Update - Pandaren Racials
  • Bouncy: reduces fall damage by half.
  • Inner peace: double rested XP.
  • Gourmand: +15 to cooking.
  • Epicurean: double stats to food buffs.

Update - Added HD screen caps from the trailer.

Interview with Chris Metzen on Direct TV
  • The pandas were actually going to be the alliance race in The Burning Crusade but Blizzard changed their mind.
  • The pandas will be playable by both Alliance and Horde.

  • Level cap raised to 90
  • New class: Monk
  • New race: Pandarens
  • Pve Scenarios
  • Pet Battle System (Pokemonnn!)
  • New Talents
  • New continent
  • Challenge Mode Dungeons

Mists of Pandaria is the next WoW Expansion
This is official, Mists of Pandaria is the new expansion and it will feature the pandarens as the playable race, along with a new class and of course tons of new zones, dungeons, etc!

It will not feature a main vilain, and will mainly focus on the Horde vs Alliance war.

Stay tuned for a shitstorm of updates, literally. NEW EXPANSION!
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  1. Prag's Avatar

    Chuck E Cheese will be the last boss of the first tier. To get to him, you must battle your way through Cookie Monster, Elmo and the fearsome PeeWee Herman!

    Sh*ts for kids now. That's a wrap fellas.
  1. tantheus's Avatar
    looks really promising with the new class and New race combo also the fact there is no main antagonist for this expansion just the Alliance and horde war makes it quite interesting this expansion could go Horribly wrong or be the best so far. looks like the overall progress is doing well
  1. Gothicshark's Avatar
    No game can Kill World Of Warcraft.

    But Pandas will.
  1. mmoca7e38c9356's Avatar
    Yay I love pandarens don't really get people which QQ about it.
  1. Makronette's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Eurytus View Post
    See you in a month then?
  1. Smoda's Avatar
    Hey boub or other MMO sttaff, dunno if anyones posted it yet but http://us.battle.net/wow/en/game/mis...daria/feature/ Lots of info and screenies
  1. Azrile's Avatar
    Everyone pretty much knew this was coming. Monks will be interesting, I wonder what they will do about gear? I highly doubt they will want to introduce cloth gear with str on it. But in reality, the new class and new race won´t matter at all if the entire point of the game is to race to endgame and grind the same 7 heroic dungeons for a year. WOW, great, they are introducing a new talent system... again..... The only thing that has the opportunity to save WOW is if the challenge mode dungeon thing is something solo players can do. Too many people are fed up with the ´race to endgame, group with 4 strangers and do the same dungeon you did 10,000 times already to collect points so you can buy minor upgrades that make doing those same dungeons slightly easier next time´..
  1. Rexter2k5's Avatar
    I will be seriously be disappointed if the Pandaren dance is not "Kung Fu Fighting" by Carl Douglas.
  1. mmoce2f1bb59dd's Avatar
    Sadly it's time to quit... wonderful gaming chapter in my life is ending. And you're hearing this from biggest WoW fanboy who always defended WoW.
  1. xindykawai's Avatar
    haters gonna hate...
  1. videotape's Avatar
    Some more info up on Blizzard's site:


    Including Pandaren racials, Monk abilities and available races (everything but Goblin and Worgen?). Surely more to come as well.
  1. angael's Avatar
    New talent system... What?... they practically just changed it...
  1. mmocfcdf729a38's Avatar
    oh my god, could this get any worse?? it's a whole continent based on japan, it's not even original! and pandas???? we have cows and dogs... there isn't even an end boss, every thing i hate in wow will become the next expansio. and people were crying over cataclysm, which was a typical wow expansion, but this has nothing to do with wow
  1. mmocb3b54be47d's Avatar
    They were going to be the new Alliance race in TBC? Good thing that didn't happen. Would of been very weird to hear that the Lich King who was such an important character and had so much lore, get killed by Tirion and his army of panda bears. Almost sounds like that Knaak fellow's Raptor Army thing i kept hearing about.
  1. Andromedes's Avatar
    I hate word panda! Its pandaren omg.
  1. Shoo's Avatar
    come on - srsly?
  1. gymtansmush's Avatar
    To all the cunts who just whine to whine, please go kill yourself. Stop wasting your breathe crying over everything blizzard does when you know you are still going to play the game. Even if you so call "quit" the game,Blizzard doesn't need your money. Your life sucks and im sure you need some outside air in your life anyway. Good day.
  1. mmocbc9289435e's Avatar
    Well, there goes my hopes for Emerald Dream expansion. This expansion seems pants-on-head.
  1. Kolo's Avatar
    The game has always been for kids. I don't see how Pandas changes that but keep believing you're all growed up in your big boy pants.
  1. Alayea's Avatar
    I have one big question I wish I could ask Metzen himself:

    Are we going to get an 11th character slot for Mists of Pandaria?

    I'm already at the per realm cap since I made a toon of every current class available. I'm going to be royally ticked off with Blizzard if they don't add one or choose to make it a "premium" slot.

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