Pandaren Blizzcon 2011 Gameplay Video
For those of you who couldn't attend Blizzcon, here is a short gameplay video of the Pandaren starting zone available at Blizzcon 2011. The quality isn't perfect but a few people risked their lives recording it.

Theramore to be destroyed by the Horde in 5.0?
It seems that Theramore will be destroyed by the Horde in the pre-Mists of Pandaria world events, the info was revealed to a couple of taiwanese websites attending a press event with Tom Chilton. Translation from Curll on ScrollsOfLore.
整個戰爭會從潘達利亞的迷霧資料片上市前會啟動世界事件,來強化 聯盟根部落的戰鬥,塞拉摩這城市摧毀讓聯盟 高層非常暴怒,也會以此為契機強化這兩方的戰鬥,未來整個戰鬥會 蔓延在潘達利亞*陸上,部落與聯盟也會在上 面發動許多的戰鬥以及與熊貓人的互動。

Here's the original quote. Let me translate:
The whole war will be ignited during the world event which leading the game into Mist of Pandaria. Theramore will be destroyed and the leaders of Alliance were outrageous at this matter and completely devote themselves into the war, which reach its peak on the continent of Pandaria. The Horde and the Alliance literally fought on the homeland of Pandaria, which pissed the pandarens off.

在潘達利亞*陸上的 npc 多是中立角色,一部分的熊貓人覺得部落跟聯盟帶來厄運,並對它們 帶有敵意,玩家玩的熊貓人是早已脫離潘達利 亞的熊貓人,在等級達到之後選擇加入陣營,所以是沒有首領可以去 扁的。
Most of the pandarens are neutral characters. And some of them thought the Horde and the Alliance only brought doom to their beloved homeland, and have enmity against both factions. The players pandarens are in a different group. They departed Pandaria long ago and choose their own path. They choose their own faction when level 10, so they don't have a faction leader.

Free Diablo 3 and 12-Months WoW Subscription Plan
We covered that a little during the opening ceremony but didn't really have time to clarify because of all the new MoP info raining down on us. A few important points:

  • The Tyrael's Charger mount will be added in Patch 4.3 and is basically going to be available in a few weeks.
  • This is a 12-months commitment, but you can keep paying on a monthly basis.
  • If you decide to purchase the Diablo III Collector's Edition when it's available, and then choose to add your Collector's Edition license key to the account associated with your existing World of Warcraft Annual Pass promotion, you will receive all of the benefits associated with the Collector's Edition, plus receive four months of World of Warcraft game time which is eligible towards your 12-month subscription commitment.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
With Deathwing’s shadow looming over Azeroth and the mortal realms of Sanctuary steeling for war against the forces of Diablo, the World of Warcraft Annual Pass has arrived to offer WoW subscribers a chance to participate in both apocalyptic conflicts… without breaking the bank.

For a limited time only, players who make a 12-month subscription commitment to World of Warcraft through the WoW Annual Pass will receive the following epic rewards:

  • Diablo III FREE – Download the digital version via for free when the game launches early next year. This is the full game, not a trial edition.
  • Tyrael’s Charger WoW Flying Mount – Ride for the Archangel of Justice on all current and future characters on a single World of Warcraft account. Tyrael’s Charger will arrive via in-game mail with the upcoming launch of patch 4.3.
  • Access to the Next WoW Expansion Beta Test – Get a guaranteed spot in the beta test for the next World of Warcraft expansion (at a time to be announced in the future).
    If you buy the Collector's Edition, you will also get the Fetish Shaman's Spear.

You can pay for the WoW Annual Pass on a monthly basis at $14.99 per month or according to the billing plan of your choice. To participate, you must be 18 or older, have a valid credit card, and have registered a full version of World of Warcraft on or before October 18, 2011.

Sign up for the World of Warcraft Annual Pass here, and then keep an eye on the World of Warcraft community site or the Diablo III community site for future announcements regarding the launch dates of these bonuses.

For more information on this offer, including eligibility requirements and details on how the World of Warcraft Annual Pass applies to players who plan to purchase the Diablo III: Collector’s Edition, please read the full FAQ.
This is a pretty good deal for anyone playing WoW, especially since the time between the last patch of Cataclysm and the beginning of Mists of Pandaria will probably much shorter than it was for WotLK/Cataclysm.

