Rogue Tier 13 and Visual Retrospective

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Adventurers will be tested like never before in 4.3 as they take on Deathwing and his minions, emerging with powerful new treasures. Please enjoy this preview of the rogue tier 13 set, as well as a visual guide to tiers 1 through 12 for Transmogrification purposes.

Blackfang Battleweave

A "bat-themed" armor set for rogues seems like a no-brainer, but we were careful to skirt the more obvious inspirations. World of Warcraft often makes playful references to pop culture, but it’s important -- particularly with player gear -- that what we create has integrity within our universe. Rogues look good in close-fitting masks, collars, and cowls rather than elaborate armored helms. It also helps reinforce the rogue's sneaky silhouette if the shoulder pads have a streamlined shape... even if that shape has sharp, bladed details.

Rogue Tier 1-12

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  1. frag971's Avatar
    Nothing beats bloodfang, this set should hunter or warlock, not rogue. This doesnt look like anything realy -.-Worst set of all imo, especially when all the other classes look great
  1. Zeekua's Avatar
    The Tier sets are suppose to be representative of something specific for the class in Cataclysm. At least, that what's Blizzard said they are modeling them after. For example, Wild Mushroom for Druids and Time Warp for Mages. What is this suppose to represent in Cataclysm? I don't remember anything major happening with bats...and it doesn't look like the 4.3 patch will have anything to do with them either, but I could be wrong.
  1. Mesovr's Avatar
    Oh god the endless batman jokes.
  1. Edlarel's Avatar
    I like the set. Definitely hope we do get a darker version though, maybe as heroic or LFR.
  1. The Chad's Avatar
    Hmm, fairly underwhelmed. It lacks the "I'm going to ****ing shank you" edge good Rogue tiers have and seems sort of bland.

    Maybe it's just the blood elf though. You aren't going to find any trace of a bad ass in a male blood elf.
  1. Phasma's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by RodeoReaper View Post
    not the best rogue set but still cool , and in all honesty, the only rogue tier that actually looks like batman is T4 ^_^
    T4 looks more like Nightwing. T5 is definitely Skeletor.
  1. ImEveryCliche's Avatar
    Not a fan of the rogue T13 at all.

    /pray that Paladin gear is not a disappointment
  1. Entrari's Avatar
    I'm content. Not happy. Content. This could've ended up looking much worse... (this t11 Taliban outfit or t13 mage)...
  1. Meera's Avatar
    That set is really inspired in BC first dungeon set, and boots has some style also from bc set from T6.5, this smells bad.
  1. Syce's Avatar
    would be more appealing if the set were shown on a human instead of a blood elf because of the blood elves stand, it makes it look homo. lol
  1. Kazie's Avatar
    That is by far the best looking rogue set to date.. And it's the only rogue-like set they have had sinec T2.
  1. randomdonk's Avatar
    ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFL now i understand why they will mayke rogue legendary. To compensate for this clown set DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  1. SinR's Avatar
    first thought in my head on seeing this set... I AM THE NIGHT So, are Paladins getting a Robin set?
  1. Siraeyou's Avatar
    It isn't bad, but I still will most likely transmog this set into T2 or 7.5
  1. This Guy's Avatar
    I now fear what they will do to hunters T13.

    We were careful to skirt the more obvious inspirations.
  1. Rhywolver's Avatar
    Stitched together, who would have guessed - but I think this one is ok.
  1. delus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Phasma View Post
    T4 looks more like Nightwing. T5 is definitely Skeletor.
    T5 is the freaking Punisher!
  1. Dakia's Avatar
    na na nuh nuh na na Rogueman!

    To the Rogue Mobile!
  1. Seregon's Avatar
    Finally a proper face mask again! Nananananana~
  1. Priestshot's Avatar
    First? Really? Druid one is the worst this far, closely followed by mage.
    I thought the druid set was incredibly detailed and very "druidy", and the mage set impressed me because it was all steampunk, which is just awesome, and honestly shows some creativity on the behalf of the art team, which is better than "SKULLSSKULLSSKULLS"

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