Update #2 - We mirrored the interview in this post if you want to check it out.
Update - Looks like the escapist took the article down, probably went up earlier than expected.

Rogue Legendary and Patch 4.3
Another interview showed up today in The Escapist. The most important part is the Rogue Legendary dagger and new raid level difficulty, but the important points are all below.

  • Rogues will get a legendary dagger and exciting quest line to go with it. The lore for the dagger has not been decided upon yet.
  • Looking for Raid tool raids will be easier than normal raids using a new level of difficulty (Looking For Raid).
  • The Looking for Raid tool will only work for 25 man raids, not 10 man.
  • Players will get different achievements and loot from doing Random Raid mode, no normal mode achievements or perks will be gained.
  • This will introduce players to the content and mechanics of the fights so that they are more prepared for an actual raid.
  • The new five mans will have tighter story integration with the Deathwing Raid than Icecrown Heroics did.
  • The Dragonflights will work together to help take down Deathwing.
  • Deathwing's random zone burning will continue at least until the end of Patch 4.3.
  • They might be talking about Pandas at Blizzcon.

Comics: Dark Legacy and Teh Glad
Dark Legacy Comics #304 and Teh Gladiators #270 + #271 are available!

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  1. Exiztence's Avatar
    An expansion without warrior legendary son I am impressed.
  1. TYIR's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by calibro View Post
    Oh god feral druids never gonna get a legendary...
    i agree, it should've been a feral legendary, rogues already had warglaives. I'm a hunter, so i could possibly use either one if stats are right, but it needed to be a feral item.
  1. iamthedevil's Avatar
    I think those comics constantly suck.
  1. XemnasXD's Avatar
    Really? Rogues? Of all the classes to give a legendary too. *sigh*
  1. ZenX's Avatar
    ...and we DKs end an expansion with no proper love, only hate from the community thanks to Blizzard's epic idiocity, might aswell quit the game... To be more accurate, we have been literally begging for some class fixes since beta which Blizzard totally ignored and kept breaking our class while patching with further unbalancing, we are subpar in raids and PvP, and broken in many of our aspects, yet even though how mages, rogues and such classes faceroll both these aspects, we still get to be the most hated, with not getting a legendary(I've been a DW DK since 3.2 and been forced to go to 2H, yet I'm still DW and only legendary we've got are some RNG drop glaives from content when we didn't even exist) if tier 13 is as irrelevant as our t12(let alone its bug look rather than the supposed "elementium dragon"), my 13€/month being cut will be the first of many.
  1. Jargan's Avatar
    1 class legendary in the 'big' patch (aka Deathwing).. has to be fake.
  1. Gnawty's Avatar
    A legendary for just one class? Won't go live
  1. Airwaves's Avatar
    Are you fucking srs? a dagger like fuck u blizz. There are more tanks then rogues yet they give ONE class a legendary before tanks even get one. What a fucking joke.
  1. Raptor4life's Avatar
    So who should you give this legendary to when your rogues are shit? meh : \
  1. Bearshield's Avatar
    A legendary weapon that one spec of one class will benefit from...nice kick in the teeth for the end of Cataclysm...
  1. Ulfric Trumpcloak's Avatar
    so they are making another legendary for rogues, this time a dagger so it will be exclusively for rogues, you dont stop to amaze me blizz, i can see this guys Reckful, Audio, Mercader, Neilyo(and more rogues that i dont know) reaching 4k rating next season, REMEMBER I SAID IT...
  1. Spl4sh3r's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Baygon View Post
    we won't make a feral druid staff or polearm legendary because it's unfair to have a legendary only 2 classes can use, does that sound familiar? think they said something along those lines sometime during Wrath, clearly you can't trust blizzard at all
    This! Give us Feral/Hunter Polearm already! I won't believe the Rogue legendary until I see it uploaded on the official website.
  1. Asaliah's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Hey View Post
    my heart just sunk I really hope they don't make pandas a playable race I REALLY hope they don't.....
    don't worry about that, china = a looooooooooot of players and they won't allow blizzard to kill panda-players, so it won't happen ever !
  1. Migoo's Avatar
    Oh. Hell. Yes! My pride and joy will finally be getting his very own legendary dagger! The one word that comes to mind, is "Boosh." Quit your QQ'in druids, you're OP as it is. It's far past time rogues get some of the love, and now blizzard finally realizes we ARE the unspoken heroes of the game ;D
  1. Aethilus's Avatar
    Blizzards status on the next legendary was 'narrow use' I can't find it but I swear I read somewhere that specifically said it will not be for any 1 class or spec. They've said they won't make tanking legendaries because that wouldn't be used by enough people. I'm gonna go with fake myself.
  1. kintharis's Avatar
    wow a legendary that can only be used by one class, thats a bit shitty. we have one rogue in our 25 mans he sure will be happy. hope they will make it so the quest is to craft an agility item and somewhere down the line you choose what it is ie. stat stick, dagger maybe even a bow or a gun, just seems a waste to make a legendary for just one class.
  1. ImortalDruid's Avatar
    oh i have an idea get that dagger tie it onto the end of a stick and there we have a legendary polearm
  1. Keile's Avatar
    Sooo....will Raid Took raids drop 25man quality loot or will it be lower ilevel then if you did the raid normally?!
  1. Discombobula's Avatar
    The comic wasn't that great either lol but the interview is down, one of two things: Blizzard said take it down or it wasn't legit. Personally, it shouldn't of been stated as news till something conclusive was made, or at least said that it may be the next legendary.
  1. Velkahn's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by peggleftw View Post
    me too...i hope they just... dont.

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