Update #2 - We mirrored the interview in this post if you want to check it out.
Update - Looks like the escapist took the article down, probably went up earlier than expected.

Rogue Legendary and Patch 4.3
Another interview showed up today in The Escapist. The most important part is the Rogue Legendary dagger and new raid level difficulty, but the important points are all below.

  • Rogues will get a legendary dagger and exciting quest line to go with it. The lore for the dagger has not been decided upon yet.
  • Looking for Raid tool raids will be easier than normal raids using a new level of difficulty (Looking For Raid).
  • The Looking for Raid tool will only work for 25 man raids, not 10 man.
  • Players will get different achievements and loot from doing Random Raid mode, no normal mode achievements or perks will be gained.
  • This will introduce players to the content and mechanics of the fights so that they are more prepared for an actual raid.
  • The new five mans will have tighter story integration with the Deathwing Raid than Icecrown Heroics did.
  • The Dragonflights will work together to help take down Deathwing.
  • Deathwing's random zone burning will continue at least until the end of Patch 4.3.
  • They might be talking about Pandas at Blizzcon.

Comics: Dark Legacy and Teh Glad
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  1. Priestshot's Avatar
    Gosh i can't wait for the avalanche of QQ about the legendary
  1. isendims's Avatar
    How about they make it an axe..... so enhance shamans can use it too
  1. Bmfstunner's Avatar
    Disappointed in the LFR, if 5 pugs can down a boss with a buff, then 10 pugs should be able to do so and get the same loot and achievees. And that's another thing, the LFR tool is great in design since it can give people who just want to pop on and kill a few bosses instead of being restricted to coming on a certain day and time a chance at achievements and loot. I'm very disappointed, lackluster if this is true.
  1. Madkitty's Avatar
    Its so obviously fake.
    1) 10/25/25 special people raid......unlikely to happen since they can't balance raids at the moment.
    2) They merged 10 and 25 man loot tables to make their life easier, doubt they will add more loot
    3) Seriously does blizzard have that much faith in their players who use PuGs to be able to do a 25 man fight, short of the fights having no/negligable mechanics. Since fights will need to have mechanics for real raiders its unlikely
    4) Rogue legendary is way to small a target, how many 10 mans have rogues? OH legendary all 3 specs can use but then its a LOL issue at OH being legendary not MH. MH will be a 1 spec weapon not just a 1 class. (2 if sub is viable)
  1. bregtann's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Keile View Post
    My theory is it will either have a) the same quality loot as normal 25 man or b) 10man ilevels.
    You should consider trying out the expansion called Cataclysm. 10 man and 25 man have had the same ilevel loot for 10 months now.
  1. rayden54's Avatar
    Looking for Raid tool raids will be easier than normal raids using a new level of difficulty (Looking For Raid). The Looking for Raid tool will only work for 25 man raids, not 10 man.
    Well. Looks like I'm not going to be renewing come 4.3. I don't run 25 mans for a reason: my computer can't handle them.
  1. Arandmoor's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Espada 009 View Post
    Um yes thunderfury counts. It may have been a lengendary way back when, but it still was there. Don't go crying about tanks not having a lengendary when they "have" and some classes like enhancement shamans or feral druids haven't.

    Repeat after me: SPECS ARE NOT CLASSES.

    Was there just a dps-caster weapon that both shamans AND druids can equip? yes.

    FU. Both druids and shamans just got a legendary. If you want to use it go respec.

    If you were a rogue and you wanted to use it you'd have to reroll, so can it.
  1. Laughriot's Avatar
    Yeah, I'm going to have to call bullshit on this interview. A lot of the wording from the Blizz rep seems... well, clumsy, to say the least. The information seems almost as obviously intended to enrage the community as that fake expansion notice someone posted awhile back where Blizz was talking about "the neglected shadow priest class". That being said, some of the ideas (the easy-mode raid finder) wouldn't really be that bad, if they went live. Still though... obvious fake interview is obviously fake.
  1. bregtann's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kolz4ever View Post
    If they bring panda's in to this I am leaving. This isn't one of those china games. It's wow so no damn panda's.
    if they don't remove those walking talking cow people, I'll quit. Also, wolf people WTF? And gnomes making goggles and explosives, I thought this was to be a fantasy game!? Speaking of that, when will they remove those damn teddy bears guarding tunnel between Felwood and Winterspring? It's ridiculous, why is there bear people already in-game!? QQ
  1. Ulgrim's Avatar
    Any confirmation that this is a legitimate interview?
  1. shadowforge666's Avatar
    dnt care about panda's as there a crap race and should not be added to wow ever and a 1 class only legendary yeah i hope other classes are gonna get single class legendaries, but probably wont most stupid idea blizzard have made cos of that gay ass brootherhood guy at blizzcon
  1. jinjin's Avatar
    From wowwiki: Daggers are trainable by all classes except Paladins and Death Knights.perhaps feral druids will get a version of this dagger that doesn't suck for them...shamans maybe as well, and perhaps it can be a stat stick for hunters...Backstab and mutilate both require daggers and always have. Neither Assassination rogues nor Sub rogues have had a legendary they can use.so while feral complains about 1 druid spec not getting a legendary yet, rogues could complain about 2 specs not getting one. Hopefully this legendary will satisfy all.(they should just make a legendary agility cloak that looks better than the towels we all wear).
  1. nyc81991's Avatar
    Seems fake to me, I could be wrong but i just cant see this being real.
  1. SpartanG01's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Starscream101 View Post
    Why so many melee legendary's compared to casters.
    Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros 2handed mace,
    Shadowmourne 2handed axe,
    Thunderfury 1handed sword,
    Warglaives 2 1handed swords,
    Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings 1handed mace healer,
    Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury BowDragonwrath,
    Tarecgosa's Rest 2haned caster staff,
    You forgot "Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian"

    and with that, the class balance is pretty close to equal considering Atiesh had a druid form.

