Patch 4.3 Spectral Gryphon and Wyvern Mounts
It looks like we even have a saturday news post this week, hurray! Along with the legendary dagger screenshot released yesterday, it seems that the official korean website released 2 extra screenshots of new spectral flying mounts.

There's no information on where players will be able to get them but it wouldn't be surprising to see them as rewards of the new Darkmoon Faire or any of the new features introduced with Patch 4.3. Thanks to annoyingmoose for his forum post about these mounts.

Well of Eternity - Updated Preview
The Patch 4.3 Dungeons Preview, Part Two: Well of Eternity has been updated with five new screenshots.

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    my question is WHY BITCH ABOUT IT? the devs are actively giving you more and more and more options on what you want to fly around on. they could very easily just say fuck you and not add in anything new. its not like the model or skin of the mount you ride on has any affect on the game play, so why even complain? you dont like it, cool, dont buy it. you collect mounts, awesome +1 for you, but if you are a real mount collector you most likely have your favorites that you use and this one is just one more in the bank. and who knows, maybe some people are stoked about this mount and are chomping at the bit to go out and get it.
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