Tier 13 Armor Sets - Model Preview
It's time for the highly anticipated preview of Tier 13 armor sets! I made a short video preview of all the armor sets currently available in the game files and male/female screenshots for all the recolors currently in game.

I rarely give my personal opinion in news posts because realistically, nobody cares, but I have to admit that Blizzard released a lot of very nice looking sets in this patch and both the Tier 13 and Season 11 PvP Sets look much nicer than what we've seen in the past.

No, the Death Knight set isn't in the game files yet, and yes, multi-race screenshots/videos will be available soon for each class.

Death Knight

Nothing for the moment, sorry ><










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  1. Remnas's Avatar
    Nice compilation.

    I'm really wondering what the DK set is going to look like, and if we'll see a "tier 10 shamman" thing happen.
  1. Duallegend's Avatar
    Looks good, i really like the druid set, but i think the paladin and mage helm look weird.
  1. Phokas's Avatar
    blizz y u hate dk?
  1. The Glitch's Avatar
    Love the colouring on the Pink Druid version, very pretty
  1. deathonabun's Avatar
    Ah, so that's why I got such a quick reply on twitter! Iseewutudidthere.
  1. Rairu's Avatar
    Hunter set is definitely the coolest one None of them are bad.
  1. Melilithia's Avatar
    Eh, some of the sets kind of grew on me... I like all of them, now

    Though I like the purple Mage set better than the gold one.

    C'mon Blizz, give us the Death Knight one. Please?
  1. Hokuto's Avatar
    Man, the pally one is really nice. It's like they were pissed at all the "they can't beat Judgement".
  1. GamerLCD's Avatar
    Saving the best tier for last
  1. aggression's Avatar
    At least now you can just watch at someone and know what class they are again.
  1. Findme's Avatar
    lol the mage tier set looks soooo dumb, the gogles on the head and the cog wheels on the shoulder have absolutely nothing to do with a mage.

    The paladin helm is very distracting, it looks like a peacock landed on your head.
    The remaining sets look good, but these two are really weird.
  1. Gouky's Avatar
    can't they play with textures a bit? all of these sets overall look the same.
  1. Reddy's Avatar
    Need more horde compilations, pleeeeeease. Most sets look awful on those humans...
  1. AutomaticBadger's Avatar
    The Lock set gets better but Warrior gets worse. WTF
  1. Lizl's Avatar
    AWWWWWW Female Priests don't get a full face mask
  1. Menolikeu's Avatar
    Horrible design for Druids, wtf were they thinking honestly. Give the kindergartners back their crayons you meanies. And learn to design something a little less shitty.
  1. Eazy's Avatar
    My notesruid: 6/10Hunter: 7,5/10Mage: 5/10Paladin: 7/10Priest: 8,5/10Rogue: 0/10Shaman: 6/10Warlock: 7/10Warrior: 9/10Death Knight: they are removing them from the game, that's the reason why they won't show us their tier. (joking! )
  1. Turboface's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Findme View Post
    lol the mage tier set looks soooo dumb, the gogles on the head and the cog wheels on the shoulder have absolutely nothing to do with a mage.
    The set bonus is Stolen Time, so I guess the cog wheels represent a clock mechanism.
  1. Vallius's Avatar
    So glad I play a warrior, but, damn. Not looking forward to getting the non-heroic versions, lol. Those blue and yellow colors do that set zero justice.
  1. Youarefired's Avatar
    Did the Paladin helm get A LOT bigger over the week?

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