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Talents 2.0
  • Major change to class talent trees, and this is a new phase of development for the talent system.
  • The goal is to have you sit to another next to another combat rogue, and this combat rogue will actually have different talents than you do!
  • Character customization was the original point of talents in the first place but overtime cookie cutter builds dominated the scene.

New Model
  • Class Abilities are available to all specs in the class. All warriors learn heroic strike for example.
  • Spec Abilities are available to certain specs. Only Arms warriors learn Slam. Retribution and Protection paladin get Hammer of the Righteous, etc ...
  • Talents are optional skills/bonuses available to all specs. Any warrior can choose Throwdown, and you will have to pick between 3 different crowd control abilities on this level of talent.
  • Level 15 - You pick your first talent. For example, warriors have to pick between Juggernaut / Double Time / Warbringer and players will have to pick which mobility ability they want to pick depending on their playstyle.

Talent Philosophy
  • Access to stuff you never could before. If you were a subtlety rogue you knew you weren't going to get something like Killing Spree. And because talents are going to be all in the same tree, you're going to be able to combine them in a way that you never could before. For example, any rogue can have Shadowstep!
  • Several new, overpowered (feeling) talents will be added to the game.
  • If you don't see a beloved talent in your new talents list, don't worry, it's probably something we gave your spec as a baseline. For example all Holy priests now have Circle of Healing.
  • No mandatory talents anymore.
  • Every choice should be hard but fun!

Talent Preview
  • Design will iterate a lot on individual talents
  • Don't obsess about the numbers

Death Knight
See screenshots of all tiers

See screenshots of all tiers

See screenshots of all tiers

See screenshots of all tiers

See screenshots of all tiers

See screenshots of all tiers

See screenshots of all tiers

See screenshots of all tiers

See screenshots of all tiers

See screenshots of all tiers

Change is scary!!!
  • Talents aren't set in stone yet.
  • Questions will be answered during the Q&As tomorrow.
  • An online developer Q&A will happen on October 27
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  1. Vutar's Avatar
    This change is a gimic. There will still be certain specs everyone plays. All they are doing is making things easier to balance for them. The problem with that is in doing so they are taking things away from players rather than adding. Why should I buy their next expansion to have things taken away? I would think they'd have learned their lesson after cata, but apparently not.
  1. Ryme's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by k1037 View Post
    People who think this is going to add customization or unique builds: You can change them at any time, just like glyphs. EVERYONE will have access to EVERYTHING. There's no need for cookie cutter anything now - because you won't actually have specs or ever need to choose anything other than what you want to use for the next 5 minutes. This makes all players identical.
    Yeah, just like every one does with their major and minor glyphs for every encounter while you raid! Oh, wait...
  1. Goosebump's Avatar
    This expansion looks awesome but the new talent system looks worryingly imo. Regardless of what they do anyway, raiders are gonna copy their Paragon class hero etc so we'll just have to see how it pans out. Looking at the druid ones though it just seems like there's a huge lean towards PvP and little or nothing for PvE unless raiding as we know it so far is going to change dramatically too with regards the basic trinity duties.
  1. Thetallest's Avatar
    what the hell are they doing with the priest talents. they're so bad.
  1. Mynsc's Avatar
    LOVING the new talent system. Also, the talents for the classes I'm interested in (Shaman, Hunter, Rogue) look pretty darn interesting.
  1. Sw1tch's Avatar
    So no new fundamental changes and the worst talent setup for magi? Thank you blizzard.
  1. Demoncrash's Avatar
    This system seems oddly similar to what their doing in Diablo 3
  1. Nullpointer's Avatar
    Those talents are not going to bring diversity.
  1. Mif's Avatar
    GC: We've never done an AOE interrupt before

    Quote Originally Posted by Throwing Specialiation View Post
    Increases the range of Throw and Deadly Throw by 10 yards and gives your Deadly Throw a 100% chance to interrupt the target for 3 sec.
  1. iorcedurmother's Avatar
    Classes like Druid and Paladin are gonna end up absolutely having diff cookie cutter builds for the diff spec.s It's amazing how Blizzard's continued attempt to reduce homogenization is making things more so.
  1. TheSilentOne's Avatar
    In thread 'Ask the mods' for death knights months ago someone asked : ''Will dks get some of lich king's abilites?'' and blue answer was : ''lvl 90'' ))
  1. Lestrang's Avatar
    I feel like am playing a very different game.
  1. Prostate's Avatar
    What color will be the monks text, name or whatever ? This is just haunts me !
  1. Zaphus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Eazy View Post
    I'm just waiting for the rogue... I hope they'll make the assassiantion spec for PvP.
    There are no talent specs though if I'm reading it correctly. All classes just get 1 talent tree to choose from and from each tier I believe you choose just one of the talents.

    Not entirely sure of it myself. Will have to just wait and see what happens. Hopefully they'll pre-release the talents just before the new expansion comes out so get a proper look.
  1. SNG1's Avatar
    Shaman talents... seriously? Looks like i'm going to stop playing with my shaman... thanks blizz
  1. BishopXQ's Avatar
    Whatever Blizzard is smoking..I want to get some. Must be nice to lose your mind.
  1. Sw1tch's Avatar
    So the mage talent setup has virtually no PvE talents. Make some cool and creative passives blizz. You have a while. The mage talents are a joke. Coupled with no fundamental changes, i'm pretty disappointed
  1. brown's Avatar
    This looks cool but I don't think it will change cookie cutter builds at all. It looks like there may be a few viable builds so say you have 3 resto shamans in the raid they will be different spec'd to bring more utlitiy. In a fight with no real gimmicks or for soloing there is always that optimal build though.
  1. Ares42's Avatar
    New talent system is just a joke.. 6 choices, at least half of them is gonna be very simple and the rest will be choice between 2. Some of the classes even had completely uninteresting talents all over, especially with how they treated hybrid classes with role specific tiers.
  1. Gegecocu's Avatar
    guys, with this new class system, now we have 729 diferent combinations for each class, thats really impressionant!

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