Update - Added today's blue posts, not much happening on the WoW side but hopefully things will get better now that september is here and 4.2.2 is live!

Patch 4.2.2 Official Notes
As I mentioned earlier this week, Patch 4.2.2 is now live and Blizzard posted the final version of the patch notes on the official site. This is mostly a hotfix consolidation patch without any game balance changes, see the datamined changes for details.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
World of Warcraft: Cataclysm patch 4.2.2 is now available on all realms! Below you'll find the official patch notes.

Notes for all World of Warcraft patches can be found here.

Dungeons & Raids
  • The visibility of Ragnaros' Dreadflame ability has been increased.
  • The size of Ragnaros' hit box during the final phase of the Heroic encounter has been increased.

User Interface
  • Raid Frames should now remember whether they were shown or hidden upon subsequent logins

  • Players using multiple accounts should now be available to be invited to a Real ID Party.
  • Updating a raid roster while in combat should no longer cause a client crash.
  • Attempts to purchase Arena Season 10 items should no longer sometimes cause a client crash. (Korea Only)

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Battleground Win Ratios
I'll bring it up in our next developer meeting, but in all likelihood, since that could potentially dramatically impact queue times for random Battlegrounds, it probably won't fly.

[...] I said that there would be a greater emphasis on creating new Battlegrounds on the future. I should note that we're slowly working toward new technology to make the creation and modification of battlegrounds something we can do more readily too.

I also might have made it sound like the older Battlegrounds will never change again. That's not what I meant to get across. We've redone AV several times throughout the years, and it may see more changes in the future. I just wanted to note that the emphasis is going to be shifted a bit, that's all. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Trading Card Game Art Gallery Update
The Trading Card game art gallery has been updated with ten new pieces.

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  1. Pfeff's Avatar
    Boub, the blue post headline is kind of misleading. It is about BG win/loss but the blue comment is about veto'ing BG's like you can thumbs down maps in SC2, not about tracking win/loss

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