Stats: Character Leveling Speed in Cataclysm
There were no blue posts today because of the Labor Day holiday, Blizzard posters will probably be back tomorrow with more news!

It has been too long since we posted some stats and this time we took a look at how many characters reached Level 85 each day since Cataclysm was released. This only includes data from the US Realms to keep the dates simpler. This does not include all of the level 85 characters in the US, only a sample of 1.1 million. Interested in seeing some other statistics? Let us know in the comments!

  • You can see that a very large number of people reached Level 85 in the first week after release, thousands even the first day.
  • It seems that people enjoy leveling during the weekend with a spike on Saturday and an even larger spike on Sunday.
  • You can see where Patch 4.1 and Patch 4.2 came out, decreasing the amount of leveling briefly.

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Poll: How many characters have you leveled to 85?
While we were working on these stats, we figured it was a good time to ask how many characters you have leveled to 85. Let us know in the poll below!

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  1. Triggered Fridgekin's Avatar
    I missed club 2881 by a little under an hour because my internet crapped out on me. I must perform Seppuku.
  1. Naibil's Avatar
    chaud, I love your stats.Is there a way of breaking this up into classes. I would find it rather interesting to see the ups and downs of the different classes hitting 85.
  1. Echohunter's Avatar
    I have 11 85s. One of every class, 2 hunters. It's funny how on the chart, actually hitting 85 plummets during a normal raid week, as if people totally stop leveling midweek.
  1. jshidaka's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by artemishunter1 View Post
    no real reason to level different 85s anymore. buffs are provided by multiple classes, hunters, warlocks and shadow priests are literally the same. i eeven use the same keybinds for these characters.
    Professions to make gold.. I have 7 Alchemist lvl 85 to transmute Living elements/Truegold...
  1. Meirer's Avatar
    Long time reader, first time posting. I would like to see stats on realm population divided by faction and maybe classes? I have looked at some websites but everything seems so outdated. Maybe Chaud can get some real data?
  1. Meirer's Avatar
    What is club 2881?
  1. Xiandra's Avatar
    I have atm all the classes except Rogue as 85 so i voted 5+ iThe Comic is fucking funny
  1. Percolator's Avatar
    Interesting statistics, would be cool to see EUs or both though.
  1. Meirer's Avatar
    I would like to see some data on realm population by faction and class, nothing on google seems to be accurate.
  1. Aliok's Avatar
    I spent a few minutes just playing around with the chart. ^^u
  1. Asur's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Meirer View Post
    What is club 2881?
    Getting 85 the first day, I'm one of them....and then I went and took my college final to graduate with my degree /flex
  1. Tribunal's Avatar
    3 so far, working on a fourth (82) and there's a 5th pretty close behind (60s, mostly because I stopped messing with them for quite a while now) and even more in the future, but I bet the expac will beat me on those.
  1. Meirer's Avatar
    I'm a 2881 member, but what do the numbers represent?
  1. k1037's Avatar
    During the beta, everyone was convinced that the experience requirements had been lowered for easier testing, and that the 2-days-to-max-level system couldn't possibly be what was planned for live. Who made *that* decision? Though it was probably unavoidable given the very limited number of new zones they were adding - they had to cram 5 quests per 100 yards as it was.

    Quote Originally Posted by artemishunter1 View Post
    no real reason to level different 85s anymore. buffs are provided by multiple classes, hunters, warlocks and shadow priests are literally the same. i eeven use the same keybinds for these characters.
    Yeah, I remember first trying out the new healing/DPS abilities + mechanics and ending up with nearly identical keybinds for every class with a similar role. There were a handful of unique, long-cooldown or rare-use abilities, but multiple classes had nearly identical play styles - the only difference being the animation color.
  1. Buzkil's Avatar
    Can you do something to show how many 85 Characters they are in total?
  1. stingi's Avatar
    OMG!that distribution is TOTALLY exponential!
  1. webdonkey's Avatar
    17... in total... lmao... people enjoy lvling... bs! its a bot that does the trick for me, and for many many others im sure.
  1. Zalizari's Avatar
    I always know it's this Chaud guy who's posting the front page article when it's got stats like this that whip people in to a frenzy. I miss Boubouille.
  1. Theupsman's Avatar
    i wanna see tank, healer, dps statistics.... ratios n stuff. i wanna see just how many ppl are willing to tank and how many are too skerd bc its the easiest spec out there.
  1. Ziinaya's Avatar
    I'm really interested in seeing the GENDER breakdown among characters of each role. In other words, what is the male/female ratio for all characters whose primary spec is a tanking spec? Healing spec? DPS spec? I do a LOT of random dungeons, and anecdotally, I'd say the vast majority of the tanks I have run with have been male characters. Healers tend to skew toward female, but not to the same degree. I'm curious if the actual data reflect that.I find it fascinating that in a game where we can be any gender we want, we still bring our real-world biases into the game that say protecting a group is still primarily a male's role.

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