Mage Tier 13 and Visual Retrospective
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Adventurers will be tested like never before in World of Warcraft patch 4.3 as they take on Deathwing and his minions, emerging from the conflict with powerful new treasures. Please enjoy this preview of the mage tier 13 armor set, as well as a visual guide to tiers 1 through 12 for Transmogrification purposes.

Mage - Timelord Regalia

It’s fun to put a spin on any caster class that moves it away from the usual wizardly archetype, and this set provided the perfect opportunity to do just that. Gnomish clockwork technology is an established part of the Warcraft universe, but it’s not something we’ve incorporated into a tier of player armor before. The combination of moving cogs, quilted fabric, and lots of buckled straps give the set an intriguing "techno-mage" flavor.

Mage Tiers 1-12

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  1. Phantm's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Krunk View Post
    Anyone else see the name and think "Doctor Who"?
    screw timelord duties im a mage
  1. Farora's Avatar
    Looks like a pvp set.
  1. reverendball's Avatar
    T13: Return of the Steampunk
  1. pvtpyro's Avatar
    So glad I'm not a mage.
  1. Venziir's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by brothernads View Post
    /dislike Timelord Regalia...they should have patterned it after the Bronze Dragonflight. What do cogwheels, goggles, and "techno" have to do with being a Timelord?
    Ever looked inside a clock? There are tiny cogweels there, that requires a magnifiying glass to operate properly. There ya go.
  1. Austilias's Avatar
    Oh dear lord, transmogrification is going to be an absolute hit at this rate come 4.3.
  1. Malkhor's Avatar
    Looks a bit like a PvP set yeah, but most importantly, looks awesome.
  1. Rotted's Avatar
    Just lol, the worse than the shaman tier,

    Goggles on the head lmao love it

    once again you mages are going to be the laughing stock
  1. scotty823j's Avatar
    WTF..he got headlights..LOL
  1. Tropos's Avatar
    Holy S! Coolest set EVER for caster!!!!
  1. Serj Tankian's Avatar
    I rather like it.
  1. Essenji's Avatar
    Doesn't really look like a Mage set :P It looks like an engineer set ^^' The checkered pattern also looks kinda weird.
  1. Theratzil's Avatar
    Change the head and i'd tap it
  1. Montolioo's Avatar
    I fucking love this set. Mostly because of the name. You can't watch Dr. Who or Torchwood and not want that name for your set!
  1. Fevy's Avatar
    Wth? I love the look of the set but.. goggles? On my mage? It's so random that i find it awesome
  1. Xerron's Avatar
    looks like a submarine to me.
    Those headlights are just wth

    Other than that i think the pattern overall is nice

    ughh just that... headlights... lol wth
  1. Babyrobot's Avatar
    As a mage myself I can say I really like it! Looks different to everything else.
  1. Alki's Avatar
    I'm sorry, but that doesn't look like anything a Mage would wear. Looks like they're doing a lot of "Ulduar" themed gear sets for T13.
  1. Soepballetje's Avatar
    GIEF GOGGLES AS ENGI HEAD PIECE! Wow that set looks great. T13 is getting pretty good imho.
  1. Lokann's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Essenji View Post
    Doesn't really look like a Mage set :P It looks like an engineer set ^^' The checkered pattern also looks kinda weird.
    I believe it's meant to be a padded protective overcoat.

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