Patch 4.3 Spectral Gryphon and Wyvern Mounts
It looks like we even have a saturday news post this week, hurray! Along with the legendary dagger screenshot released yesterday, it seems that the official korean website released 2 extra screenshots of new spectral flying mounts.

There's no information on where players will be able to get them but it wouldn't be surprising to see them as rewards of the new Darkmoon Faire or any of the new features introduced with Patch 4.3. Thanks to annoyingmoose for his forum post about these mounts.

Well of Eternity - Updated Preview
The Patch 4.3 Dungeons Preview, Part Two: Well of Eternity has been updated with five new screenshots.

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  1. Dad's Avatar
    You have wrong picture names on mounts :P Wyvern pic has name "ghosthippogryph.jpg" and hippogryph has name "ghostwyvern.jpg" :P
  1. Aileron's Avatar
    I hope Horde can still get the griffin, I can't stand Wyvern
  1. reve's Avatar
    Oh my god :
  1. Ohshizz's Avatar
    AHHHH I cant wait for 4.3
  1. Nerraw's Avatar
    It wouldn't surprise me if these were somehow linked to an upcoming store promotion.
  1. Rosreniadhya's Avatar
    Pictures like the one with Queen Azshara and (presumably) Lord Xavius in them make me wish that they'd just get it over with and update the game's graphics.
  1. Ryme's Avatar
    I really hope Horde get the gryphon, the wyvern looks atrocious, even in spectral form.
  1. Shadee's Avatar
    Prolly new Blizz pet store mounts.
  1. Viviron's Avatar
    They could be new Tol Barad rewards!

    (Just kidding, I seriously hope not.)
  1. Kalx's Avatar
    wyvern is horrible, the gryphon however is badass
  1. eb88's Avatar
    mounts are boring... dungeon looks cool
  1. Domiku's Avatar
    A really lazily made mount wont make me come back SWTOR!
  1. eb88's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Domiku View Post
    A really lazily made mount wont make me come back SWTOR!
    who asked you to do so?
  1. glycerethe's Avatar
    lol dire maul 2.0
  1. Nakida's Avatar
    I don't think they would put that in the blizz store. Not unless they made it how the moonkin hatchling mini-pet is. Depending on your faction depends on which mount you will get when you purchase it. I do believe they would make it Darkmoon Faire since they are revamping it, and I guess make it more appealing to players to get exalted with them.
  1. xskarma's Avatar
    Mounts look nice, but another thing, these new dungeons are beginning to look miiiiiiighty nice in their surroundings. I approve and am very curious to go in them now.
  1. Turboface's Avatar
    That satyr seems to have an updated texture, which is cool.
  1. Azutael's Avatar
    ugh, really not impressed. Why cant they come up with some NEW mounts =/ I mean all they did was to make the gryphon and wyvern have the spectral look... And even worse is that it's most likely faction based which one you can get, yeah really not impressed. It's kinda sad really that they dont make more of an effort. What's next ? "spectral drake" ? hah...
  1. Stickybuds79's Avatar
    Really nice artwork for Well of Eternity!

    Not much for the spectral mounts tho
  1. Darrkh's Avatar
    it couldnt be azshara..didnt she have silver hair? maybe its vashj in elven form?

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