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MMO-Champion T-Shirts now available from J!NX
Curse and J!NX have teamed up to bring you what some people have been requestiong for a while: MMO-Champion T-Shirts!

The T-shirt is available in a basic tee, which has a boxy fit and is available in more sizes. We are also offering a premium shirt, which is made of softer cotton and has a slimmer fit. More designs/colors might be available in the future depending on the success of the operation.

I would also like to mention that it is scientifically proven that people wearing MMO-Champion T-Shirts are 137% more likely to end up in awkward pictures on the front page if they wear them during the Blizzcon.

Patch 4.3 - Chromatic Dragon Pet
A "ChromaticDragonPet" model was added to the PTR with the latest build, it looks pretty cool for the moment but it might be a work in progress. It's also incredibly big for a companion pet, I'm not sure if it's because the model was just implemented or if it's intended, wait & see!

Fang of The Fathers - Legendary Daggers Questline/Events Spoilers Alert
It's time for another legendary daggers related preview! The latest patch added a lot of sound files linked to the quest and the model of Wrathion, the Black Prince (Wrathion @ Wowpedia)

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_COMPLETE1_01 - Huh, a lucky blow against an unprepared opponent.
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_COMPLETE2_01 - She allowed herself to be defeated. The others will not be so weak.
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_COMPLETE3_01 - Indeed, my prince. Hidden in plain sight.
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_COMPLETE4_01 - Don't trust this one, your highness. Disguises, lies, flawless assassinations. No one is that good.
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_SCENE1_01 - Your highness, we caught this beast snooping around the caves just outside the compound.
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_SCENE1_02 - Shall we execute him, my prince?
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_SCENE1_03 - Yes, sir.
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_SCENE1_04 - Your first target is here, in the ruins of Gilneas. I've lost some of my best men already. Let's see if you can fare any better.
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_SCENE1_05 - If he succeeds in looting the whole of Gilneas, there is no telling where he'll hide next. Now is the time to strike.
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_SCENE2_01 - We've just located her here, in the caverns beneath Karazhan. (Laughs) Fearful for her life, she is researching arcane secrets buried beneath the foundation.
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_SCENE2_02 - She surrounded herself with a small army of deranged dragon cultists. They may not be right in the head, but they're well armed and dangerous.
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_SCENE3_01 - This one? Mingle with the arch-mages of Dalaran? Hah, I'd pay to see that.
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_SCENE4_01 - My prince, we should leave this place in case they come back to finish the job!
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_SCENE4_02 - Your highness! I have never tried to conceal what I am from you.
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_SCENE4_03 - That is not true.
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_SCENE4_04 - No, no, I am in control of the voices! They're here to help me!
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_SCENE4_05 - Kill.. they want me to kill you now! Why did you have to go and anger them?!
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_SCENE4_06 - You have proven too difficult to control!
  • VO_QUEST_43_FAHRAD_SCENE4_07 - (Death scream.)

  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_CUTSCENE_01 - I'm not afraid of you! Wait... who are you?
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_CUTSCENE_02 - But.. but.. Deathwing's minions may have you killed!
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_CUTSCENE_03 - (screams)
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_FLIGHT01 - Let's move out, friend. There's no time to lose.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_FLIGHT02 - Aurastrasza is understandably upset. Under her care was the one black dragon egg that we believe was free of the taint of Deathwing's corruption.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_FLIGHT03 - And it was stolen away from us by thieves in the night.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_FLIGHT04 - You found for us our only lead. The rogues from Ravenholdt are behind this!
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_FLIGHT05 - Ravenholdt; it just doesn't make sense! A mongrel band of petty thieves? How did they even know about the egg?
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_FLIGHT06 - We'll get to the bottom of this. Someone with your skills is exactly what we need.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_FLIGHT07 - What's the expression? To catch a thief, they say? Hmm?
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_FLIGHT08 - Look at this devastation. These foothills have never recovered from the campaigns of the second and third wars.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_FLIGHT09 - Ruins and debris litter the landscape, and I consider the thieves and assassins of Ravenholdt to be part of that debris.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_FLIGHT10 - Without a state, without a cause.. What drives them, do you wonder?
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_FLIGHT11 - And what posessed them to strike out against the red dragonflight? Madness. We must learn more!
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_FLIGHT12 - We're almost to Ravenholdt manor.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_FLIGHT13 - If they have the egg, it's too dangerous to risk an all out assault. You'll need to sneak in there, find out what they're up to, and retrieve the egg at any cost.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_FLIGHT14 - Quiet now. We'll form up a plan within this cave.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_Greeting01 - Let us spring into action.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_Greeting02 - Hello friend.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_Greeting03 - Any news?
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_Greeting04 - What do you have for me?
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH01 - Stay on the ground and stay hidden. I'll port you back here if you get into any trouble.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH02 - Don't forget to use your stealth!
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH03 - That's it, you've got this. Keep it up.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH04 - Careful. The front door is too heavily guarded. Hmm. Circle around the back of the manor and maybe we can find another way in.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH05 - Where are you going? The manor is in the other direction!
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH06 - Hmm, it doesn't look like there's anything over here. Try circling around to the back of the manor.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH07 - Hah, there are no guards back here. Maybe you can find a way up onto the roof.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH08 - Nice work. Is there a window up there? Look around.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH09 - You did it; you're in! Now, where would they be keeping the egg? Some place dark, I would imagine. Be careful!
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH_FAIL01 - I've got you! That was close.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH_FAIL02 - You need to be careful! They're on full alert.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH_FAIL03 - Well, that got ugly. You're lucky I'm here.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH_FAIL04 - You weren't trying to pick their pockets, were you?
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH_FAIL05 - Gotcha! Let's try that again.
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH_FAIL06 - Are you crazy? They'll see you if you go flying around in there!
  • VO_QUEST_43_MOSTRASZ_STEALTH_FAIL07 - You can't fly here! You'll be spotted for sure!

