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World of Warcraft - Mists of Pandaria B-roll
A new video preview of the Mists of Pandaria zone is available on the CurseNetwork Youtube Channel

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  1. Gingerhunter247's Avatar
    We got that b-roll?
  1. i2lurchi's Avatar
    yeah, need more
  1. mmocf41b5db0f6's Avatar
    mehhhh i love the area so much... i cant imagine the story being anything cool or assosiated with WoW tho...
  1. ThunderBlunder's Avatar
    its so peacefull and it has a lot of mystic...yet there is a grim feeling...
  1. mmoc5b955b4539's Avatar
    reminds me of kung-fu panda
  1. iorcedurmother's Avatar
    These environments look beautiful, might be the one redeeming quality so far.
  1. This name sucks's Avatar
    wait... they are actually doing fucking panda land?
  1. Serj Tankian's Avatar
    Reminds me of Nagrand in a way.. All the upcoming changes look quite nice though. Even though I'm not too fond of Pandaren..
  1. Essenji's Avatar
    Hmm... I hope they don't make huge areas with nothing in them... Since they aren't allowing players lvling there to fly. Especially the snow-zone looks quite large... But I suppose that's because they haven't added any npcs/events there yet. It's quite interesting to see that they actually make the areas before they make the quests and such.
  1. Lenin's Avatar
    Beautiful zones. Ow my god... so beautiful.
  1. mmoc5e65a11d07's Avatar
    I hope they paid Dreamworks for the copyright...
  1. mmoc2da068a4a0's Avatar
    Dislike it. Not warcrafty enough. I don't want to play an asian themed mmo. I want Warcraft.
  1. Dranae's Avatar
    Pretty gaudy, but still looks nice.
  1. Swisted's Avatar
    Amazing I love every bit of it
  1. Farora's Avatar
    What is this vid showing off exactly. That nothing will happen in MOP? Or the super dated visuals. Not really impressed.
  1. mmoc6cf872d270's Avatar
    The announced expansion looks more like an expansion for kids making WoW even more a game for children with pandas, pet battles and so on in my opinion. PvE battlegrounds? Really? We need more real PvP in this game and not less. The dumbing down also continues with achievement sharing among your chars, automatic talents and now even resilience as a base stat. What a hell?

    We know by know how it's going to work out too. At first they won't allow flying until max level, then a month or so after release they will change that and pretty soon you will be able to fly at all levels. The new race will start at 70 or so because there will be massive whining about having to level again etc. More whining will also lead to all races having speed leveling and racials will get nerfed again. Another melee class, oh gee, just what this game needed, oh and another tank class, I'm sooooo excited……….cough, cough. Has Blizzard not learned yet that it doesn't matter how many tank classes they introduce in the game, people will still prefer dps over tanking. Now, if they were brave they would have introduced a new ranged class instead but I guess the kids prefer melee like they always do and Blizzard always goes after the money and the whiners.

    There was a time I wasn't this pessimistic about the game but after nearly 6 years and witnessing the debacle that was cataclysm and countless other disappointments I'm quite sure this is what's going to happen. I know a lot can change put it probably won't.We'll see wont we?
  1. depotboy's Avatar
    Last area looks just like Kaineng City in GW: Factions. Still calling joke on this.
  1. mmoc112630d291's Avatar
    Summary of the above posts: QQ.Love the art direction. Give me an Asian theme anyday, no matter how much of a marketing move it is.
  1. Nekosom's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Magical Hug Machine View Post
    Dislike it. Not warcrafty enough. I don't want to play an asian themed mmo. I want Warcraft.
    Warcraft has elements of English, Native American, African, Egyptian, and Norse lore, for starters. What would be so unusual about adding on lore from the largest continent on Earth?
  1. Feali's Avatar
    No Raid / Dungeons on Main Stage? Fu blizz ._. cut the starcraft crap

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