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Patch 4.3 - Deathwing, Transmogrifier, Void Storage
Tom Chilton (Kalgan) answered a couple of questions from Gamona.de on Patch 4.3, and we got a bunch of very interesting news out of it. Patch 4.3 will feature:

  • New Raid - The Deathwing raid, making it very likely to be the last patch before the next expansion.
  • 3 new 5-man instances - Including one in the Caverns of Time. (War of the Ancients was mentioned as a cataclysm instance a few years ago, but a lot of things have changed since then, who knows!)
  • The Transmogrifier NPC, which will let you change the appearance of any armor piece on you, while retaining the stats of your current gear. (= T12 stats, but with the Tier 2 look!)
  • Players won't be able to change the appearance of their armor into another armor type or class armor set, and you might have to own the armor before you can use it to swap the appearance of your existing armor.
  • The Void Storage is a new type of bank where players will be able to store their old armors in order to free up space in their regular bank.
  • The Abyssal Maw dungeon is gone for the moment, the storyline wasn't convincing enough/fitting.

If someone feels like adding information or even translating the article completely, post in comments!

Translation of the original article on gamona.de
We're at GamesCon in Cologne, Germany, and just did an interview with Tom Chilton, Lead Game Developer and Chris Robinson, Lead Art Director, in which they revealed a lot of details regarding patch 4.3 - and it seems that the announcement of it being huge was no joke:

Patch 4.3 will bring us the Deathwing raid instance! This means it's likely that we'll be able to fight the Aspect of Death in an epic encounter within this year. The raid that was originally expected for this patch, the "Abyssal Maw", was cut from the schedule because, as Chilton states, the setting and the story were not convincing enough.

Furthermore, 4.3 will also bring three entirely new 5-man instances - Chilton assured us that these won't contain any re-vamped content, but instead be brand new with unique design and models. Chilton also hinted at one of those being within the Caverns of Time, allowing players to experience another great moment of Warcraft Lore first-hand.

The interview also revealed the purpose of the "mystery ethereals" in Stormwind (and likely other cities, too). The "Transmogrifier" NPC will allow players to change the displayed model of equipment to that of another item while keeping the original attributes: Transmogrification is only possible within an armor class - Plate armor can only assume the looks of other Plate armor, for example.
  • Class restrictions apply to Transmogrification - Warriors cannot transmogrify their armor to look like Death Knight tier sets.
  • The developers are considering whether they should only allow using the models of equipment that has already been obtained

The "Void Storage" is a very large bank-esque storage which allows old equipment to be stored, freeing up inventory/bank slots for players. The developers aren't sure yet about the definition of "old equipment". The cost of the storage (and whether there even is one) is another thing that is not yet decided

Another possible feature that was hinted at is the possibility of "void stored" equipment being available to other characters on the account (NOTE: That part might be speculation from Gamona, not cross-server transfers actually confirmed. Hard to tell.)

Overall, it seems that we've got a huge patch ahead of us - a new raid, three brand new instances, Transmogrification and Void Storage.