Probably not in the final version of the game
You have to admit, those are pretty good cupcakes. (Source Mike Schramm)

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  1. mmoc49efe580e8's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Quakefan View Post
    Choose your destiny: Join The Alliance OR Join The HordeThat means, if I made alliance panda in my realm, but wanna made a horde panda too, then I need to made it in another real??
    i think you just need to make another character, not on a different realm
  1. Alixie's Avatar
    I know thats a lame shot at the Alliance, but my future Pandaren doesnt care. Shes going where the cupcakes are. Who wants to join The Ug-mos?
  1. crazymonkey's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Felwick View Post
    If yet another loss for the Alliance is the last straw for a plurality of Alliance players, there's a way to deal with it that's more effective than just posting. Normally, someone would suggest (usually with loaded insults and disparagements towards your masculinity) to just simply stop playing. That's not quite effective, as lots of people get dragged back in by guild mates and boredom.But really, if you're finally done with the constant stream of abuse and disdain from the company and their preferred faction players, you have only one option other than posting your concerns or unsubscribing. That's to stop PVPing. This next expansion will only work if the Alliance fights back using the in-game systems like battlegrounds or PVP in the world. They require it for the conflict between factions to have any sort of success. So don't let it work. Break the PVP, refuse to be a punching bag. Refuse to provide content to the Horde players. When you see them, log out. They invade Ironforge? Go to Dalaran and fish in the fountain. Blizzard puts in a new PVP Battleground? Read about it but don't queue up for it for the first month. Don't queue at all for any PVP. You provide conflict and content for the Horde if you fight. Don't fight. Don't give the expansion any traction. Enjoy the quests on a PVE server, put your main on that PVP server on ice for a month. Let the Horde find nothing to attack in-game except for bears and monkeys. Let PVP die. Let it rot. Then you'll get results.
    felwick makes a very valid point. If u don't approve of what blizzard is doing dont just rage on the forums actually do something about it. by the way all u people keep raging its obvious ur gna keep playing the game which is proly how blizz rates how good a job they do. since its obvious this expansion pack is going to be pvp focused dont do anything pvp related. it just makes sense guys
  1. Marzenia's Avatar
    Yeah... nobody really risk their lives to make this video which is private and ppl are unable to see it. I made several vids of pandaren gameplay and nobody have a tiny rats ass. I was standing in the queue like 3 times with my camera, and nobody said anything about filming. Will try to upload to YT

    Also I do not think 12 months annual wow pass is for making Diablo 3 cheaper. It as they said at Blizzcon: ppl who play do not have to make a huge change and spend a lot of money to play Blizzards new game, they are giving them this game for free. Lots of WoW players will play Diablo 3 eventually, why not making it easier for them and also making sure they will still play WoW? I think it was an excellent idea for both Blizzard and players. Making Collectors Edition available for them was nice move too. I am sure I will play both games, since i love wow and i have been waiting for diablo 3 for ages now
  1. bbailey231's Avatar
    Stupid question....if you do the annual pass thing for WoW and get Diablo III, do you then also need a separate subscription to play Diablo??
  1. Malleus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bbailey231 View Post
    Stupid question....if you do the annual pass thing for WoW and get Diablo III, do you then also need a separate subscription to play Diablo??
    No, because Diablo is not a subscription-based game. Your DL copy will be associated with your existing account.
  1. bbailey231's Avatar
    Thanks! I did use google to find out, after I asked the question
  1. Alayea's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Marzenia View Post
    Yeah... nobody really risk their lives to make this video which is private and ppl are unable to see it. I made several vids of pandaren gameplay and nobody have a tiny rats ass. I was standing in the queue like 3 times with my camera, and nobody said anything about filming. Will try to upload to YT
    A couple suggestions: Since you can't hear any of the gameplay anyway, you may want to tone down or even mute the background noise. Also, the title needs a little more to it (though you did include good tags). Perhaps "Blizzcon 2011 - Pandaren Gameplay"?
  1. Akifami's Avatar
    I would like to start off by saying the "Choose Your Destiny" pic is definitely a troll. If Blizzard takes MoP as seriously as they say, they would NEVER truly do such a thing. Its just a joke from what people say over and over again that stirs into people's mind, drawing attention into this whole thing. Secondly; yes, I play a HORDE priest. But still, I'm not ignorant about the facts. To those of you saying "Oh, the Horde is destroying the city of the one person who care about the Horde that is from Alliance..." If you do quest in Theramore, you will learn that the army is not so much under Jaina's wing. Doing things on their own and "letting her know" the facts only if she asks... which pretty much shows that she is not so much in control of this town, really. Nonetheless, I don't like the idea of Theramore going. I don't like the idea that "Horde is favored" and all that bullshit. But before you go crazy in rage over one more destroyed/over taken city and how the Horde lost nothing, remember that the Horde is under going power struggle. I won't even say too much about losing a great deal of The Barrens. I'll instead focus on the fact that we lost one beloved leader. Cairne IS DEAD. GONE. MURDERED by our own leader. Thrall is no longer within our ranks, at this time. Its bad enough Sylvanas is a self proclaimed Lich Queen, Vol'jin's belief in Thrall's Horde and Honor is the only thing keeping him in the faction all together. The Blood Elf leader remains sort of there, useless... The Horde is under turmoil. Safe to say, I hate Garrosh and hope Varian stabs him in the face... but that's just me. Overall, this whole line of events occurs to me that; although I do not enjoy what goes on in both factions, its a story. One that is made with time. Let the story unravel. The story is made so that we do feel for it. Whether we agree with what happens, or not... the story is created to make you sad, angry, happy. And by the looks of all these posts, its working. There is no victory, for anyone, without a battle.

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