Patch 4.3 Dungeons Preview, Part One: End Time
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Cho'gall, once a key executor of the nihilistic Twilight's Hammer's vision, has been struck down. Lady Sinestra, consort of Deathwing and mother to the malevolent black dragons Nefarian and Onyxia, has fallen at the hands of great heroes. Ragnaros, lord of the realm of fire in the Elemental Plane, and Al’Akir, baron of the realm of air -- both mighty arbiters of Deathwing's destructive ends -- have themselves been purged. But even with so many of Deathwing's servants now vanquished, he freely roams the skies of Azeroth, wreaking havoc on the land and its people. It's in these darkest of hours that the forces standing against Deathwing must carry out a desperate plan to put an end to his devastating twilight flight.

The other Dragon Aspects, with allegiance from Thrall, have devised a dangerous and unorthodox strategy to bring Deathwing down once and for all. But to do so, they must acquire the Dragon Soul from a pivotal moment in the distant past... and they're going to need your help. In patch 4.3, level-85 players will gain access to three new Heroic-difficulty five-player dungeons, embarking on quests to aid the Aspects and other familiar faces in a fight against Deathwing, the Twilight's Hammer, ancient armies of the Burning Legion and Highborne... and even time itself.

Much like the experience in the five-player content of Icecrown Citadel, players must quest through these dungeons sequentially to unlock access to them in the Dungeon Finder. You'll also be afforded the opportunity for all-new epic loot, including new dungeon sets. While these sets aren't broken down by class and contain no set bonuses, they offer cohesive aesthetic looks for each armor type: cloth, leather, mail, and plate. These set pieces can be taken from the grasps of defeated bosses in each of the new Heroic dungeons.

Now read on for a taste of what lies ahead and -- interestingly enough -- behind you in the first of these three new dungeons: End Time.

End Time
One of an infinite number of potential outcomes, this timeway depicts the desolate future of Azeroth should its defenders fail to stop Deathwing. In this bleak future, Nozdormu has identified an anomaly that bars access to both the past and the Dragon Soul: a powerful creature from out of time, living alone amid time-twisted echoes of the past.
In order for Nozdormu to provide you the ability to travel back in time to a point before the Dragon Soul was hidden by Malfurion Stormrage from anyone who’d seek its power, you must first go to a distant and desolate future to discover the anomaly blocking the past. You'll find yourself in a very different Dragonblight, stripped of its snowy landscape, with little more than ruins of the once-great dragonshrines. Wyrmrest Temple itself stands only as a reminder of Deathwing's madness -- what's left of his scorched remains is impaled atop the structure.

Before you confront the creature disrupting Nozdormu's access to the past, you'll first be called to fight any two of the following four ostensibly familiar leaders, chosen at random each time you play through End Time.

Excerpts from the Dungeon Journal

Echo of Sylvanas: Spawned from shattered timeways and cloistered within the Ruby Dragonshrine, a maddened fragment of the Forsaken's leader, Sylvanas Windrunner, waits restlessly. Having lost everything and unable to find peace, this tormented echo aches for a chance to unleash her dark fury at anything still living within these barren, time-twisted wastes.

Echo of Tyrande: Once high priestess of Elune and leader of the night elves, this time-twisted fragment of Tyrande Whisperwind now wanders the desolate future of Azeroth. Enveloped by eternal midnight, she is forever separated from the comforting light of Elune and torn by questions about why her goddess did nothing to put an end to such madness.

Echo of Jaina: The tormented fragment of Jaina Proudmoore has been split and infused within the shattered pieces of her staff. To restore balance to the timeways, this echo must be defeated. However, the devastating magical power possessed by the once-proud ruler of Theramore is hardly lost to her time-havocked spectre. In this future Azeroth, she is only divided, and waiting....

Echo of Baine: Enraged by his failure to protect the world and, most importantly, the Horde, this time-ravaged shade of Baine Bloodhoof lingers within the ruins of the Obsidian Dragonshrine. Although he's still as powerful as the tauren high chieftain from the present, within this shattered future Azeroth, this guilt-ridden echo is little more than a discordant vessel of unquenchable malice and anger.

These long-dead heroes are mere echoes of their former glory, further warped by the corruptive force of time. Their presence here is a great mystery, even to Nozdormu. Once these shades have been laid to rest, the maniacal figure blocking Nozdormu's vision will be revealed at the Bronze Dragonshrine. None of the Dragon Aspects could have predicted what entity would have such power to interrupt the sight of the Timeless One… the ability to create a new and infinite dragonflight. Only by destroying a mysterious dragon known as Murozond will you give Azeroth's protectors the opportunity to avoid the potential outcome to which your eyes bear witness.