  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_COMPLETE1_01 - Excellent work, friend. You've proven that a single skilled assassin can strike a decisive blow where a whole army may fail.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_COMPLETE1_02 - If you wish to continue our work, we will need some additional supplies.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_COMPLETE2_01 - Incredible. Few assassins would be clever enough to infiltrate Nalice's wards and use her own magic against her.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_COMPLETE2_02 - Perhaps. For that reason, we will need to gather more supplies.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_COMPLETE3_01 - Dalaran? He's been hidden there this whole time.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_COMPLETE4_01 - You slew him right in the purple parlor? Incredible, simply incredible!
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_COMPLETE4_02 - There's no need to worry, Fahrad. This next mission is quite likely suicide.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_FINAL_QUEST_01 - Don't underestimate my father. Even if you were to crush his body, the core of his madness and rage will still struggle to destroy you.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_FINAL_QUEST_02 - He will not be defeated until he is utterly annihilated.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_FINAL_QUEST_03 - I wish I could help, but my father is the one dragon I fear.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_FINAL_QUEST_04 - Best of luck, rogue. Whatever the outcome, you are truly a champion.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_01 - That's right, mortal. The prize you seek no longer sleeps within a shell. Here I am, in the flesh.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_02 - I'm not some trophy for a red dragon's mantlepiece, and I'm never going back.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_03 - Don't look so surprised. We dragons are conscious, even within our shells. As I grew, I could hear the plotting and scheming. I was to be born a prisoner.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_04 - But I'm one of a kind. A black dragon, raised free from the taint of my father's corruption. And that's how I intend to stay -- free.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_05 - Somehow, you managed to elude all of my guards. You slipped in here like a ghost. That makes you valuable to me. Let's talk.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_06 - You don't recognize your former prisoner?
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_07 - No, I want him to deliver a message to the red dragonflight.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_08 - Tell them that I am free of my father's madness, and I will be free of them as well. I am to be left alone. This will be my first and only warning.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_09 - Deathwing's minions should be afraid of me. Get him out of here!
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_10 - And Fahrad?
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_11 - Break his legs.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_12 - Now then, my new friend. We have much to talk about.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_13 - As you know, black dragons frequently disguise themselves as humanoids in order to tamper with mortal affairs.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_14 - While the house of my mad father collapses around him, the few remaining black dragons have gone into hiding.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_15 - But I can still sense them. My cowardly brothers and sisters will cause untold suffering if we allow them to stay in the shadows.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_16 - Moreover, they are a threat to me.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_17 - That is where you come in. Help us to slay them all, and I will reward you handsomely.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_18 - The dragon you're looking for goes by the name Creed.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_19 - He's deluded a group of diseased humans into thinking they can take their land back. He's poisoned their blood with his own draconic essence.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE1_20 - If you live through this, I assure you it will be worth it.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE2_01 - The gems you collected will be able to augment the power of the weapons I gave you. But I require another ingredient. It will come from your next target.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE2_02 - Her name is Nalice. And until recently, she stood at Wyrmrest Temple as the representative of the black dragonflight. Now, she's on the run.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE2_03 - I hope to see you back from this mission alive, but if I do not, I want to say I've enjoyed seeing you work. You're a credit to your race. Good luck.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE3_01 - Fermion is a crafty one, my friend. To flush him out, you'll have to operate in disguise and hobnob with the elite of Dalaran society.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE3_02 - Succeed here, and our work is nearly done. Good luck, hero.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE4_01 - Your eyes do not deceive you. The trecherous red dragonflight sought to kill me off. I hope now you see the truth about them.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE4_02 - I can feel it, as if a dark shadow has been lifted from the land. Dead! My father is dead.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE4_03 - Champion, you have your reward. But there is one final dragon we need to slay.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE4_04 - Fahrad! I was just talking about you. The final black dragon. The one who's been more hidden than any of them.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE4_05 - Yes, you rescued me while I was still within my egg. And I owe you my life.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE4_06 - But you are a black dragon, and you share the corruption of all my brothers and sisters.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE4_07 - Do you deny it? The dark visions, the voices in your head?
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE4_08 - And what are they telling you now, Fahrad? What do your dark masters whisper?
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE4_09 - I will never be controlled! The red dragonflight has no idea what they unleashed when they experimented on my egg.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE4_10 - Hero, strike now! Use your newfound power to finish him!
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE4_11 - It is done, friend. To my knowledge, I am the only black dragon who remains.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE4_12 - A new age for mortals has dawned, and heroes like you are among the vanguard.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE4_13 - I must go now, disappear.
  • VO_QUEST_43_WRATHION_SCENE4_14 - Perhaps we will meet again. I hope we find ourselves on the same side.
  • VO_Wrathion_Greeting01 - I do not share my father's madness.
  • VO_Wrathion_Greeting02 - A new era is beginning.
  • VO_Wrathion_Greeting03 - I must remain hidden so that I remain free.
  • VO_Wrathion_Greeting04 - I believe an individual can have an enormous impact on the world.
  • VO_Wrathion_Greeting05 - You do not want to make it on to my list.
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  1. swallowtail's Avatar
    Look Ali baba!
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    They are really making this super interesting for getting the legendary daggers!
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    Holy smokes! A cool looking human male.
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    Woohoo! This is epic.
  1. Simca's Avatar
    Wow, for the legendary daggers it sounds a LOT like the Hunter bow quest from MC... some of those lines involve the raid (gems and stuff), but a good many of them seem to involve Rogues fighting dragons in different corners of the world.
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    Looks like the Karazhan Crypt will be used now then, guess it won't be a raid after all...
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    evry time i am like YEEES DK t13 but then no... aaaahhh so not fair lol ^^
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    Animation on the golden pet thing is a little... wierd o.O Kind of hope it's a work in progress. Though, i do like the gold skin. Do want

