Patch 4.3 Preview: Void Storage
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For quite some time now, players have been asking for a location in which to store important keepsakes including treasured armor sets, unique quest rewards, and gifts from friends, as well as other valuable items they’ve collected on their journeys throughout Azeroth.

This is a feature we’ve wanted to add to the game for a while, so we’re excited to announce that, thanks to the ingenuity and entrepreneurship of the Ethereals, a new long-term storage option will soon be available to completionists and collectors alike.

Void Storage

In patch 4.3, characters of all levels will be able to take advantage of a new technology known as “Void Storage”, which will open up 80 slots of long-term storage space. Void Storage vaults will be available in both Stormwind and Orgrimmar and can be accessed simply by speaking with your local Vaultkeeper.

A variety of items can be placed into Void Storage — including soulbound items and Account Bound items — making it the perfect location to store trophies from past conquests, as well as armor you may want to hold onto for Transmogrification. So, if you’ve been looking for a good home for those old tier sets or your vanity holiday items, Void Storage is it! And it’s as easy to use as dragging and dropping.

In return for this unique service, the Ethereals will require a small fee for each item deposited into or withdrawn from their Void Storage apparatus. Multiple items can be added and removed at once, and the cost of each transaction will be display at the bottom of the screen, updating dynamically as you select additional items to deposit or withdraw. Once an item is placed into Void Storage, it can remain there indefinitely for no additional cost.

It’s important to note that the goal of Void Storage isn’t to be a second bank, but rather a place where players can safely store items they wish to keep for the life of the game, either for sentimental or aesthetic reasons. Since this particular storage option isn’t really intended for belongings that you’d use a regular basis (like your current set of raiding gear, for example), any item placed in Void Storage will be stripped of all its enhancements, including enchants, gems, sockets, and reforged stats. This will help us reduce the impact such storage can have on the game servers, and ultimately allows us to provide a lot of long-term storage space with minimal impact on everyone's play experience.

Bag Search: Find What You Need, When You Need It

Now, you might be thinking, “Alright, those Ethereals are pretty nifty, and having more storage is great! But what about actually being able to find what I own? Do you know how long I looked for that one stack of Papa Hummel’s Pet Biscuits? Like, a year. Okay, maybe 15 minutes. Either way, not even a tiny, delicious fat baby raptor is worth that kind of effort, and I love fat baby raptors.”

Never fear, fellow tiny-limbed-corpulent-dinosaur enthusiast! We’ve got you covered. In addition to Void Storage, we’re also adding a bag search feature in 4.3 that will allow players to search for items within their bags and bank space with just a few keystrokes.

Integrated directly into the bag and bank UI, this new search feature will be incredibly quick and easy to use. To find an item in one of your bags, in your character’s personal bank, guild bank, or Void Storage vault, you’ll simply type the name of the item — or a word in the item’s name — into a small search box located near the top of your main backpack and your open inventory will be filtered accordingly. Only the items that match the word or name you’ve entered will display, making it easier than ever to find exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.


Please keep in mind that both Void Storage and the upcoming bag search features are still in development, so their functionality may change before release. We’re very excited to be offering both of these inventory management features and will be providing more information as the development of patch 4.3 continues.

Curse Party at Blizzcon 2011!
On Friday, October 21st from 8 PM to 2 AM on the 2nd floor of the Hilton hotel next to the Anaheim Convention Center, Curse will be celebrating BlizzCon with fellow gamers and VIPs. The party will feature an open bar, swag, live DJ, giveaways, etc!

There will be several VIP’s in attendance including Felicia Day and several members from the cast of The Guild, several of your favorite WoW community members, bloggers, and more!

At this point I'm assume that most of you know The Guild but if you don't, here is the first episode of the fifth season.

<a href=';vid=y02jncib&amp;from={from}' target='_new' title='Season 5 - Episode 1 - Road Trip!' >Video: Season 5 - Episode 1 - Road Trip!</a>
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  1. Bound4Earth's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sidone View Post
    It's early and changes will come. People always QQ when something is announced. Threatening with unsubbing and all that. QQ over stuff thats live instead of something in development. These are just example screens. The text does not give you the exact prices afaik.
    I agree people always get upset when every patch is announced. Although, this time there is cause for alarm. The last 2 expansions they released the main boss early. In BC they ended up releasing a whole new tier to tide people over. In Wrath they didn't have the man power due to people being pulled by other games and working on the next expansion. They making the same mistake again and I jhope people are ready to raid Deathwing for a year or more, well unless 1 boss raid for 6-8 months can hold you over.

    People should be mad, they said they were going to release small patches in between major raid content with more quality of life fixes and other stuff. I guess it turned out that they just didn't know WTF to do for patch 4.1 so they just lied out right and we get an expansion with the least raid content of just about any in existence. Are they short staffed? Maybe, is that our problem? No, we pay a subscription fee so they can hire more people and guarantee quality content on the other games that WoW players might not even touch. They knew about all these games ahead of time and had time to start hiring quality people overtime. They didn't hire enough maybe. Why am I being punished due to Blizzards incompetence.

