Update #2 - We mirrored the interview in this post if you want to check it out.
Update - Looks like the escapist took the article down, probably went up earlier than expected.

Rogue Legendary and Patch 4.3
Another interview showed up today in The Escapist. The most important part is the Rogue Legendary dagger and new raid level difficulty, but the important points are all below.

  • Rogues will get a legendary dagger and exciting quest line to go with it. The lore for the dagger has not been decided upon yet.
  • Looking for Raid tool raids will be easier than normal raids using a new level of difficulty (Looking For Raid).
  • The Looking for Raid tool will only work for 25 man raids, not 10 man.
  • Players will get different achievements and loot from doing Random Raid mode, no normal mode achievements or perks will be gained.
  • This will introduce players to the content and mechanics of the fights so that they are more prepared for an actual raid.
  • The new five mans will have tighter story integration with the Deathwing Raid than Icecrown Heroics did.
  • The Dragonflights will work together to help take down Deathwing.
  • Deathwing's random zone burning will continue at least until the end of Patch 4.3.
  • They might be talking about Pandas at Blizzcon.

Comics: Dark Legacy and Teh Glad
Dark Legacy Comics #304 and Teh Gladiators #270 + #271 are available!

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  1. mmoc9339dc3768's Avatar
    A Legendary dagger? :|
  1. Magellann's Avatar
    Hell yes, so excited for a rogue legendary that isn't linked to a stupid RNG drop!

    Already told the guild, incoming QQ from hunter friends. Sorry guys =/
  1. daylanhammer's Avatar
    speechless in a bad way.

    edit:blizzard is going to lose all the hardcore players and they dont care!
  1. Drainedsoul's Avatar
    No looking for raid for 10 mans, and easier looking for raid raids, and different loot? Absolutely unimpressed...
  1. Discombobula's Avatar
    The interview is down

    Has the legendary been confirmed yet?
  1. Scandral's Avatar
    Looking for Raid sounds dumb.
  1. mmoc8e4f823680's Avatar
    my heart just sunk I really hope they don't make pandas a playable race I REALLY hope they don't.....
  1. mmocef2fdcc82b's Avatar
  1. Taistee's Avatar
    A fucking dagger.
  1. Kaldriss's Avatar
    ew, no thanks for a one class legendary...thats just dumb
  1. Finear's Avatar
    nicebut why dagger? sword please :3
  1. mmocef2fdcc82b's Avatar
    also, upset about the legendary, really thing ferals deserved one, rogues only had one in BC
  1. phyto's Avatar
    Damn... I'm going to resub aren't I?
  1. Trajer's Avatar
    Awesome, another legendary not usable by Enhance Shaman >:[
  1. Dannz's Avatar
    ... sigh :l
  1. XeroFour's Avatar
    Yay a dagger legendary that forces me to play a spec I hate. No thanks, they had better do something so it can be used as combat.
  1. Trajer's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Aldrahan View Post
    It's gone. Pretty sure it was a faked article filled with false information.
    Hopefully :P
  1. Coizu's Avatar
    It's awesome beeing an enhancement shaman!
  1. mmoc9e94235ac9's Avatar
    Love the sound of this Raid Finder business! I'm not too bothered about the best loot but learning the mechanics would be very nice this way with the new 'difficulty'
    And HURRAY for you rogues I guess \o/

    Oh and hope this Panda crap has nothing to do with the new WoW expansion!
  1. calibro's Avatar
    Oh god feral druids never gonna get a legendary...

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