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uselessrouge View Post
    evry time i am like YEEES DK t13 but then no... aaaahhh so not fair lol ^^
    and LOL, yeah same here.
    "Ooooh new front page news, scroll scroll scroll *come on dk t13!!* scroll scroll... Crap, nothing. STILL!"
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    I want his hat.
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    Chromatus is arriving, and your soul shall be eaten.
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    the pet looks nice
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    I like that model. And those boots. Those right there are babe style boots.
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    That's definitely not a chromatic. It actually looks like a chinese dragon. I wonder why... >.O
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    Is the golden dragon going to be another petstore thing?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frostinferno View Post
    Holy smokes! A cool looking human male.

    where? where? I didn't see anything!
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    so... at the end of cataclysm, when we kill deathwing, we will also have eradicated the entire black dragonflight. we commit genocide :3poor black dragons... maybe this black prince will spawn a new dragonflight, uncorrupted... but who will be his consort, considering we wiped every black dragon off the face of azeroth (according to those dialogs, "It is done, friend. To my knowledge, I am the only black dragon who remains.") ? :3
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    Great. So now rogues get to use the Karazhan Crypt by themselves too. That's the most lame deal ever.
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    Dragoon class? might be the pet for it
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    Boub. Is that you modeling the T?...
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    I guess according to the dialog wrathion is literally the last black dragon around by the end of all this.They've been our enemies for so long, aint that a shame they'll be borderline extinct. At least they will exist, unlike the fate of the twilight flight from the looks of it.

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