be worried about jumping onto that model.

We've already established that threat isn't making for very compelling encounter design, and removing it offers us the ability to get creative with some of the mechanics that we're using; both in encounter and class design. In a world with no threat management, and no active mitigation, that doesn't leave a lot for tanks to do though. We think that making tanking more active, and focusing that activity around mitigation (which feels immediately useful) will generate some very rewarding gameplay. We want the act of tanking to be engaging, interesting and fun. We think the path forward will offer more of that for all the tanking classes.

Also, I've seen a number of references to making tanking easier in this thread and elsewhere. "Easier" isn't really the goal. The goal is to discard a mechanic which we don't think is working particularly well anymore, and replace it with something more focused and interesting. Doing so should also have the effect of allowing tanks who aren't as geared still do their job when grouped with players who outgear (or even outlevel them a bit). They'll still be responsible for doing a good job, but their absolute ability to hold the attention of the boss won't be a factor; their ability to play well and mitigate damage will be.

We're aware of player concerns about Blood tanking, and we'll work to ensure that Blood tanking will continue to be viable and effective into the future. On that note, we're interested in addressing some of the concerns that have been expressed about the spec (potentially as soon as the next major patch), though we want to accomplish that goal without sacrificing what sets the spec apart and makes it interesting. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Cross-Realm Raid Finder
We have some plans. They're good plans. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

US Invitational VoDs
The results are in! The North American Invitational World of Warcraft Arena competition, held last week at Blizzard Entertainment headquarters, has come to its thrilling conclusion. The first nine qualifier matches are now available on the official BlizzCon community site. Want to see who advances toward glory, riches, and the chance to compete live at BlizzCon 2011? You can check out the matches from the first day of competition now. Be sure to get caught up on all the action, as we’ll be posting the remaining matchups in the near future, revealing which two teams duke it out in the Grand Finals, and ultimately who will be competing at BlizzCon this October. Don’t fall victim to spoilers. Watch the matches. Enjoy the spectacle. Profit!

If you’re curious about the order in which the matches are being released, we’ve made sure to align them according to how they played out last week. You’ll be able to see the tournament brackets update in the correct order as you watch each of the matches. We thank you for your patience as we prepared these brutal bouts for public consumption. (Blue Tracker / Official Blog)

Discounted Shipping From FigurePrints Until 15 September
Take advantage of this hot summer deal by getting discounted rates on shipping to Europe for all World of Warcraft FigurePrints ordered from now until 15 September. If you've been considering a custom World of Warcraft character statue of your own, now is the perfect time to save some cash.

If you’ve never seen a FigurePrint, check out their gallery of characters and the “FigurePrints - How They Are Made” movie. FigurePrints are one-of-a-kind, custom statues of your World of Warcraft characters that present a three-dimensional snapshot of your in-game history. FigurePrints statues are equipped with the actual weapons and armor your character wears, and you sentimental types can choose from any of the items you’ve got stashed away. You can even choose from a variety of poses for your character to be immortalized in.

Visit for more information or to place an order. (Blue Tracker / Official Blog)

WoW TCG: Twilight of the Dragons Now In Stores
Deathwing the Destroyer has arrived in the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game and he’s brought both the Twilight and Black dragonflights with him. Tainted by corrupt magic before they were hatched, the Twilight dragons threaten to bring an age of darkness to the land. Unleash their fiery fury as you crack open packs of Twilight of the Dragons, in stores now.

Embrace the chaos and ally with Nefarian, Cho’gall, and Sinestra, or defend Azeroth against their assault by joining Thrall, Caelestrasz, Merithra, Arygos, Anachronos, and the elemental ascendants.In this time of great peril, will you join Deathwing’s forces or defend against it? Choose your side and prepare for war!

Please note, these cards are only available in English. (Blue Tracker / Official Blog)

API: Completed quests available
I'm happy to announce that completed quests have been added to the character profile API resource. By using the 'fields' query string parameter to include the 'quests' value, the character profile returned will include a list of quest ids that the character has completed.

Example: (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

NerfNow #561 is especially relevant today!

