Season 11 Armor Sets Models Preview
Something interesting happened in this patch, PvP sets now look awesome. I've spent the past couple of seasons posting arena sets with a "meh." feeling, but I have to admit that some of those look ridiculously cool (check the Paladin set, seriously). More complete previews will be available soon.

Death Knight










Patch 4.3 5-Man Dungeon Loot Preview
One of the 5-man dungeon is open for testing on test realms and we now have a better idea of what loot to expect. If you missed them yesterday, don't forget to check the fight previews from the encounter journal!

Level Type Spec Slot Name
378AxeMeleeTwo-HandAxe of the Tauren Chieftains
378AxeSpell SpiritOne-HandCrescent Moon
378BowMeleeRangedWindrunner's Bow
378DaggerMeleeOne-HandJagged Edge of Time
378MaceMeleeOne-HandDragonshrine Scepter
378StaffSpell DPSTwo-HandJaina's Staff
378ShieldSpell DPSOff HandWard of Incantations
378PlateMeleeChestBreastplate of Sorrow
378PlateMeleeHeadCrown of Epochs
378PlateMeleeShoulderTemporal Pauldrons
378PlateSpell SpiritLegsTime Altered Legguards
378PlateSpell SpiritWaistWaistguard of Lost Time
378PlateTankChestBreastplate of Tarnished Bronze
378PlateTankFeetChrono Boots
378PlateTankHandsGauntlets of Temporal Interference
378PlateTankLegsBloodhoof Legguards
378PlateTankWaistGirdle of Heroes
378MailPhysical DPSFeetDead End Boots
378MailSpell DPSLegsTwisted Greaves
378MailSpell SpiritHeadEchoing Headguard
378LeatherPhysical DPSChestDistortion Chestguard
378LeatherPhysical DPSHandsGloves of the Hollow
378LeatherSpell DPSHeadTimeway Headgear
378LeatherSpell DPSWaistCord of Lost Hope
378ClothSpell DPSChestRobes of Fate
378ClothSpell DPSLegsTime Traveler's Leggings
378ClothSpell SpiritChestWhisperwind Robes
378ClothSpell SpiritShoulderMantle of Time
378TrinketTrinketVeil of Darkness
378TrinketMeleeTrinketHeart of the Pit Lord
378TrinketMeleeTrinketRosary of Light
378TrinketPhysical DPSTrinketArrow of Time
378TrinketSpell DPSTrinketLight of Lights
378BackPhysical DPSBackCloak of the Banshee Queen
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  1. Opticalsnake's Avatar
    hmm. this seasons gear may give me an excuse to start pvping.
  1. Sackman's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by jotad4 View Post
    Hell, even worse. Now they make better-looking PvP gear.
    Oh no, shame about that transmogrification thing :\ What ever shall we do :P
  1. ElfinHilon10's Avatar
    DAMN! For once I actually REALLY like these pvp sets.Though I feel as though the warlock and rogue set should be switched.
  1. Pennywise's Avatar
    The warrior set is an abomination.
  1. feral's Avatar
    these sets sucks...
  1. Virch's Avatar
    O-M-F-G. Can you say instant Jizz?!
    They all look(most of them) so damn fine!
    And i'm very happy for evry Shaman (including myself), that they finally managed to make a cool pvp set for them !
    The set for Paladin's reminds me of some kind of god but well they are close... Holy Paladin.. do i have to say more?..
    Priest and DK sets.. I'm not impressed.
    I gotta level my Mage up... :O It looks like they have been working out or something. notice the distance from shoulder to shoulder.. damn
    Hunters looks like a goat tbh. But it is still cool since they still have that beast'ish look wich make it very cool for Hunters.
    Give those Druids a chance. They can't see Still cool tho'
    Warlock's. They look like they are gettin' eaten by their clothes. Thumbs up!
    With that Warrior set it looks like you could slay a whole army just by /roar at them.
    I'm not surprised that Rogue's got a awesome looking set (again). But this one still takes the price. It looks so "toxic" and really fits perfect for a Rogue.

    Well done Blizzard /respect

    -Virch - Zenedar, Resto PvP
  1. Kharath's Avatar
    I really love the new Warrior set! Looks like a bad ass barbarian. Now I only hope that the weapons are as much awesome as the gear.Would be great to kill players with this set and some awesome Axe or Hammer \m/
  1. Cygne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Virch View Post
    O-M-F-G. Can you say instant Jizz?!
    Why does everything always have to get jizzed on?
  1. Attumen's Avatar
    This set reminds me of sunwell gear :/
  1. danito's Avatar
    I will totally stop to play my hunter and up a new char to be main !!!Never, ever in all those years since vanilla a hunter get a decent cool looking gear !!! All mail gear always suck in comparission to others. Seriouslly, its frustating !!!!
  1. DragonSoul's Avatar
    the dk gear is a different colour in game its almost white coloured not grey metalic and green

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