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Patch 4.3 - Deathwing, Transmogrifier, Void Storage
Tom Chilton (Kalgan) answered a couple of questions from Gamona.de on Patch 4.3, and we got a bunch of very interesting news out of it. Patch 4.3 will feature:

  • New Raid - The Deathwing raid, making it very likely to be the last patch before the next expansion.
  • 3 new 5-man instances - Including one in the Caverns of Time. (War of the Ancients was mentioned as a cataclysm instance a few years ago, but a lot of things have changed since then, who knows!)
  • The Transmogrifier NPC, which will let you change the appearance of any armor piece on you, while retaining the stats of your current gear. (= T12 stats, but with the Tier 2 look!)
  • Players won't be able to change the appearance of their armor into another armor type or class armor set, and you might have to own the armor before you can use it to swap the appearance of your existing armor.
  • The Void Storage is a new type of bank where players will be able to store their old armors in order to free up space in their regular bank.
  • The Abyssal Maw dungeon is gone for the moment, the storyline wasn't convincing enough/fitting.

If someone feels like adding information or even translating the article completely, post in comments!

Translation of the original article on gamona.de
We're at GamesCon in Cologne, Germany, and just did an interview with Tom Chilton, Lead Game Developer and Chris Robinson, Lead Art Director, in which they revealed a lot of details regarding patch 4.3 - and it seems that the announcement of it being huge was no joke:

Patch 4.3 will bring us the Deathwing raid instance! This means it's likely that we'll be able to fight the Aspect of Death in an epic encounter within this year. The raid that was originally expected for this patch, the "Abyssal Maw", was cut from the schedule because, as Chilton states, the setting and the story were not convincing enough.

Furthermore, 4.3 will also bring three entirely new 5-man instances - Chilton assured us that these won't contain any re-vamped content, but instead be brand new with unique design and models. Chilton also hinted at one of those being within the Caverns of Time, allowing players to experience another great moment of Warcraft Lore first-hand.

The interview also revealed the purpose of the "mystery ethereals" in Stormwind (and likely other cities, too). The "Transmogrifier" NPC will allow players to change the displayed model of equipment to that of another item while keeping the original attributes: Transmogrification is only possible within an armor class - Plate armor can only assume the looks of other Plate armor, for example.
  • Class restrictions apply to Transmogrification - Warriors cannot transmogrify their armor to look like Death Knight tier sets.
  • The developers are considering whether they should only allow using the models of equipment that has already been obtained

The "Void Storage" is a very large bank-esque storage which allows old equipment to be stored, freeing up inventory/bank slots for players. The developers aren't sure yet about the definition of "old equipment". The cost of the storage (and whether there even is one) is another thing that is not yet decided

Another possible feature that was hinted at is the possibility of "void stored" equipment being available to other characters on the account (NOTE: That part might be speculation from Gamona, not cross-server transfers actually confirmed. Hard to tell.)

Overall, it seems that we've got a huge patch ahead of us - a new raid, three brand new instances, Transmogrification and Void Storage.

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  1. Calibar's Avatar
    omg transmogrify oh yea!
  1. Hellsaimed's Avatar
    I hope we get to see Grom Hellscream in the Caverns of Time instance
  1. Calenel's Avatar
    TOO SOON EXCECUTUS!Although having my runeblade back will be cool. And my mage's T9.
  1. Galm's Avatar
    I guess I did the right choice when I quited a few weeks ago.

    At first I thought that changing the appearance of your gear was a good idea, but it's going to end up with every player of a certain class wearing exactly the same set. The Void Storage sounds awesome, I have my bank literally full of crap, but it's not going to benefit me now.

    Blizzard is pushing the "real baddies of the expansion" out WAY too soon. Deathwing already, why!? The Cataclysm content is ridiccious in every way. Rotating old bosses over again. Vanilla was merely a setback. I we've heard that joke enough.

    WoW is dying. Cataclysm was only the beginning of the end. Make peace with your end, for the Hour of Twilight falls!
  1. Rumpy's Avatar
  1. Gabriel Bear's Avatar
    Transmorgify is a great addition. Bout time blizzard actually adds this feature to their game, considering 90% of all other games have it already.
  1. Gritalian's Avatar
    Man, I hope I can tank with Zhar'doom in my main hand and the Bulwark of Azzinoth. Be soo cool hitting bosses with my fel puppy on a stick.
  1. Rezzyk's Avatar
    For our sanity let's hope that Deathwing is -NOT- the last raid this expansion. There's no way that the next one will be out before the end of next year, and that would mean another ICC issue where it's the same thing. For a year.

    We haven't had an Old God raid this expansion, so maybe one will pop up after Deathwing, being the one who influenced him and all?
  1. Stoobs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by shadowkass View Post
    I'm going to assume then that i wont be able to get any of the Tier 3 gear looks since well, you can't get it anymore?

    The coolest set for a Mage imo. Frostfire Regalia.
  1. Selkon's Avatar
    Im not impresssed with these ideas. Also I think the gear changing thing is just pathetic. Yea being able to change little details or color of the armor is good but to totally change the skin, thats just lame.
  1. merv's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by shadowkass View Post
    I'm going to assume then that i wont be able to get any of the Tier 3 gear looks since well, you can't get it anymore?
    Glad I kept mine!
  1. Kobomino's Avatar
    Hmm, I'm not too keen on the idea of collecting old items just to get the look. Sure, it's fine for people to got plenty of time on WoW but what about those who have limited time and also like the look of old tier?
  1. Divine Storm's Avatar
    toooo sooooooooooon
  1. Bobhoper's Avatar
    Not a convincing storyline, what in cata has been convincing in terms of story/lore!
  1. Lakrin's Avatar
    Looky here, my foot is in my mouth. Onward to Deathwing!
  1. Sternrage's Avatar
    maybe its because I leveld to 70 a day before wrath came out, but it seams cata was a very short expansion, if this is in dead the last Tier of cata content
  1. Drauer's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kobomino View Post
    Hmm, I'm not too keen on the idea of collecting old items just to get the look. Sure, it's fine for people to got plenty of time on WoW but what about those who have limited time and also like the look of old tier?
  1. Tinfoilhat's Avatar
    Lamest ever reason to scrap the Abyssal Maw. Then again, nothing is lame enough for Bizzard. Ugh, boring.
  1. Fool's Avatar
    the transfiguration is a "good" solution for the pathetic amount of gear models Blizzard makes hilarious
  1. Ashmanx's Avatar
    Looks like another round of PvP getting nothing and the PvE whiners get to finally slay the big dragon. Shocking! I wonder how much DPS you guys are going to do to Deathwing!

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