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Druid Tier 13 and Visual Retrospective
Blizzard released another Tier 13 preview and today's post features the Druid set, the Deep Earth Vestments.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Adventurers will be tested like never before in World of Warcraft patch 4.3 as they take on Deathwing and his minions, emerging from the conflict with powerful new treasures. Please enjoy this preview of the druid tier 13 armor set, as well as a visual guide to tiers 1 through 12 for Transmogrification purposes.

Deep Earth Vestments

The design called for "phosphorescent mushrooms, reminiscent of Zangarmarsh," so our main concern was avoiding making a helm that looked like a giant toadstool sombrero. We’re always looking to incorporate interesting light sources within a raid set, and bioluminescent vegetable growth certainly provides that. Twisting, organic shapes are often key elements of a druid set, and this tier is no exception, with writhing plant roots providing a frame for the glowing clusters of fungi.

Druid Tiers 1-12

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  1. Burion's Avatar
    This set looks amazing. I swear people whine about every set since tier 9 came out. Looks like pvp set? may be... But a damn good one.
  1. bohapjut's Avatar
    Tier 1 thru 5 has the wrong link, goes to "druidt4.jpg" need to change to "druid1.jpg" at the end.
  1. Kokiron's Avatar
    Reminds me of t9. It's not bad I guess but it's nothing that'd make me change my mind on wearing t5 +t8 helm + invisible chest from that quest in the hinterlands
  1. fowillia's Avatar
    This is the worst of tier 13 so far and I think it may be close to last place. Going to look terrible on any male character. Has to much of a girly look to it.
  1. Khiva's Avatar
    Well, that's an uninspired set. It's the same stuff druids have always gotten. They couldn't even come up with an interesting explanation/inspiration like they did with the other two.
  1. Sparklekitty's Avatar
    One word.....Lame
  1. Keosen's Avatar
    Never liked shaman tiers but this is the first i actually like and i think it's the best so far, nice work. Tier 13 looks promising
  1. zentenforius's Avatar
    I must say I do like it. So far I am impressed with all of t13 and can not wait to see my mage gear!!
  1. BoomChickn's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dyra View Post
    Back on topic. I like. Fairly basic, but it's nice all the same. Good colour scheme.
    Just about my opinion, it's a pretty damn cool set, not overdone or anything, but still pretty cool.

    They seem to have captured the balance druid side pretty well here.

    This may be a contender against my malorne set that I am putting together... (Yeah I like the pants, haters gonna hate.)
  1. SmokeyIllidan's Avatar
    Looks like crap, thankfully we should have access to Transmog so I don't have to see this shit looking tier set.
  1. Taurous's Avatar
    The survey says "Under 17" and "18-24". What do I choose if I'm 17.
  1. taheen74's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Keosen View Post
    Never liked shaman tiers but this is the first i actually like and i think it's the best so far, nice work. Tier 13 looks promising
    Um...that's not shaman tier.

    But honestly, this is the most uncreative druid design I have ever seen. It's boring.
  1. Belial-sama's Avatar
    Looks quite nice, suits druids. So far, t13 seems well made, can't wait for others.
  1. Warcrafter's Avatar
    why do wars and loks get awesome looking sets and we get the crappy one as usual
  1. Arcanephilosophy's Avatar
    I'm a little sad about the set.. I am big on facial representation. Thus far we have warriors who get to look like deathwing. Ultimate!! Then you have locks who get to have a cool faceless swirling tenticle thingy.. and then druids... here ya go, heres a hood. and a plain set. If the set colour scheme didn't match I would accuse it of being questing greens in its simplicity. I'm not a hater, but I don't like it too much.. I hope the creativity didn't fizzle out on locks and warriors. Whats next mage? Cross your fingers.
  1. Zwair's Avatar
    I hope that's a joke...
  1. Lumineus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by homerunhomer View Post
    I eagerly await the paladin set, though I fear it will just look silly
    True dat, the odd-numbered Paladin sets are almost always lame. All you have to do is look at the big transmo thread in the Pally forums. Might be able to make one good set out of Lawbringer/T7.5 and the T5 recolor pieces...
  1. Azarias's Avatar
    I love this new druid tier, looks incredible with lots of details...to bad I don't have a druid : /
  1. Zyngil's Avatar
    Underwhelming i would say, the head is awful it looks just like a low level cloth hood with maybe similar touches to the 346 head piece, the shoulders are, meh, they're not amazing but nothing great, they seem like there is a lot of minor detail around the edges but that blue crystal things i don't really like. The Colour system is okay i guess i quite like it. Glad this one is a robe, and quite a nice one. I would have to say that again this is not a druid tier to get excited about.
  1. Kaldriss's Avatar
    some people are just never pleased by anything blizzard does, and yes, those people are about 80% of the people in this thread....I think it has a very earthy feel to it, and i love it, good work blizz

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