Update - Someone pointed out that I forgot to post the updated items for this year's Brewfest, fixed!

Level Type Spec Slot Name
365DaggerPhysical DPSOne-HandDirebrew's Bloodied Shanker
365MacePhysical DPSOne-HandTremendous Tankard O' Terror
365TrinketDPSTrinketBitterer Balebrew Charm
365TrinketHealingTrinketBubblier Brightbrew Charm
365TrinketPhysical DPSTrinketCoren's Chilled Chromium Coaster
365TrinketSpellTrinketPetrified Pickled Egg
365TrinketSpell DPSTrinketMithril Stopwatch
365TrinketTankTrinketBrawler's Trophy

Tier 13 Set Pieces Acquisition
Originally Posted by Takralus (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We recognize that making the tier 13 set pieces available only as raid drops leaves players much more subject to RNG drop rates/loot rolls, but we have a couple of plans to try and alleviate the sense of burden that stems from the randomness of token drops.

The way tier 13 pieces will be obtained in the 4.3 raid won't be unlike raids past, meaning players will still need to roll on multi-class set tokens. That said, we'll be tweaking the tier 13 10-player drop rates a little bit (for the better) relative to the 25-player version, given that these tier pieces can't be purchased from vendors for Valor Points.

In addition, due to tier pieces not being offered for Valor Points, another thing you'll see in patch 4.3 is a much wider array of desirable non-set loot (covering more slots than prior patches) available from the vendors, for those players who are unlucky with specific token drops, or who aren't interested in raiding—although, once you get more details about the Raid Finder, we hope you'll find interest in having a go.

Keep in mind we do intend to allow tier 13 set pieces to drop for those using the upcoming Raid Finder. Similar to the difference between normal and Heroic versions of tier sets, the Raid Finder set will have a lower item level than the normal and Heroic counterparts.

Set pieces from all three difficulty levels can still be mixed and matched for the two and four-piece bonuses.
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  1. Pannekaker's Avatar
    Glad they got rid of Valor Points for tier gear. :P
  1. Sageofthe10paths's Avatar
    1st So like 3 different types of T13 that sounds wonderful. . .
  1. Pivotal's Avatar
    looking nice!
  1. chrisisvacant's Avatar
    Raid Finder is going to be the missing piece to Blizzard's raider issues.
  1. Strippárn's Avatar
    Awesome 10 chars
  1. bysorynyos's Avatar
    A bit sad about these but 3 diff types , it should be nice.
  1. QuinnyBoy's Avatar
    Okay..... cool. And now the PvP changes please.
  1. Draxz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sageofthe10paths View Post
    1st So like 3 different types of T13 that sounds wonderful. . .
    Nope your not ^^ glad too
  1. StaeleAilar's Avatar
    kind of going to be a deterrance to log on in some cases for people. i mean why bother logging on outside raid times and/or doing dungeons to buy gear you're probably going to replace when your tokens/gear drop in raid? This is of course from the point of view that you are in a raiding guild and are raiding actively. For the not so inclined it definitely sounds like a plus.

    I however am a raider >.>
  1. Dropz's Avatar
    Pretty pumped about this whole idea. Any chance of a post with brewfest updates? I'd like to see what gear we should expect this year.
  1. reverendball's Avatar
    sooooo transmog was the just the preemptive solution to absolutely every player having full teir set? O_o?

    full identical VP set OR full LFR teir set baseline, XD
  1. Huntardicus's Avatar
    Very pleased to hear there will be a raid finder tier 13, puts my opinion of 4.3 at a much higher level than previously.
  1. ralphie's Avatar
    Awesome. I'm now ok with this change.
  1. Sabtheshaman's Avatar
    WTB Head/Shoulder/Chest/Bracer/Glove/Waist/Leg/Boot slot non set valor items. Because not every set bonus is worth getting.
  1. Killrogg's Avatar
    That let's me hope, that the T13 warlock set is just the raidfinder version and that the other two are less colourful.
  1. Eike's Avatar
    valor vendor will sell offset pieces read better before posting pls
  1. MrApple's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dropz View Post
    Pretty pumped about this whole idea. Any chance of a post with brewfest updates? I'd like to see what gear we should expect this year.
    The gear is already available to see in atlasloot. Its basically the same things as usual but ilvl 365 and better stats ofc.
  1. Dropz's Avatar
    I'm also intruiged to find out how raid finder will affect lockouts. will it be similar to how ZA/ZG can be spammed all day every day, even though you're locked out? Or will using the raid finder screw you for the rest of the week as a raider with your guild?
  1. Williamgood's Avatar
    Called it with LFR>_>
  1. Dropz's Avatar
    I didn't realize atlasloot had it up already. Guess i'll have to wait till US servers come up / I get out of work to get to it. '-'

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