Update - The feature is now available on more realms
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As an update, guild services are now available to players on the following realms:

Agamaggan, Alexstrasza, Alleria, Azshara, Baelgun, Balnazzar, Blackhand, Cho'gall, Dark Iron, Destromath, Dethecus, Emerald Dream, Garona, Goldrinn, Gorgonnash, Greymane, Gul'dan, Hellscream, Illidan, Kael'thas, Kalecgos, Kirin Tor, Lightninghoof, Maelstrom, Malfurion, Moonrunner, Nazjatar, Nemesis, Ravencrest, Spinebreaker, Sargeras, StaghelmStormreaver, Twisting Nether, Ursin, Whisperwind, Wildhammer

New Guild Services Now Available
In a nutshell:
  • Guild Master Faction Change costs $40 US.
  • The Guild Master Realm Transfer costs $35 US.
  • The Guild Name Change costs $20 US.
  • You will receive a $10 discount when purchasing Guild Transfer and Faction Change in the same transaction, for a new total of $65 US.
Originally Posted by Blizzard
We are in the process of adding new guild services that will make relocating to a new realm, switching factions, or changing your guild name easier than ever before. Relocating your guild to a new realm or faction with this new service will keep your guild structure intact, including the guild leader, guild bank, ranks, and guild name (depending on availability). You won't even need to pack.

Guild members who decide to relocate with their guild may initiate their own paid character transfer. Upon a successful transfer they will automatically be part of the guild when they first log into the new realm. Their guild rank and guild reputation will be intact.

Guild leaders who do not want a change of scenery may also choose to pick a new guild name using another new service.

As a part of the process for adding these new services, we are launching on a single realm (Illidan-US) to perform additional testing for stability and functionality. We expect to be able to add additional realm availability to the service, including EU realms, in the coming days and weeks.

To learn more, read the FAQ below or visit the paid services page.

World of Warcraft Guild Services FAQ

Q. What are the guild services for World of Warcraft?
A. Three guild services are available: Guild Master Realm Transfer, Guild Master Faction Change, and Guild Name Change. These services can only be initiated by a character who is a Guild Master.

Q. How much do these services cost?
A. When purchased individually, the Guild Master Faction Change costs $40 US, the Guild Master Realm Transfer costs $35 US, and the Guild Name Change costs $20 US. You will receive a $10 discount when purchasing Guild Transfer and Faction Change in the same transaction, for a new total of $65 US. In addition, one Guild Name Change is free with the purchase of either a Guild Master Faction Change or Guild Master Realm Transfer. All sales of guild services are final -- no refunds will be given once a purchase is made.

Q. Do taxes apply to these services?
A. Players in select states in the U.S. may be subject to taxation when using a guild service. This includes but is not limited to:
  • New Mexico
  • Texas

Q. Aside from being a Guild Master, are there any other requirements for the character that initiates a guild service?
A. The Guild Master must meet the same requirements governing the equivalent character-level service (such as Character Transfer), including being at least level 10 (except for Guild Name Change) on an account in good standing. View the Character Transfer FAQ or Faction Change FAQ for more details.

In addition, the Guild Master's Battle.net account must be protected by a Battle.net Authenticator or a Battle.net Authenticator that has been active for at least three days (starting at the time of the first Authenticator-protected login to the game) before a guild service can be initiated. If additional security-related requirements apply to your character, they will be brought to your attention when you initiate a guild service.

Q. Are there any requirements for the guild to be able to undergo a guild service?
A. A guild must be at least level 2 to undergo a Guild Master Realm Transfer or Faction Change. There is no level requirement for a Guild Name Change.

Q. How do the two "Guild Master" services work?
A. When performing a Guild Master Realm Transfer or Guild Master Faction Change, only the Guild Master character transfers realms or switches factions. The Guild Master takes the framework of the guild as well, including the guild vault, level, perks, and achievements.

Q. What happens to my guild members?
A. Your guild members remain in the original guild. The original guild will be reset to level 1 and will not retain its guild bank or any of its achievements, reputation, or progression. You will also select a new Guild Master from the guild roster to replace you after your character leaves. Your guild members will be eligible to follow you to the guild’s new location by performing their own character service (such as a Character Transfer). If they do so, they will automatically rejoin the guild and retain their guild reputation.

Guild members who plan to transfer to the guild’s new location should not quit the original guild – otherwise, they will not regain their guild reputation after transferring to guild’s new location.