    This is why they hemorrhaged players in Wrath and will hemorrhage even more faster now, which we've already seen. People were already underwhelmed by this expansion when it dropped. I agree they had a lot of work to do fixing the old world and they accomplished a great feat, but they had only 3 dungeons at launch with a handful of bosses and almost no trash. It's getting easier for them to design and make these miniscule dungeons, in comparison to original/BC and we still get less bosses. No new talents and some minor quality of life fixes that were long overdue make this expansion feel stay from a player perspective. Playing another class isn't an option for everyone and people started this expansion bored after the newness wore off. They also got rid of stats to simplify the process of gearing our for tanks/dps and heals and they then add the most complicated stat any game has ever had. It's great for some classes and bottom of the barrel for others we would have been better off without it. It feels the same as Wrath only worse, because people were looking forward to Arthas for years. Maybe they don't have the endless amounts of stories/bosses they thought they did to draw from and are saving some for the next expansion. I don't know, but I do know that this expansion makes me feel cheated the more it goes along and I'm not the only one.

    Every time they add a new feature it's like they intentionally sabotage it so people are distracted by it to notice the real problem. Void storage is just another bank that isn't really necessary but it's a nice bonus, until you hear about the deposit fee for items losing all enchants/gems etc that you paid thousands of gold to get. They add a search feature to the bank that should've been there for years. Void transmogrification looks like a last ditch effort to keep people playing the game. It's something they said they would never do. They wanted to keep the integrity of the artwork and gear in place. People should know what you have on and when gear looks like garbage you should have to live with it, at least that's what they said shortly after this expansion dropped and repeated until around 4.1. If the cost is low like reforging it'll be a nice touch scaling slightly depending on gear level. Even though it's still a kick in the nuts for something most other MMOs let you do for free.

    I seriously hope they have more planned for 4.3 then a overly expensive bank that charges you to deposit, An item appearance feature that costs money, bag/bank search features, 3 heroics which could be anything from 3-5 boss or recycled content and Deathwing flying in insanely prematurely. I'm betting the Deathwing raid will have ony 6-8 bosses too. Unless this is just the first major content of the patch announced for 4.3, and I mean the rest needs to be just as major, get ready for another Wrath ending year long snoozefest. It like one giant April fools joke. Please tell me it's April...Anyone.

    They did say they would try to release expansions faster. Dropping in MAR-JUN of 2012 would be amazing, but since they seem to be more understaffed then ever and couldn't deliver on BC when they had the entire dev team on it, it's not looking so good.

    TLDR: Get ready to raid Deathwing for a long time, more heroics no one will care about after a week and some other features you may or may not use over the next stretch of no major content released gameplay.
  1. Leean's Avatar
    Finally I can get some free space in my bags.. My main (Rogue) is running around with full bags all the time. I got all my bank slots filled with 22 slot bags or bigger, containing tons of RP stuff and item sets. I bet I could instantly fill the whole Void Storage.
    I'm wondering what the final costs will be though.. Not that I was low on money Too bad we will lose all the enchantments .. Bye bye, mongoose
  1. Ecwfrk's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Myzou View Post
    I'm VERY close to leaving WoW. Nothing has wowed me lately. It's all been poorly executed.
    Quite frankly, everything has always been implemented poorly and then perfected over many years.

    Look at LFG for 5 mans. They went through several designs of a LFG tool, a LFG channel, meeting stones, then innkeepers, until after more than 5 years, they finally came up with the RDF system. Which itself is really just the old meeting stone system that now works better because of all the class homogenization that's taken place over the last couple of expansions. They had the idea a long time ago, they just needed the rest of the game to catch up for it to work.

    This isn't anything to leave over if everything else hasn't driven you away yet. The uselessness of this just means most people will still need a storage mule. It's a non-issue for most people.
    The few chronic hoarders who actually do have their banks filled with soulbound gear will now have 80 more slots they'll fill up with gear. The withdrawl cost won't be an issue because they'll keep anything they'll actually play with in their normal bank. This will just be a place to stash the things they'll never use.

    It was a waste of dev time, yeah. But I doubt it took anything away from anything else that would have actually been useful so it's really much ado about nothing.

    The only real issue I have with it is that it could have easily been so much more and actually eliminated the need for storage mules for everyone. Perhaps one day, that will happen. It just won't be with the next patch.

    This is why they hemorrhaged players in Wrath and will hemorrhage even more faster now, which we've already seen.
    They added subs in Wrath. They hit the 11 million milestone in 2008 when Wrath was announced with 11.5M coming soon after it was released. It hit it's peak right after the release of Cata In Dec 2010 with 12.5 million subs.

    Cata was obviously a step backwards as it's the first expansion not to add to their subscriber base, but it's hardly caused a hemorrhage of players. It's hasn't even caused a paper cut. They're right where they were when they first announced it.
  1. Alayea's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zookz25 View Post
    I'm sort of surprised that so many people are complaining about the cost of it when all we have to go by at in-development screenshots.

    I'm betting they're placeholder numbers and each piece won't cost more then their vendoring price to transfer.
    Yes, it's a placeholder and some posters could use sedatives... At the same time, I am concerned about the price. I do understand where Blizzard is coming from -- trying to dissuade people from using it as a second bank -- but 100g per item is rather high in my opinion. Perhaps somewhere in the range of 30g - 50g would work?
  1. kharyll's Avatar
    Wow. What do you plan with the boat load of gold you have in your wallet? invest in a retirement plan for your character? Mortgage your next tier armor? College fund for your orc orphan? What's the reason for people to adhere to much to their WoW gold, as if there is something useful to do with it? Buying largely overpriced crafted armor which is easily outgeared by dungeon/raid drops or CP vendors? idiot vanity items that are used to rip people off? This is one of the great ways to stop the insane in-game inflation, regulate prices and control gold sellers. I find it very logical.
  1. want my Slimjim's Avatar
    um im looking into the past this is the samething weve had before.

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