Important - If you missed it a few hours ago, don't miss the preview of the Patch 4.3 Raid Finder!

Fangs of the Father - Legendary Daggers Questline Mini-Preview
The patch has only been on the test realms for a few days but we can already find a couple of information on the questline to get the legendary daggers! The quests below are the 4 first quests found in the game files, they will most likely be followed by more of them.

I also added high resolution screenshots of all 3 stages of the dagger and a 1080p video.

Proving Your Worth
Objective - Pickpocket a cryptomancer's decoder ring from a Twilight Sorceror at the Azure Dragonshrine within the Dragon's Soul raid encounter.
Description - Hello, [name]! You've earned a reputation among the flight as having - shall we say - 'nimble fingers.' We need someone of your skills for a matter of utmost delicacy. Before I reveal more, we need to know you're the right [man/woman] for the job.

When the course of battle takes you to the Azure Dragonshrine, I need you to pickpocket the Twilight Sorcerors until you discover a cryptomancer's decoder ring. Are you up to the task?

A Hidden Message
Objective - Charge your Cryptomancer's Decoder Ring and use it to decode the Corastrasza's Singed Cipher.
Description - Corastrasza, currently stationed at the Vermillion Redoubt in the Twilight Highlands, has intercepted a coded message of grave importance. I'll let her explain the full situation, but we need your expertise to unravel the cipher!

Take your decoder ring to an ethereal thurmaturge in your capital city - he should know how to charge it. Acquire the encoded cipher from Corastrasza and use the ring to decode it for her. Hurry! Time is ticking...

To Ravenholdt
Objective - Speak to Mostrasz at the Vermillion Redoubt and fly to Ravenholdt Manor together.
Description - If the egg is in Ravenholdt Manor, we can't risk torching it in an all-out assault. I'll need someone slippery to get in there and find out for sure. That's you, [name].

Mostrasz will help you infiltrate the compound. Speak to him just outside and fly to Ravenholdt together. Good luck!

To Catch a Thief
Objective - Infiltrate Ravenholdt Manor and locate the missing black dragon egg.
Description - Just beyond this cave lies Ravenholdt Manor. You need to get inside without being seen!

*Mostrasz places an enchantment on you.*

There - now I'll be able to keep an eye on you and communicate as you venture into the compound. Now sneak into that manor, locate the egg, and don't get caught...

Patch 4.3 Updated Spell Effects - Shadow Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Wrath
A couple of classes are getting updated spell effects in this patch, Druid, Shaman, and Warlock are the lucky winners of new spell effects!

Priests are also supposed to get a new effect for Divine Aegis but the new version doesn't seem to be implemented on test realms yet.

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  1. Theed's Avatar
    Boub you forgot this:
    It doesn't work on the PTR right now but i guess Shadowform is getting a new effect too!
  1. Primalthirst's Avatar
    Updates were sorely needed. Shadow Bolt looks a like cartoony but is quite cool. Lightning Bolt seems a bit more lightning-y but not amazing. Overall I saw Wrath is the best.
  1. Evilution's Avatar
    Shadow Bolt wins of those 3, will finally dust off my Warlock for this expansion.
  1. Ferledon's Avatar
    Hunter's also are getting a new spell effect to their Multi-Shot.
  1. muto's Avatar
    I'm speechless over that new shadow bolt animation, simply amazing, and the new lightning bolt animation is pretty too, but I'm not crazy about the new wrath animation, though I'll admit it does look better than the old one.
  1. Zandilar's Avatar
    I can see where they're going with that new wrath spell effect, but it doesn't have enough... I dunno... oomph to it. Needs more sparkles!
  1. Dramanie's Avatar
    I want a (new) spelleffect for Arcane Blast too But i really like the new effects
  1. Nakloh's Avatar
    Druids shooting Prayer of Mending
    What has the world come to?
  1. Ashyen's Avatar
    You dont really get to see the full effect for lightning bolt without casting it from max range. The video here doesn't really do it justice to be honest.
  1. Cygne's Avatar
    See even MMO-Champ thinks the pvp gear for Rogue looks better. Warlock Shadow Bolt hurray! My alt will be happy
  1. rethea's Avatar
    Shadow bolt is pretty sweet, even though I was expecting an upgrade similar to the drain ones, and lightning bolt isn't bad either. And uh, I have no idea what wrath looks like now. That little green thing?
  1. Tarumaru's Avatar
    i like the new spelleffects, sad that eu ptr charcopy is broken so i cant try it myself
  1. arboachg's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Xelios View Post
    Hey, look! Blizzard took Soul Edge into the game!
    Dark Edge of Insanity says hello. (Patch 1.9.0 (2006-01-03): Added.)
  1. Xaroc's Avatar
    Blizzard should work on melee visual effects, watching a world of warcraft tournament is a joke you see nothing but healthbars go up and down cause you cant tell what the hell is actualy happen.Commentator: warrior doing huge damage on priest (oh really what did he use ?) cant tell might have been 2 lucky white crits and a hamstring or ms/slam hits, 90% of melee looks like a autoattack.
  1. Dranged's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ferledon View Post
    Hunter's also are getting a new spell effect to their Multi-Shot.
    Yeah I noticed that too when I did End Time yesterday. The new effect looks kinda weird and I don't like it.
  1. grandpab's Avatar
    The last stage of the dagger looks like a fish.
  1. Eldanir's Avatar
    I think that Blizzard has become a big marketing machine and the blues are now spreading propaganda instead of earnest, truthfull comments. They said they removed aegis effect due to concern of screen cluttering, and then they add some new eye candy effects on other existing spells. This in addition to things they already changed on live AFTER removing the aegis bubbles such as: - a trinket that summons a meteor from the sky - a solar beam that shines with multiple particles instead of a pure light beam - mushrooms that have multiple layers of small dots) I don't trust what they write anymore.
  1. Coldkil's Avatar
    Ravenholdt! Finally i'll return there for other reasons than RP
  1. Necro9000's Avatar
    Shadow Bolt looks cool. Mages better get some love too! Frost and fire spells need some love!
  1. Flaminrifts's Avatar
    Now the fun part of power leveling my Rogue to 85 Even if its just for the stealth part of the q I wana know what happened to that egg

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