Q. What happens to my guild bank, level, and so on?
A. The guild bank, level, perks, and achievements transfer with the Guild Master character to the new realm and/or faction.

Q. Will individual members’ guild reputation be retained when they rejoin the guild?
A. The Guild Master character will retain his or her reputation after transferring, and guild members who decide to transfer will regain their guild reputation when they rejoin the guild at its new location. However, there are two notable exceptions where this does not occur: if the guild member transfers realms before the Guild Master, or if the guild member quits the guild on the original realm before transferring realms.

Q. Is there anything that doesn’t transfer with the Guild Master?
A. Besides your guild members, the only thing that doesn’t transfer is your guild rank structure. You will have to reassign ranks at the new location.

Q. How will my guild members know when this happens and how to follow me?
A. After a Guild Master service is complete, your guild members will receive an in-game mail with instructions on how to follow you. They will be directed to Battle.net account management to initiate their own character service(s), which will need to be purchased separately. This process will be streamlined, so options such as the destination realm and/or faction will be preconfigured.

Q. Will there be an out-of-game notification of a guild realm transfer or faction change?
A. No, the only notification will be the in-game mail delivered to your guild members.

Q. How long will a player be eligible to follow a Guild Master after a realm transfer or faction change?
A. There is no time limit on following a Guild Master to a new location, as long as the guild member does not leave the current guild before Guild Master Realm Transfer or Faction Change is complete. If a guild member leaves a guild that has moved to a new location, or joins a new guild, the member’s reputation with that guild will be wiped after 30 days.

Q. Are there any requirements for a guild member who wants to follow a Guild Master Realm Transfer or Faction Change?/
A. The guild member must meet the requirements of the character service they are undergoing (Character Transfer or Faction Change), including being at least level 10 and on an account in good standing. For the complete list of requirements, refer to the Character Transfer FAQ or the Faction Change FAQ.

Q. How long does a guild service take?
A. Under normal conditions, a guild service takes one to two hours to complete, but please allow up to several days.

Q. Is there a cooldown period for guild Realm Transfers, Faction Changes, or Name Changes?
A. The cooldown periods for guild services are the same as their related character-level services. For more information on these services, please refer to the Character Transfer FAQ or the Faction Change FAQ.

Q. What happens if I transfer my guild to a realm where my guild name is taken?
A. If your guild name is taken on the destination realm, you'll be prompted to pick a new name for your guild during the realm transfer process on the Battle.net website.

Q. Can I customize my character and name when doing a faction change?
A. Yes, the same character customization options offered in the Appearance Change service are included in a Guild Master Faction Change.

Q. I'm ready to move my guild! How do I initiate a Guild Master Realm Transfer or Guild Master Faction Change?
A. Before initializing a guild service, make sure you've created a Billing Profile. (Learn how to create one.) Step-by-step instructions on performing a guild service can be found here:

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Player Housing
Player housing, like the dance studio, are nowhere near the ballpark of pet battles in terms of development time. This goes back to the final point I made in my original post. You can't just put a huge list of features on an equal timeline and decide which to throw out. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Faction Balance in the WoW Storyline
I know I did talk about this subject when Cataclysm was the fresh, hot topic. I don't remember what my exact words were, though, and would love to read them again after seeing several people bring them up in this thread.

I'm pretty sure I never made any specific point that an equal amount of story and retribution would be dedicated to the Alliance in Cataclysm, because I was well aware of how most of the story would play out. The Horde made many more grabs for power and dominance when Thrall left. Then Thrall became the protagonist with the evolving story of each patch focusing on the efforts to defeat Deathwing.

The stories of the villains in the expansions so far have had pretty direct closure, but that's never been the case for the two player factions. And one shouldn't expect it to be with the conclusion of any expansion. Things will continue to change and there will be an ongoing tit-for-tat between the Horde and Alliance. If you start the story at Warcraft I and move forward, that's evident. Leaders have changed. Cities have been destroyed. New cities have been created. Land has been gained and lost. The races who have allied with either side have changed.

It's going to keep going and we have no ambitions to decisively make one faction less interesting or cool than the other. That's not a good design philosophy for two playable factions and it doesn't make for a flourishing story.

