Update 11:40AM PST - The new expansion will not have a main vilain, it will focus on the Horde vs Alliance war!
Update 11:35AM PST - Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm trailer. (These videos will all be online on youtube within an hour after the ceremony)
Update 11:30AM PST - Diablo 3 new cinematic, Blizzard Dota trailer.

Update 11:25AM PST - Chris Metzen is now on stage. We will find out what the new expansion is! according to him.
Update 11:20AM PST - Also an exclusive In-game mount with that Diablo 3 deal: Tyrael's Charger.

Update 11:15AM PST - DIABLO 3 WILL BE FREE TO WORLD OF WARCRAFT SUBSCRIBERS. It will be available to people who subscribe to World of Warcraft for 12 months, these people will get Diablo 3 for free when it launches, the full digital version of the game.

Update 11:15AM PST - Diablo 3 Boxes and Collector Edition.

Update 11:11AM PST - Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm is playable, DOTA has been revamped.
Update 11:10AM PST - Now talking about server blade auction for charity, etc ...
Update 11:05AM PST - Mike Morhaime got on stage and is now talking about Blizzard's history.

The opening ceremony has begun.
Stay tuned.
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  1. Beefjerky's Avatar
    Got to catch them all! POKEMON!
  1. BondGirl's Avatar
    Free D3 for 12month subscribers? What about the ppl who play this game for over 5years? Blizz dissapoints once more.
  1. Pruciuxtia's Avatar
    Whats up with all the '' smilies, I see them always in newsthreads.

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