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  1. bullseyed's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by taurenguard View Post
    Well they promised us faster expansions that might be the reason.
    Half the content at double the cost!They actually said we'd get faster patches (ie more content) within the expansions. They lied to us in order to get us to buy a subpar piece of software.We've known from that "timeline document" though that they were going to have a new expansion out next year.
  1. Tic Tacs's Avatar
    where is account wide achievements tab? /facepalm
  1. vizzle's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Butler Log View Post
    translation incoming
    Bit late, don't you think :S
  1. reve's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SheepHunter View Post
    Ok, PvE gets alot of love, but what happed to PvP? Can you Transmogrifier the pvp gear? No new BG? No new arena? What the hell blizzard.
    So far all arenas added in WotLK and BGs added in WotLK and in Cata suck... I'd rather keep it the way it is I mean it's not like they're gonna come up with something absolutely new. It's just gonna be either reskin of something we already have or some retarded BG system / some RNG bullshit added into the arena.
  1. mordale's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by velghus View Post
    I'm sorry if this sounds nubbish, but what exactly would the war of the ancients raid contain?
    thats a valid question.
    the war of the ancients was BIG, it took place across multiple places and was "kicked off" by the events surrounding the well of eternity.
    frankly if they ended up putting the whole thing in one instance(raid or dungeon) it would take hours to cover.
    if they split it up into multiple instances(yet again both dungeons or raids) it would be better.
  1. bullseyed's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by vreid View Post
    "We're losing subscribers, do stuff, quick!"
    I wonder if they realize how retarded this plan is. Half the raiders are only here to finish off Deathwing. The faster they end the expansion the more subscribers they will lose.How many of you are really going to be willing to shell out $60 for a new "expansion" given how badly we've been ripped off in this one.
  1. Stroved's Avatar
    So people complained that Wotlk was long, so they shorten this x-pack to compensate that, and now people are complaining its too short. It will be around 1 and a half years our before the next x-pack is out, do you really want to have a 2 year x-pack? I don't.
  1. vizzle's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Tic Tacs View Post
    where is account wide achievements tab? /facepalm
    That's never going to happen :/
  1. Rabioso's Avatar
    About the Transmogrifier... I'm hoping I can change weapons too, my DK would do arenas in a fishing hat and dual wielding fishing poles, /win
  1. bullseyed's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Bodraw View Post
    They're getting rid of something that doesn't exist, yes.
    He knows it doesn't exist because he works for Blizzard and has seen their internal test servers. /eyeroll.
  1. Dejohn's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sting View Post
    Idk, I really hated Trial of the Crusader... not sure if it would've been better without but it definitely was a design flaw.
    Thats a fair point. They made 1 room that they used for the entire instance other than the last boss which was just recycled character models/textures from a number of other places. They even made a 5 man that used the exact same room but you came in through the side door lol. I think that the content has gotten shittier and shittier since they got activision'd. It also speaks to why these "battle.net Account Bound" items cant be sent to other realms. Doesn't sound very account bound to me. I wasn't aware I had a different account on different servers. It would cut off a revenue stream of people who server transfer with that gear off of dying servers with low horde/ally populations. I never believed for a second that this Void Storage would be anything involving sending BoA gear. Probably time to find a new game.
  1. Scripts's Avatar
    Tanking Deathwing in my DK Starter Zone set: I approve.
  1. Tic Tacs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kabloem View Post
    Just sayin', the expansion price doesn't include future patches, nor does the subscription.
    what? you mad brah?
  1. Raptoos's Avatar
    Yay for Priest raid Tier1 set!Noes for so soon deathwing raid ;
  1. knightpt's Avatar
    Unbelievably good news. 3 new 5 men dungeons? neat. Change our looks! neat! i'm a paladin so i'm sure every pala worth their salt will be in tier2 (lol), but amazing nevertheless.
  1. Gravebound's Avatar
    Warlock tier 5 incoming. Fuck yeah :>
  1. valcrist's Avatar
    Why are people bitching? Get hopefully an Epic Raid, 3 new dungeons and actual added in features like armor changing and a new storage. Blizzard cant seem to please anyone can they.. For years people bitched about look of armor or not being able to change it blah blah and they finally decide to something about it and people just complain. Though i was not expecting Deathwing so Early, i was totally expecting 4.4 to be deathwing.. That means incoming Expansion announcement this Blizzcon.. Oh and i dont know why people are saying rushed content if you read about the financial call 4.3 inst even sched to come out tell the end of the year i wouldn't really call that rushed..
  1. Vasti's Avatar
    Cool, lame, /care and AMAZING^2 at the same timeCool because I am dieing to see the CoT WotA instance, and the transmogrifier is something I wanted for a long timeLame, because I thought CoT WoTA would be a raid, like Hyjal, and because it seems this expac will only feature3 tiers, whereas, wotlk had 4 tier sets./care because I didn't give a crap about the abyssal mawAMAZING because I hated the idea of Deathwing being the main villain for 2 patches more, and this brings The new Expac closerAMAZING because this could also mean that like Ruby Sanctum, we might get another pre-expac patch but this does not have to focus on stupid* Deathwing and can thereby be a lot cooler. Perhaps, some titan lore, or Old God lore or just some Panda lore *Deathwing wasn't stupid untill this expac, before this expac he was evil, diabolical, cool, now he is just an ugly dragon who looks nothing like the cool art and who has too long and stupid speeches
  1. Tic Tacs's Avatar
    Soon we are going to pay $50 for every patch, yes, PATCH by the looks of it.

    Activision ruining another great game at works.
  1. mvaliz's Avatar
    Here's a new game for everybody to play after this announcement:Bring up the /who tabtype in "Deathwing liar Rogue 85"And count the number of people who are currently in there farming for Tier-2, the blessed of all the Rogue tier sets!

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