Patch 4.3 Spectral Gryphon and Wyvern Mounts
It looks like we even have a saturday news post this week, hurray! Along with the legendary dagger screenshot released yesterday, it seems that the official korean website released 2 extra screenshots of new spectral flying mounts.

There's no information on where players will be able to get them but it wouldn't be surprising to see them as rewards of the new Darkmoon Faire or any of the new features introduced with Patch 4.3. Thanks to annoyingmoose for his forum post about these mounts.

Well of Eternity - Updated Preview
The Patch 4.3 Dungeons Preview, Part Two: Well of Eternity has been updated with five new screenshots.

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  1. Rilch's Avatar
    I'd expect them more in their store for real money.
  1. MatteoG's Avatar
    meh. mounts are alright
  1. Xofa's Avatar
    Nice ! Damn it looks great!
  1. Brytryne's Avatar
    [sarcastic post about reskins and the blizzard art department]
  1. Nutzer's Avatar
    TRG and TRW?
  1. tetrisGOAT's Avatar
    The instance actually looks intriguing, didn't expect that, tbh.
  1. ziddenz's Avatar
    Please, PLEASE Stop doing more spectral mount. They arent awesome anymore >.
  1. tilgare's Avatar
    It's part two, Wells of Eternity, not part 1.
  1. Arazhet's Avatar
    Nice mounts, filenames are reversed though.
  1. Deanisgroots's Avatar
    Meh, they still have the old models. It makes the Spectral Wyvern look horrible. The gryphon on the other hand looks incredible
  1. cexspa's Avatar
    the alliance version actually looks good
  1. Buckwald's Avatar
    I really wish they would make the Armored Black Gryphon like The Black Knight uses in ToC available to us.
  1. Publius's Avatar
    WTB Wyvern model update
  1. leviathonlx's Avatar
    Blizzard has a thing with forgetting its own lore. Like the fact that Azshara is supposed to have silver hair and golden eyes.
  1. Reemix's Avatar
    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... nah, I'll stick with my old mounts.
  1. Lichiz's Avatar
    WOW! Look at Xavius's model!HOLY COW
  1. Galdur's Avatar
    Meh... more spectral mounts? It was fun with the tiger although it always felt more of an unfinished model rather than somethin cool to me......
  1. Frolk's Avatar
    The griff looks VERY nice, but wyvern...naaaah
  1. naeskill's Avatar
    spectral all the things
  1. NatePsychotic's Avatar
    Bad idea to make these Spectral tbh, Wyvern looks atrocious and too sharp on the edges.

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