Rogue Tier 13 and Visual Retrospective

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Adventurers will be tested like never before in 4.3 as they take on Deathwing and his minions, emerging with powerful new treasures. Please enjoy this preview of the rogue tier 13 set, as well as a visual guide to tiers 1 through 12 for Transmogrification purposes.

Blackfang Battleweave

A "bat-themed" armor set for rogues seems like a no-brainer, but we were careful to skirt the more obvious inspirations. World of Warcraft often makes playful references to pop culture, but it’s important -- particularly with player gear -- that what we create has integrity within our universe. Rogues look good in close-fitting masks, collars, and cowls rather than elaborate armored helms. It also helps reinforce the rogue's sneaky silhouette if the shoulder pads have a streamlined shape... even if that shape has sharp, bladed details.

Rogue Tier 1-12

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  1. Cinosanap's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by RevanSparda View Post
    Ulduar Tier was the best ever for all classes
    ^ so Agree with This guy, Rogue T8 was prob the best looking Tier for Rogues ever made. and i've gotta say when i saw the other tier 13's i was like yes! finally something new and cool (dont count druid tier in to this ) but then i saw Rogue T13. and went aw.... -.-" Back to normal
  1. Raediance's Avatar
    I just hate how I can see the stitching. I've actually worked with leather, Its not that hard to make the stitches invisible!!!
  1. Imhullu's Avatar
    Lol. Seriously I havent really been shocked by any of these. Warrior was nice, but we all knew one would be straight from deathwing, so it was expected. This ones just funny though.
  1. Arkenaw's Avatar
    I don't understand why a bat-like theme is a "no brainer" for rogues
  1. isendims's Avatar
    Hopefully it looks better on other races, as for blood elf, it looks absolutely terrible
  1. jayremy's Avatar
    Out of the classes rogues have been rather lucky on having decent sets, then t9-10 came, but still that was it, so many other class have such shitty armor.
  1. Kansen's Avatar
    Warlocks had Spiderman and now, Rogues got Batman...WINNING!Next incoming SUPER(MAN)PALA!
  1. GeordieMagpie's Avatar
    BATMAN! *Denenenenenen (Batman theme)* --O..But no really, it's pretty alright, just get a good cape and that's it. looks like a questing set. As someone above me said.
  1. WorldofWorkcraft's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Raediance View Post
    I just hate how I can see the stitching. I've actually worked with leather, Its not that hard to make the stitches invisible!!!
    E-stitching is harder. You have to guide the pixels through the pixelated hole and then pull the pixels out and then pixel them together. Pixel.

    I rather like it. It's subtle, and not too flashy. Hiding the face is good usually, except if you're hiding behind Al'Akir's face. That Al'Akir set is cool in terms of flashy, but Rogues are about Subtlety and such.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arkenaw View Post
    I don't understand why a bat-like theme is a "no brainer" for rogues
    ComBAT. Duh.
  1. Blazzez's Avatar
    That rogue tier is just so freaking crap !! Tier 5 and 6 best in game its like blizz just not trying for a real dark rogue gear anny more fail blizz!!
  1. -Ethos-'s Avatar
    Love the shoulders, hate the colours.
  1. Garnier Fructis's Avatar
    I really like it. Then again, I've loved every rogue tier.
  1. Priestshot's Avatar
    Unique, yes. But... I don't know, they just seem pretty plain to me. The mage one only seems like it has the goggles going for them for the most part, and I'm just not a fan of the druid tier overall; I just had really high hopes for it :/ Now my expectations are low for the Hunter one because I don't want to be let down again. They probably shouldn't have started off with the warrior tier, because it's the best so far in my opinion, and set the bar way too high in some people's minds so they had high expectations for those to follow.
    Yeah, the warrior one is just unfairly amazing. I'm eagerly anticipating the priest set, but i wouldn't be surprised if i'm let down. I really hope they go back to a holy aesthetic, I mainly play shadow but at least holy identifies with the flavor of the class more than toilet shoulders and FIREEEEEEEEE.
  1. Brytallica's Avatar
    I love my T8, just need to get matching boots.
  1. rmViper's Avatar
    When will they learn that a rogue can't be stealthy with big glowing stuff on their armor?
  1. Dezmos's Avatar
    AWESOME set ive been pretty pleased with T13 so far but i want this in black please :P I AM BATNINJA! :P
  1. Plunderin's Avatar
    thank god for transmog
  1. Leowyld's Avatar
    It looks nothing like Batman. Even the points on the helmet (which I am assuming is the only thing everyone is seeing) are not close to the right shape.
  1. tusker's Avatar
    This set definitely looks more like a PvP set to me than any of the others thus far. Just seems bland.
  1. frogger237's Avatar
    I think its ok but I have three things I don't like about it.
    1. The stitches give it the feel of some low lvl set of armor, even tier 10 has less stitches and that's supposed to have a ragged feel to it.
    2. The "breath" of the shoulder bats.I dont mind if the eyes glow but the mouth looks just terrible.
    3. The helm. Maybe Im biased because I play a worgen rogue after I retired my troll, but this is gunna look terrible on a worgen like every set except teir 4,5,9a,and 12.

    I would prefer if the Helm looked more like the shoulders.

    The only sets I would rate lower than this one is t1(shoulders) and t6(everything). But tbh I think i might give it a higher rating if it was black.

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