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  1. reve's Avatar
    Occu’thar has come into a larger supply of PvE gear than he previously possessed.
    Really? You don't say.......
  1. YankeePhan1234's Avatar
    The Vengeance change has me a little worried about prot pvp, its already hard enough to deal with a Prot Warrior/Blood DK in BGs, and with an insta damage buff

    Quote Originally Posted by Arcano View Post
    while the tanking changes are nice to shorter queue times, you other of the comment is stupid, tanks does not need any pvp love this is why pvp sucks so much in wow, blizz should just add another talent tree for pvp only, and balance around that talent instead of all 30 current talents.
    Wouldn't be easier to just make changes to do something like "X ability's damage has been reduced by 5% on other players" if its a PvP change and "X ability's damage has been reduced by 5% in instances" for PvE (yes raids are considered instances)
  1. andremello's Avatar
    The only thing that tanks needed was a way to get burst threat at the beginning of the encounter, it kinda sucks in a 10 man raid with only one misdirect. The rest was fine in my opinion.
  1. Naoto's Avatar
    I just have to say the way Blizzard "support" wow PVP is a fucking disgrace, not only was the stream for the European invitational shit and a complete waste of time, the US one didn't even have a stream and while the SC had a 2.2MBPS stream up constantly the vods got uploaded THE SAME DAY and as soon as the event was over EVERY vod was on the site, the wow vods have taken about TWO WEEKS to make it on the site and only some of them have. We know SC2 is bigger and better PVP wise, but it doesn't mean you can use that as an excuse when treating the wow players like absolute shit.
  1. -Zait-'s Avatar
    loved the comic...that tank doorway lol
  1. Prag's Avatar
    Glad to see they got this out so quickly. Interested to see how effective it is.
  1. Spunkify's Avatar
    Hell Hounds should now be nigh impossible for a single player to kill.
    That sounds like a challenge
  1. Vargur's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by reve View Post
    Really? You don't say.......
    Pretty sure every main char raider and their mom bought the 2 tier pieces already
    Now ironically, I just wanted PvP gear, ffs
  1. ZenX's Avatar
    Damn it, I've just recently bought my leg-piece through valor, and Occu'thar got fixed, guess they've waited for me to buy it, as always again -_-

    If the vengeance is nerfed in the sense I realize it being nerf, then thats further going to hurt DK tanks.

    If the nerf on Rhyolith is valid for heroic aswell, then it will be easier for people that does not have required compositions, we were stuck at 2-8 armor stacks for previous weeks
    ...and nerf to magma and knockback changes will be a tons of help to healers aswell.
  1. tipzi's Avatar
    Firelands nerf already ? seriously ?
  1. taylor20k's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Fallenjack View Post
    I literally just tanked a heroic HOR , with nothing but devastate and auto attacks for the most part except on bosses I opened with a shield bash. My TPS was around 30k within a sec and topped out around 60k ... This just ruined my fun as a war.
    you didn't read the rest of what blizzard actually said about it. this is step one in an overhaul to the tanking system. they're going to make it more engaging as far as mitigation goes. the fun part of tanking will be timing your cd's and staying alive. not mashing buttons trying to hold threat. So excited for this. going to be awesome.
  1. Mooindathor's Avatar
    Love the thoughts they have on tanking! Nice changes in general.
  1. Cows For Life's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Simca View Post
    The threat change right now is dumb by itself (since threat is an absolute joke if you know what the taunt button is and how to use it quickly before the attack even hits the player when they pull threat).It'll be nice in heroic randoms I guess but I'd rather not see tanks with an absolutely awful rotation or ones only hitting buttons every 3 seconds due to terrible reflexes do okay on threat.After the active migitation change I'll be totally happy with it, but right now it's pretty dumb by itself. If you're struggling with threat atm, learn to taunt (seriously, I can keep threat off the best DPS with taunts as a fresh 85 - maybe not as a bear druid but every other class).
    It doesn't matter how many times you taunt if a class or spec can build threat faster than you can unless you like putting taunt on DR.
  1. IMBA's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ZenXi View Post
    If the nerf on Rhyolith is valid for heroic aswell, then it will be easier for people that does not have required compositions, we were stuck at 2-8 armor stacks for previous weeks

    we killed ryo hc with having 35stacks at the end of p1. if you have 2-8 stacks thats awesome
  1. jotixel's Avatar
    Occu’thar has come into a larger supply of PvE gear than he previously possessed.
    Realy? Just did BH25 6 PVP items droped... Bad bad liars
  1. qweek's Avatar
    Oh cmon, nerfs already? Sucks that they nerf already easy bosses, atleast keep them what they are on heroic mode the whole tier.
  1. gogusrl's Avatar
    I'm sure it's to early for me to process everything, but what the hell is a "Grab Bag" ?
  1. Uselessrouge's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by gogusrl View Post
    I'm sure it's to early for me to process everything, but what the hell is a "Grab Bag" ?
    thx.. exaclty what i was looking for... hc since Id2 never saw a grab bag
  1. Mystieq's Avatar
    Woooooooooooooo, well, that means I can aim to take away 500% of threat from the tank instead of 300% on ma DK >.
  1. Dyrving's Avatar
    If people are having problem keeping aggro it's because of lack of rotation skills. If it brings something alse I have to focus on it's fine though, I like min/maxing my mitigation abilities.

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