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Patch 4.3 - Deathwing, Transmogrifier, Void Storage
Tom Chilton (Kalgan) answered a couple of questions from Gamona.de on Patch 4.3, and we got a bunch of very interesting news out of it. Patch 4.3 will feature:

  • New Raid - The Deathwing raid, making it very likely to be the last patch before the next expansion.
  • 3 new 5-man instances - Including one in the Caverns of Time. (War of the Ancients was mentioned as a cataclysm instance a few years ago, but a lot of things have changed since then, who knows!)
  • The Transmogrifier NPC, which will let you change the appearance of any armor piece on you, while retaining the stats of your current gear. (= T12 stats, but with the Tier 2 look!)
  • Players won't be able to change the appearance of their armor into another armor type or class armor set, and you might have to own the armor before you can use it to swap the appearance of your existing armor.
  • The Void Storage is a new type of bank where players will be able to store their old armors in order to free up space in their regular bank.
  • The Abyssal Maw dungeon is gone for the moment, the storyline wasn't convincing enough/fitting.

If someone feels like adding information or even translating the article completely, post in comments!

Translation of the original article on gamona.de
We're at GamesCon in Cologne, Germany, and just did an interview with Tom Chilton, Lead Game Developer and Chris Robinson, Lead Art Director, in which they revealed a lot of details regarding patch 4.3 - and it seems that the announcement of it being huge was no joke:

Patch 4.3 will bring us the Deathwing raid instance! This means it's likely that we'll be able to fight the Aspect of Death in an epic encounter within this year. The raid that was originally expected for this patch, the "Abyssal Maw", was cut from the schedule because, as Chilton states, the setting and the story were not convincing enough.

Furthermore, 4.3 will also bring three entirely new 5-man instances - Chilton assured us that these won't contain any re-vamped content, but instead be brand new with unique design and models. Chilton also hinted at one of those being within the Caverns of Time, allowing players to experience another great moment of Warcraft Lore first-hand.

The interview also revealed the purpose of the "mystery ethereals" in Stormwind (and likely other cities, too). The "Transmogrifier" NPC will allow players to change the displayed model of equipment to that of another item while keeping the original attributes: Transmogrification is only possible within an armor class - Plate armor can only assume the looks of other Plate armor, for example.
  • Class restrictions apply to Transmogrification - Warriors cannot transmogrify their armor to look like Death Knight tier sets.
  • The developers are considering whether they should only allow using the models of equipment that has already been obtained

The "Void Storage" is a very large bank-esque storage which allows old equipment to be stored, freeing up inventory/bank slots for players. The developers aren't sure yet about the definition of "old equipment". The cost of the storage (and whether there even is one) is another thing that is not yet decided

Another possible feature that was hinted at is the possibility of "void stored" equipment being available to other characters on the account (NOTE: That part might be speculation from Gamona, not cross-server transfers actually confirmed. Hard to tell.)

Overall, it seems that we've got a huge patch ahead of us - a new raid, three brand new instances, Transmogrification and Void Storage.

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  1. Resentful's Avatar
    Least I'm going to have bag space now

    And I get to be in Tier 2 armor or Tier 8

  1. shadowkras's Avatar
    What about the Arcane Reforger?
  1. Kabloem's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Blooddeity View Post
    So in short Tom Chilton just said this to all of the WoW comunity. "Hi I am Kalgan, and I just wanted to say that Patch 4.3 will be Deathwing + 3 Heroics, ok this expansion is over thank you for your money and bye bye."
    Just sayin', the expansion price doesn't include future patches, nor does the subscription.
  1. Triggatron's Avatar
    How many T2 paladins do you think we'll see running around? Hopefully the AQ skins will be available =D
  1. Farora's Avatar
    4.3 is the last patch already? That makes buying expansions a lot less appealing in the future.
  1. Guyon's Avatar
    Ahah, full NAXX set ( from vanilla times ) in my bank baby!
  1. DarthMurdock's Avatar
    it's about time they put in the CoT instances.. I was really hoping that they had put it in 4.1, but it didnt came.
    Now if it is going to be launched in 4.3, i might subscribe for a month to see what it is, and if they kept it to the lore, yes, i am a lorewhore.. But only one? I thought they said in the press release that they would do at least 2 and a CoT raid.
    Tbh, WoW is too boring to play these days.
    And the gear look, the appearances, is something my guild has posted on the forums since Wrath and they finally implemented it.. That is a good change though. Do people need to obtain the old raid items or it is just something you can transform it too?
    What i (personally) dont like is the Deathwing raid, i know it's obvious in a game progression point of view but according to the lore, the other Aspects couldnt kill Neltharionand now a small group of normal raiders can kill the Aspect of Death?? Imo they are about to destroy the lore about the best villain in WoW. Just read the War of the Ancients and it will tell you that the Aspects couldn't destroy him but hurt him so that he went into hiding. Now, what i would like to see, is not a kill of Neltharion but that they are forcing him to retreat with so many injuries that he cannot fly or move for another millennium. Deathwing the Destroyer, formerly known as: Neltharion the Earth-Warder, should be a character that should stay alive and in the game. He is not the same as Illidan or the Lich King, but he is an Aspect, unless you get to fight with the other Aspects, you cannot kill Deathwing.
  1. potfur's Avatar
    tanking deathwing in tuxedo set any1?
  1. invader's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by korvmoj View Post
    No matter what Blizzard does, people will never ever ever ever ever be satisfied.
    seems that way no one is happy but everyone still pays n plays ;p
  1. Bauwagast's Avatar
    I'm excited about the Void Storage, since I have so much old crap in the bank that I only saved for such a thing. Time to put Bloodfang to use again as well... or a pirate suit!
  1. Whitedragoon's Avatar
    We are her on the Gamescon for you and we've had an Interview with Tom Chilton, Lead Gamedeveloper and Chris Robinson,
    Lead Artdirector. They told us much new Details about Patch 4.3.
    It looks like Blizzards announcement, that 4.3 will be a really big Patch, isn't overdone (??).