Stay tuned for part two of our patch 4.3 dungeons preview: Well of Eternity.

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  1. Crashdummy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bewbew View Post
    See, that's exactly what doesn't make sense.

    If altering the past just create alternative timelines, then it makes no sense for Nozdormu to go insane and then try to go back and prevent it all from happening. It already happened. Even if he changes things, he only create alternative timelines, without being able to actually change anything in all other timelines (his included). As a guardian of time, I'm pretty sure even in "crazy" mode he'd know how time works and all.
    There are numerous timelines, not every single little change opens a new one. There is one original one, that must be preserved (at least the most important events must) or else all the timelines will collapse. There are numerioous other timelines, opened by changes in the events of the original (important ones) that if something is done to fix it then the timeline collapses without further problem.

    Read twilight of aspects before continuing the discussion, it will give you more insight on this subject as well as other importants events in Cata.
  1. RaffleSpike's Avatar
    Sorry for QQ'ers, but this looks sick in the tits!
  1. Crashdummy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bewbew View Post
    I don't care exactly how it is in a book, I'm talking about that wonderful thing called logic. =P
    The problem is that time in wow might not behave as time behaves in reality.

    Blizzard created the world, blizzard makes the rules of it, and they make the rules of time. They explain some of the rules in the book.

    You either read the book to get how it works and then discuss it or you discuss about something you know nothing about which i dont recommend.
  1. durenas's Avatar
    Welcome to 2300 AD... will we be facing Lavos too?
  1. Kaelwryn's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bewbew View Post
    I don't care exactly how it is in a book, I'm talking about that wonderful thing called logic. =P're talking about Timetravel, timelines, and MAGIC. Why are you trying to add logic? And yes it does make sense. He thinks that by preventing all the events that lead up to Deathwing's "win" will change the timeline, and thus none of it happens. And that's what would happen. A time line where none of the events that we've done, or helped do will happen. Yes, it'll be an alternate time line. However, chances are the timelines will then start collapsing on each other. You do not want timelines to collapse on each other. They end up destroying one another.
  1. Wyshbonez's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Steelyorc View Post
    I sense many cancelled subs being renewed...................
    Ahh the force is strong with this one!!!

    and i cannot wait for this dungeon!!!! i just wanna slap jaina around for about 15 min then put her out of her misery.... again??? is that how it works? /shrug but totally awesome its my desktop background now!!!
  1. Cyral's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Corjha View Post
    how did deathwing die in a future where he won?
    Deathwing may have won the battle, but the lore implied that he was also betrayed by his "masters".

    Think about it - although Deathwing is mad and had abandoned his task, he ist still the Earthwarden. He is still a creature created by the sworn / most hated enemies of his "masters" the old gods - a entity who was created to defend Azeroth together with the other Aspects against them. He still holds inside his deformed body the power of the Titans to fight his "masters" (and if you had read the War of the Ancient Triology - you'll know that he had already proven himself not to be a truly reliable servant).

    Im shure the old gods must hate Deathwing exactly the same way as they hate anything the Titans created. Of course they'll use him the destroy the entity of the Aspects and everything in the world - but they would never allow a Aspect to survive in the end (so that he maybe could use his "Titan"-imbued-powers" against them or could become a centre of resistance).

    So it is only natural that they would kill him - in the second he had fulfilled his task.
  1. cpillow's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Crashdummy View Post
    Mmm, because Nozdormu is alive as an infinite one?

    Also, i dont see any of them here
    Remember there is a whole other floor below this one. u know...where the portals to ruby, obsidian sactum are? So keep that in mind
  1. Mishann's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Treeston View Post
    Did nobody see this one coming?
    I see what you did there
  1. Jim the mage's Avatar
    So these echos of Jaina, Baine, Tyrande and Sylvanas. Are they ghosts of some sort or what? Would be interesting to know where they came from.
  1. Salarius's Avatar
    Echo's seem to be the evil twin counters of the origionals. Jaina as a mage stuck in mirror effect, each element seperate....sylvanas probablly in her old banshee look...and Baine might be a warrior like character since it says this aspect abandonded his power for bloodletting or w/e.... What I don't understand is why would they kill the friendly dragon aspects. Ysera and Alexstraza seem to be cooperative.
  1. gamhacked's Avatar
    That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die. Here lies Deathwing, embodiment of death.

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