Shaman Tier 13 and Visual Retrospective
Blizzard released another Tier 13 preview and today's post features the Shaman set.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Adventurers will be tested like never before in World of Warcraft patch 4.3 as they take on Deathwing and his minions, emerging from the conflict with powerful new treasures. Please enjoy this preview of the shaman tier 13 armor set, as well as a visual guide to tiers 1 through 12 for Transmogrification purposes.

Spiritwalker’s Vestments

The best shaman sets are a mix of the animal and the elemental. This tier combines huge wolf-skull shoulder pads, bone fetishes, and fur with glowing shards of amber crystal. The entire set is lashed together with lengths of rope and heavily stitched leather, which lends the set a savage bearing.

Shaman Tiers 1-12

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  1. msbxghost's Avatar
    lol @ the shoulders
  1. Zankoku's Avatar
    Has a definite "witch doctor"/"aboriginal" feel to it. I like it!! Tho not as great as t5 with the Claw and Fist of Molten Fury!!!!
  1. Bahamutx's Avatar
    Football pad size shoulders?
  1. Livermunch's Avatar
    I like everything but the helmet
  1. FrogFries's Avatar
    It's ok I guess.
  1. USMValor's Avatar
    Has a nice shammy vibe! I like it
  1. zetti's Avatar
    Not bad, it loosk pretty good for shammy's
  1. superfloc's Avatar
    i dig it
    10 chars
  1. Metalfenrir's Avatar
    Delicious, has an earthy feel, which makes sense since we're going to be smashing the prior Earthwarden's chin in
  1. shimargh's Avatar
  1. axpala's Avatar
    omg i love it!!! Wish i were a shaman
  1. Sealbinder's Avatar
    Very nice. It has the right feel for a shammy imo.
  1. HeatherRae's Avatar
    It looks hideous. I don't see how this could look good on my Draenei...
  1. Hothgor's Avatar
    I absolutely love it. Its similar to the homely robes that Thrall is now wearing, and it doesn't have massive amounts of erupting lava from it!
  1. Devilldude's Avatar
    i love it even though my shaman is probably not going to get all of it. i have loved all the t13 looks so far
  1. NoRest4Wicked's Avatar
    Nice design, I love the skull bone shoulders. I will enjoy wearing this on my shaman.
  1. Boathouse's Avatar
    Looks soooo good, makes me want my Shaman as a main again.
  1. Licarius's Avatar
    Very Thrall inspired. I don't play a shaman, but i Love it.
  1. taheen74's Avatar
    So....more armor to make my gobby look like a bag of potatoes? Yep, gonna start working on getting Frost Witches again.
  1. Roscoe's Avatar
    Ohai "B" team.

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