Season 11 Armor Sets Models Preview
Something interesting happened in this patch, PvP sets now look awesome. I've spent the past couple of seasons posting arena sets with a "meh." feeling, but I have to admit that some of those look ridiculously cool (check the Paladin set, seriously). More complete previews will be available soon.

Death Knight










Patch 4.3 5-Man Dungeon Loot Preview
One of the 5-man dungeon is open for testing on test realms and we now have a better idea of what loot to expect. If you missed them yesterday, don't forget to check the fight previews from the encounter journal!

Level Type Spec Slot Name
378AxeMeleeTwo-HandAxe of the Tauren Chieftains
378AxeSpell SpiritOne-HandCrescent Moon
378BowMeleeRangedWindrunner's Bow
378DaggerMeleeOne-HandJagged Edge of Time
378MaceMeleeOne-HandDragonshrine Scepter
378StaffSpell DPSTwo-HandJaina's Staff
378ShieldSpell DPSOff HandWard of Incantations
378PlateMeleeChestBreastplate of Sorrow
378PlateMeleeHeadCrown of Epochs
378PlateMeleeShoulderTemporal Pauldrons
378PlateSpell SpiritLegsTime Altered Legguards
378PlateSpell SpiritWaistWaistguard of Lost Time
378PlateTankChestBreastplate of Tarnished Bronze
378PlateTankFeetChrono Boots
378PlateTankHandsGauntlets of Temporal Interference
378PlateTankLegsBloodhoof Legguards
378PlateTankWaistGirdle of Heroes
378MailPhysical DPSFeetDead End Boots
378MailSpell DPSLegsTwisted Greaves
378MailSpell SpiritHeadEchoing Headguard
378LeatherPhysical DPSChestDistortion Chestguard
378LeatherPhysical DPSHandsGloves of the Hollow
378LeatherSpell DPSHeadTimeway Headgear
378LeatherSpell DPSWaistCord of Lost Hope
378ClothSpell DPSChestRobes of Fate
378ClothSpell DPSLegsTime Traveler's Leggings
378ClothSpell SpiritChestWhisperwind Robes
378ClothSpell SpiritShoulderMantle of Time
378TrinketTrinketVeil of Darkness
378TrinketMeleeTrinketHeart of the Pit Lord
378TrinketMeleeTrinketRosary of Light
378TrinketPhysical DPSTrinketArrow of Time
378TrinketSpell DPSTrinketLight of Lights
378BackPhysical DPSBackCloak of the Banshee Queen
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  1. peterpan007's Avatar
    The looks to be the best patch everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !
  1. Killrogg's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Byrogan View Post
    Anyone else getting a Space Marine vibe from the paladin set :X
    Nope, it has something from a legionnaire because of the cape, I guess, but that's all.
    Similar like people say T13 rogue = batman JUST because of the ears.

    Just look at all the angel and demon references on the paladin armor, it's just awesome.
    Breast plate front angel, back demon
    The shoulders left angels, right demons
    the same for the helmet...that's gotta be one of the most detailed sets of WoW so far, that is NOT for a main character.
    I mean, if Wrynn wasnt such a douche he could wear this and it would fit to the other main character sets.

    Oh and by the way:
    Look on the polls for best Pala armor: Tier 2 clearly compare it to this one...*lol*
    Go and die Tier 2 !
  1. Redcinder's Avatar
    The mage set looking Peng as always LOVING it !
  1. Cygne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by gyozoom View Post
    I'm a Shaman, why can't i have TWO shoulders. Seriously. :|
    It's just Blizzards way of keeping the shaman man down.
  1. peterpan007's Avatar
    This looks to be the best patch everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !
  1. Quesly's Avatar
    so sylvanas bow has expertise on it... gso hunters i guess
  1. -Ethos-'s Avatar
    The Paladin set looks incredibly out of place...
  1. qewrty2285's Avatar
    Wow, thank god I play a paladin. It is the only set that feels inspired, fresh, like there was some real thought was put in it, not just spikes on spikes on spikes. I mean that is fantasy armor man, impossibly detailed with nice call backs to older sets. I am honestly GOBSMACKED, really, I think I can finally let go of that lightforge helm grudge.

    The only other pieces that I can say the same about are the rogue helm and shaman shoulders. Apart from the mage and death knight set (which are good not mindblowingly great) the others look downright drab. Feels like they belong in some low tier WotLK dungeon on some vykrul. Also when will blizz get the memo that just putting spikes on things is NOT cool, especially if they face the same direction. It looks boring and honestly it's the last season of this xpac and your giving people just more spikes made out of bone ? and armor made out of wood? Be more creative PvP sets need to look more substantial.

    (Side-note: doesn't it seem that the paladin PvE and PvP sets got swapped? They have been going on this bird motif on the PvP sets since the beginning of cata and now all of the sudden feathers and wings are on a simpler more plate-y PvE set and the more elaborate dragon wing, halo, 1-horned, cloth hooded set is the PvP set.)

  1. PapaRay's Avatar
    Hmm mage one looks abit like the priest t12 imo,in rest rogue,paladin and hunter sets looks pretty awesome.
  1. Verigorm's Avatar
    Whoa... Sets look awesome... Nope... Legen - wait for it - DARY!
    1st place: Pala
    2nd place: Rogue
    3rd place Shaman.
    I really like those unsymmetrical shoulders.
  1. Cygne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by FishHead View Post
    What's going on with that amazing rogue set?
    There you go I fixed that for you
  1. merex760's Avatar
    Blizzard definitely made some changes in their art team. These sets look fantastic. That paladin set has to be one of the best sets I've seen in this game. Bravo, Blizzard. This patch looks like it will have the best art direction since Burning Crusade.
  1. Buu's Avatar
    And... happened again... I believe Designers TRIED to make PvP set look worst than then PvE for this season/tier, but failed. Even with all this stitches and patches tied together the PvP still have a more exciting look than PvE for Hunters. Now, I HAVE to add.... Paladins all around will try to put their hands on every Conquest point that is possible for transmogrification purposes. Epic PvP armor.
  1. Flimsy's Avatar
    The paladin set looks crazy good, seems to be way more detail in the set than previous pvp sets.
  1. pandaman's Avatar
    Bit unfair Paladin set actually looks detailed, did they spend most of their time working on that then quickly realize they need to make other sets as well?

    That's the impression I get, compare it to Hunter or Shaman... those look cheap and horrible
  1. Razorice's Avatar
    dislike the DK set :'(
  1. ScorchHellfire's Avatar
    So much for making the sets look like upgraded versions of the previous season...
  1. Azshira's Avatar
    I always laughed at how bad the pvp sets looked generally, but I am mind blown by the pala set :O WTB that instead of my t13.....
  1. Rennadrel's Avatar
    Yay, DK's get the complete shaft in T13. Nice pro Paladin and Warrior itemization on that plate DPS gear and our PvP gear looks like absolute garbage, what is this Tier 2.5? At least the Rosary of Light trinket is actually freaking useful, unlike the terrible Firelands ones.
  1. Meldon's Avatar
    The druid set looks horrible. wtf is with the wooden crown on the head that also covers the eyes ? those shoulders looks like a dryed plant... I love the s10 ones with those little straps of leather attached and glowing gems.. the gloves are also kinda meh... they seems stolen from a cloth set, they don't fit with the rest of the set....

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