    4.3 will include the deathwing Raid!
    We will hopefully fight against Deathwing this year and surelly have an Epic Fight.
    But there will be no Abyssal Maw, because the storyline wasn't convincing enough, said Chilton.

    Furthermore, and that will surely makes more Players happy, they add three more completly new instances.
    These three will not be some "new, old instances", but really completly new and challenging Instances.
    One of these, said chilton, will be placed in the caverns of Time and let the Players go to an old Place.

    Ahn'Quiraj isn't canceld, and they promised us, that it will have an completly new design with new Enemys and bosses.

    And i don't have enough time to translate the last part, but it is just some Infos about the storage.

    I think the only thing you could add into your Post is the part about Ahn'Quiraj.

    Ahn'Quiraj could be the next Halion, filler patch :P
  1. Ryme's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Triggatron View Post
    How many T2 paladins do you think we'll see running around? Hopefully the AQ skins will be available =D
    Lots, then none at all. It'll be the sparkle pony all over again.
  1. Ademptio's Avatar
    About time we wipe some woopass with that dragon... he has been very naughty boy lately...
  1. Edlarel's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by shadowkras View Post
    What about the Arcane Reforger?
    He's the same as other reforgers.
  1. Royalite's Avatar
    http://www.wowpedia.org/Druid_setsPick out your new look druids!
  1. Whitedragoon's Avatar
    And, sorry for my English
  1. AWildmann's Avatar
    Welp, I'm off to farm my missing pieces of the warlock T1 set, cya!
  1. Azutael's Avatar
    I am very dissappointed that CoT now seems to be only a 5man, and that abbyssal maw have been more or less scrapped. And deathwing allready ? what? So we can change our armor looks, MIGHT need to own the other armor piece to do so. So "everyone" will run around in the coolest tier of their choice. Then why would they bother creating new and awesome tier looks, when we can just pick and choose whatever look we want (that we know). Most likely going to have a couple of restrictions, i'm sure.
  1. Farora's Avatar
    Is it only for sets you own? And is it for weapons too? Using my glaives for the fugly cataclysm weapons would be cool.
  1. stabbingju's Avatar
    WoW Patch 4.3: A raid, and three instances of a truly long-cherished dream

    of drjones , 08.17.2011 11:08 clock, Cataclysm , Patch 4.3 ,WoW We are here for you at the Gamescom in Cologne and just with Tom Chilton, Lead Game Developer and Chris Robinson, lead art director for an interview, in which there were many new details about patch 4.3. And Blizzard's announcement that it is a really thick patch does not appear to be exaggerated. Because with Patch 4.3 we do not expect more than theDeathwing Raid . So we will probably later this year to wrestle with the issue of death and it certainly can expect a truly epic raid experience. The raid, which we had originally expected, the Abyssal Maw was, however, removed from the concept, could convince there, Chilton, the setting and the story is not. Furthermore, this will certainly look forward even more players, it will include three completely new instances give. These will include no warm old content, but really completely new and very demanding to be instances. One of them, as far as hinted Chilton will be back in the caves which date back to the player and return it to an old place can be. Ahn'Quiraj is therefore still on the table, it was us but assured that it will act, too, is a completely new design with all-new enemies and bosses.
    What's up with the Transmogrifizieren about? We will clarify on!
    And now we come to the dream, which many players have stated repeatedly and with patch 4.3 will be finally coming true. And we can now reveal the secret of the three astral in Stormwind. For theTransmogrifizieren catchment will hold in World of Warcraft. What's this? Nothing other than the opportunity to give your current armor the appearance of old armor, while preserving the values. It will be finally introduced the possibility to change the look of our characters. There are some things to consider.First, we are only able to change armor class of our armor. This means that you can convert only one plate armor plate armor. Furthermore, you will only pieces of armor to choose which of your class are intended.Death knight warriors in armor, it will not work. And finally, is still considering whether the armor pieces that are available for change, must have been earned himself once. That would mean that we will experience a big run on the old instances, because certainly some players then there are her dream armor farms. The Voidstorage was explained to us. It is a very, very large bank, which put in her ancient armor and thus can keep forever. This is intended to provide in the bank and the player's inventory for more space. What items can be stored there, how much a bank specialist will cost there, and whether these items then the other characters of the player are available, will that be decided in the coming period. All in all, there really announcing a huge patch. A raid, three completely new instances, optical armor adjustments and still has a lot more to come at us. What do you think? Are you happy with these announcements? What instances would you wish for you and what you think Transmogrifizieren? We are very excited about what you think! The video of the interview is currently still in the cut and we will inform you immediately of course, if it's there! Until then, enjoy debate

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