Mage Tier 13 and Visual Retrospective
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Adventurers will be tested like never before in World of Warcraft patch 4.3 as they take on Deathwing and his minions, emerging from the conflict with powerful new treasures. Please enjoy this preview of the mage tier 13 armor set, as well as a visual guide to tiers 1 through 12 for Transmogrification purposes.

Mage - Timelord Regalia

It’s fun to put a spin on any caster class that moves it away from the usual wizardly archetype, and this set provided the perfect opportunity to do just that. Gnomish clockwork technology is an established part of the Warcraft universe, but it’s not something we’ve incorporated into a tier of player armor before. The combination of moving cogs, quilted fabric, and lots of buckled straps give the set an intriguing "techno-mage" flavor.

Mage Tiers 1-12

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  1. Buu's Avatar
    Looks like Blizzard quit the theme-centralized sets. Elements and Fire didn't work out. And looking at the results of T13, I have to say it was a smart decision. I only hope they don't drop the ball when they get to the hunter set.
  1. Khiva's Avatar
    The hood is the head of a screaming bird. You cannot un-see it!
  1. Ysen's Avatar
    Funny look, the goggles are a nice touch.
  1. Ademptio's Avatar
    Seems blizzard admited they are a broken cogwheel class now... and shooting lazers from their heads... :P
  1. Ibbi's Avatar
    Steampunk mages!!!! Blizzard has a developer that's a steampunk nerd.
  1. The Distortion's Avatar
  1. Herrenos's Avatar
    First one of the t13 previews that I really like. This is awesome.
  1. Collected's Avatar
    I'm so getting that red tier for my mage.
  1. Dald's Avatar

    really, they're just for decoration
  1. AtaraxyDarkmoonFaire's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Khiva View Post
    The hood is the head of a screaming bird. You cannot un-see it!
    Oh good lord! You ruined my life! Ahah!
    I like it, I'm not a mage though!
  1. Ibbi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Khiva View Post
    The hood is the head of a screaming bird. You cannot un-see it!
    F***!!!! From now on I'll see that screaming baby bird helmet!!!! I CAN'T UNSEE IT!!!

    /glad i don't play a mage
  1. deathlink's Avatar
    First set that i havent liked so far.. this shit is terrible. I can just imagine what dks will look like (druids look kinda lame too... Warriors by FAR have the best)
  1. xile's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Laminir View Post
    Looks like the season 10 elite paladin set!! Blizzard keeps doing ugly gear since wotlk! Remember how BC gear was so different from each class?
    No i don't because they weren't very detailed compared to now, they weren't very creative, had almost nothing to do with lore other than the fact that your character maybe sometimes had something to do with the general idea of the tier. The only really good set of the whole dam expansion of BC was tier 6 really, tier 5 was decent. Compared to the LAWL tiers of vanilla that had like good tier sets total.
    Tier 6 was great i'll give you that, but besides that tier 8, and tier 10 were both for the most part almost as good, the only "bad" sets of WOTLK were tier 7, a rehash of a pre WOTLK set which many people liked upon release, and tier 9 which was for the most part a joke.
  1. Hanto's Avatar
    :S Idk what to think of it... first thing I thought was "Do the goggles come down?" Otherwise idk. The shoulders look kind of neat but don't suit what a mage is... this whole concept of a "techno-mage" (whatever that is) is pretty random in the WoW universe...
  1. Falcio's Avatar
    I really like this tierset. This is a tier set I would use transmog to keep next expansion.
  1. Kolo's Avatar
    It just doesn't fit mages.
  1. Flimsy's Avatar
    Wonder if those cogwheels on the shoulders move...that would be pretty cool.
  1. otarma's Avatar
    We all live in the yellow submarine, yellow submarine~
  1. Cubalibre's Avatar
    I absolutely love all the T13 sets so far, why do people have the need to find always something wrong with a piece and criticize it...Omg shaman shouldets are rediculous, omg Mage head is hideous, omg Warlock face is disgusting...Kmon you all wanted the new and unique looks or recycled shit?
  1. Fnup's Avatar
    My gnome mage is now gonna be techno-gnome. I like the set

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