    (I'm listing optimized for, not usable by)
    Sulfuras = Warrior, Paladin, Deathknight
    Shadowmourne = Warrior, Paladin, Deathknight
    Thunderfury = Warrior, Rogue
    Warglaives = Warrior, Rogue
    Atiesh = Priest, Warlock, Mage, Druid
    Val'anyr = Priest, Paladin, Shaman, Druid
    Thori'dal = Hunter (I admit I don't actually know if it would have be better for a Warrior/Rogue to use this over a gun/thrown so Warrior/Rogue? I dunno)
    Tarecgosa = Priest, Warlock, Mage, Druid

    Melee = 4, Caster = 2, Ranged = 1, Heal = 1
    Warrior = 4/5?
    Paladin = 3
    Deathknight = 2
    Rogue = 2/3?
    Druid = 3
    Mage = 2
    Warlock = 2
    Shaman = 1
    Priest = 3

    If anything the most unrepresented spec/class is Heals/Shaman and the most over-repesented isn't melee specifically but Warriors.

    All that being said it is utterly retarded that Blizzard would make a Rogue dagger legendary. I'd say an optional Heal oriented Shield is what's called for. That'd boost heal legendaries and give Shamans and Paladins a new legendary. That'd put Paladin's up with Warriors and be a good opportunity to tie in the Deathwing lore and make it show-offy. It could be a piece of DW's armor making completing the quest require DW's death and you could be given the choice to have it forged in the fire of Alexstrasza giving it "life giving" properties her being the "Life-Binder" and all. You could even make it optional Heal/Tank and at the end either have Alexstrasza forge it or have Nozdormu forge it and make the proc something that turns spikes of "X" damage or higher into DoTs for X% higher amounts (making the damage more manageable.. I dunno I literally thought of how you could tie in time to the shield while typing this or even forge it in the burning body of DW him self giving it obvious protective qualities being armor and all (the downside would be giving Warriors another legendary) who knows the point is there is massive opportunity both class/spec wise and lore wise to make a shield.

    All of THAT being said.. I play a Deathknight, and only a Deathknight so don't call it favoritism. Fair is fair and healers need a new Legendary. Or a different caster like a dagger that shamans, mages could use? I dunno.
  1. Jaitee's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by thane View Post
    tanks had the first legendary ever...
    no thunderfury was a dps weapon it was just given to tanks because in them days threat did matter and having your warrior tank getting 10% more threat meant that your whole group of threat capped dps could do 10% more with 25-30 dps (i think thas how many 40 man raids used?) thats the rough equivalent of 2.5-3 extra dps in your group just from giving it too a tank and the reason dps rarely got it was also due too threat since rogues where threat capped anyway giving it to them would have been a 0 dps increase since they where already throttling back to not pull aggro

    the reason it was such a great threat weapon was because its proc caused a huge amount of threat at the start of BC it was still the highest threat weapon till blizz nerfed it
  1. Osmeric's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by rayden54 View Post
    Well. Looks like I'm not going to be renewing come 4.3. I don't run 25 mans for a reason: my computer can't handle them.
    Don't worry, LFR will be the greatest failure of all time, and that's saying a lot for this game.
  1. Scyo's Avatar
    I don't buy it for the moment. Time will tell though.
  1. axi0m's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by endersblade View Post
    I'm curious why people are complaining "They've never made a legendary for MY class!"
    Rag Hammer = Anyone who can 2h Warrior, DK, Pally, Druid (back then, shams could as well)
    Thunderfury = Rogue, Warrior (No class req. now though)
    Atiesh = Mage, Druid, Priest, Warlock
    Thor'idal = Hunter (though not class restricted technically)
    Warglaives = DK, Rogue, Warrior
    Val'anyr = Priest, Pally, Sham, Druid (basically anyone who could heal)
    Shadowmourne = Pally, DK, Warrior
    Dragonwrath = Mage, Druid, Priest, Warlock (though not class restricted technically)
    So unless I'm missing something, EVERY SINGLE CLASS has had at LEAST one legendary. So quit your whining. They can't make legendaries for every class and every spec in every expansion, so deal with what you get.
    Yes because DKs existed during Vanilla and BC...
  1. Zechs-cenarius's Avatar
    Yeah and Thoridal was amazingly BiS for the time with hunters as well...
  1. Seolla's Avatar
    I raid as a rogue, and as much as I'm excited about the legendary, I would have to admit that it is utterly retarded to make a legendary for one class.

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