WoW 5.0 to be discussed at Blizzcon
This picture just appeared on the stream, WoW 5.0 is clearly mentioned. New expansion incoming.

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  1. Hunterpower's Avatar
    Woot! also saw something about a new class, unless it's a placeholder.
  1. mmoc032b0e3975's Avatar
    Nice, can't wait to see what it will be!
  1. MustacheSnowglobe's Avatar
    sounds like it's gonna be awesome.
  1. Shamburger's Avatar
  1. mmoc87afdac47f's Avatar
    Yep, mentions of a new class/race as well.
  1. Mjumnito's Avatar
    Panda's inc people
  1. Huntaer's Avatar
    Hell yeah!
  1. Auliô's Avatar
    Woot! 18 mins guys!
  1. Karazee's Avatar
    apparently the 4.0 talent tree system was such a huge hit with everyone that they're already scrapping it
  1. Impzor's Avatar
    Aargh the excitement meter is over 9000!
  1. mmocb83c9458c9's Avatar
    Very Very interesting! im so hyped for this ! ( nerdgasm lol)
  1. Rairu's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Hunterpower View Post
    Woot! also saw something about a new class, unless it's a placeholder.
    Indeed, did see something about 'new class, race, zones etc.
  1. bigsandwich732's Avatar
    The Panda and Brewmaster nonbelievers lost lol

    It says "new class"!!! woot!!!
  1. CrusaderNerò87's Avatar
    Dont go crazy now people! Hold on! not long left now
  1. Frozenbeef's Avatar
    i saw it too!!!! boub arn't you supposed to be at blizzcon? 0o
  1. Proj's Avatar
    Really looking forward to the talent tree revamp. Should be awesome.
  1. Genju's Avatar
    becareful, this news is from direct tv and not directly from blizzard.
  1. QwertySham's Avatar
    No pandas please! Throw the panda lovers a curveball blizz!!
  1. det's Avatar
    People might say they don't care about WoW anymore..but thy do...they doooooo 30 000 users online on MM-C currently.
  1. Frozenbeef's Avatar
    didn't we just get a talent tree revamp btw? :S

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