But you will win some and you will lose some. And the wins and losses won't be at equal intervals for both sides, aligning with the release of each patch or expansion. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Pet battles? Why?
We do add features to the game often based on concepts players have expressed interest in. But in order to dedicate ourselves to making epic games, we also need to spend a lot of time and resources anticipating what gamers of all walks of life will find fun. That's how all of our games thus far have been created. While our design decisions for any game will always be met with mixed reactions, we couldn't be respected in our industry if our approach to game design is always reactive.

You made it clear you don't like the idea of pet battles. It seems there's a decent chance you won't enjoy them when the system's released either, though there's no sense in conceding that absolutely before you try it -- no matter how convinced you are you'll hate it. But, as was said multiple times by Game Director Tom Chilton at BlizzCon, we want more content systems and forms of progression in the game so our extremely diverse playerbase has a lot of choices over what to spend time doing for fun, accomplishment, socializing, a challenge, etc.

I guarantee you a lot of players are really going to love this feature. It's going to be an engaging mini-game that actually has quite a bit of depth and progression, just not in the traditional sense of increasing your character's power. That shouldn't always have to be a driving factor in our content. As the OG players have said countless time before, Southshore and Tarren Mill world PvP battles didn't become popular because there was a tangible reward incentive. The majority of World of Warcraft systems and content, particularly at level 85, are currently directed at enhancing a character's power. While that won't fully change, we want to continue creating new avenues to make that happen as well, such as is the case with adding a third, more accessible raid tier with the Raid Finder, or adding PvE Scenarios to facilitate the quick formation of smaller groups to take on a series of event-driven quests.

But Pet Battles and Dungeon Challenges are very different. With one, you're actually getting a use out of the pets you've collected over the years, in order to progress them in a fun mini-game, unlock countless more pets, and just generally give your character a new depth of style and flavor. Similarly, Dungeon Challenges are difficult 5-player dungeons which really allow you to push your skills and PvE small group coordination to the limits. They'll scale, so the better you do, the better you're rewarded and ranked. That gives your character a new measurement of PvE progression prowess and bragging rights. Plus, you can earn exclusive set designs which are purely aesthetic -- to be used with Transmogrification -- which, again, give your character a new depth of style and flavor.

It's about giving people options in the game to play it how they want to. We have a lot of people playing, so with almost seven years of World of Warcraft on the market, we want to continue innovating features we believe people will enjoy experiencing in this game. And a hell of a lot of thought, discussion, debate, and iteration at Blizzard goes into this stuff, mind you. :)

To address your overarching point a little bit, the way various development resources are expended on creating features for the game is extremely complicated and very unique to each project. That can't be explained in a way that will be fully understood by the community at all times, in all situations. While I understand your point is that no resources should be spent on pet battles, you're really not in a place to make a well-referenced argument about what features in development are taking time away from others you feel are more pertinent. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
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  1. Joe2's Avatar
    There's a lot of bullshit around in this thread, but here's my view on it.Blizzard, as a business, provide the game and services they do to make money. To make more money, they can do extra services like this. If players want to use them, they'll pay, and if not they won't. Don't like it? Don't use the service, or just quit even.

    If people are willing to pay those sorts of prices, then they are right as a business to charge those prices. If it turns out they aren't being used, the price will come down. Again, if it is not all right with you, take your money elsewhere.No one is disputing that they're expensive or money grabbing or greedy. They are, for an automated function on a server database. They should be cheaper. But they have absolutely no responsibility to charge any less than what they will sell for. None at all. Its the players who use them who value that service at that price - if they didn't, they wouldn't pay for them.

    Finally, a lot of people are complaining how much it would cost to move a 10, 50 or even hundred person guild. It could be in the thousands of dollars. But remember, it already cost nearly as much before. Before, everyone would transfer their characters, still costing thousands for a large amount of people. Now, the exact same thing happens, except the master pays a bit more to keep the guild intact. And yet hardly anyone complains about the character transfer costs, which you have either way.
  1. Carbine's Avatar
    20 DOLLARS FOR A FEATURE THAT USED TO BE FREE!? I've changed my guild's name twice by ticketing a GM, done in a couple hours - no problem. Now it's a 20 dollar service DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  1. Mekh's Avatar
    Glad they've finally rolled this feature out. It's been 6 months or so since they first announced it and ever since GMs refused to change guild names via ticket. The last people responsible for out guild's current name have left by now and I wanna get rid of it with them.
  1. Azidonis's Avatar
    "Guild Master Faction Change costs $40 US. The Guild Master Realm Transfer costs $35 US. The Guild Name Change costs $20 US. You will receive a $10 discount when purchasing Guild Transfer and Faction Change in the same transaction, for a new total of $65 US." $20 just to retype a few letters. Get over yourselves, Blizzard.
  1. Ellsian's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Hyperduke View Post
    I'm not upset, you are the one posting 20+ posts about how 'outrageous' these prices are, and vigorously defending yourself and your opinions. You have no idea what the exact expenses are, so you are in no position to make sweeping assumptions like you have. And there is a large difference between 'asking for lower fees' and joining in the chorus of endless crying in a completely juvenile and uneducated way, eg. this entire thread. Just because someone takes the side of Blizzard, and isn't the "row row fight the powah (but still play the game anyway)" type, doesn't make them an employee or a shareholder.
    The only people that have been acting juvenile are those misguided posters that start to name call and attack anyone who is dismayed over the fees... And yes, the services are overpriced. It does not cost anywhere close to $55 for a character transfer, not even if you include the development time for creating the service. But here, someone else outlined it for you as well:

    Quote Originally Posted by k1037 View Post
    It's just a transfer from one database to another, with a few explicitly declared instructions on how to handle conflicts and the like.

    It's EXACTLY what happens when a moderator on MMO-C moves a thread from one forum to another. It was one place, now, suddenly, the entire thread and everything that happened in it - replies, time stamps, mod warnings, the works - is somewhere else. If the thread contains a poll and the forum its being moved to does not allow polls, well, that's the same as handling a mount difference and so on. Needless to say, it does not cost MMO-C money to move threads - let alone several hundred dollars. In the case of moving chars, no one even has to click a button - the system does it automatically when you pay for it.

    Databases have been handling these types of operations since they were created. At this point, it's such a profoundly BASIC operation, saying that it's 100% automated and 100% free doesn't require inside knowledge. It's hardly a trade secret.

    Their charging up the wazoo for this = "screw players on dying realms who are having a terrible gaming experience, we can make money for doing literally NOTHING!"
    So maybe you can calm down a bit now, and realize that people calling out exorbitant fees are not personally attacking you.
  1. Altek Heresy's Avatar
    What a good amount of people seem to miss is no that people don’t want Blizz to make money. Is that this could have been presented in a different way. Add a guild transfer package (I already stated this) or some kind of group rate/discount and charge x amount for that. This is just way over-priced for a service that is not supervised by 3 elite programmers on a 24 hour schedule. And yes you dont need to use this to have fun in the game. But you need to wake up and see that this will lead to other things that "are" included in the subscription to become premium services. Remember the cross-realm real ID group premium fee they were talking about?And for those that love analogies here’s one for you. You drive from Boston to New York with 4 of your friends. When you get to the Toll-booth, the clerk tells you that its $20 for the vehicle to go through and you’re like ‘OK”. Then the toll clerk tells your friends that they each have to pay $10 to get into the city in your car that you just paid for?!
  1. Mithie's Avatar
    Does anyone know if there's a gold limit on the guild bank when you transfer the guild? I'd easily pay what Blizz is asking if it allows me to easily transfer my gold with my main.
  1. Mithie's Avatar
    So there is in fact no gold cap when you transfer a guild? Has this been confirmed? My main is on a dead server and I'd love to bring all my gold with me...
  1. Tython's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Chawk View Post
    lol QQ more please. but seriously, you dont have to play it if you dont want. the reason people laughed is cuz its like pokemon, not becuase its stupid
    No. Just no.

    Also I'm not QQing. I'm just pointing out the obvious even if you can't see it.

    If this feature was introduced with the Burning Crusade, the wow population would've laughed the developers right out the door. How things have changed...

    ---------- Post added 2011-10-26 at 03:57 PM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Hyperduke View Post
    Excellent rebuttal, you ignorant retard.

    And you are incredibly stupid. If you think only 1% of the WoW playerbase can afford these changes, then you are even more retarded than you come across as. How often do you need to move your guild to a different server and/or change faction? I've been playing WoW for over 6 years now, and can safely say there has never been a NEED to.

    This is a LUXURY that wasn't in the game before, not a NEED. You people need to realise this is an online computer game, not a necessity of life. If you honestly can't afford this, then you need to readjust your life priorities before bawling at these additions.
    First of all, take a deep breath and calm yourself down. Done? Okay. I was joking. If you didn't get that, you're taking yourself and this game waaay too seriously. Second, it is something that few players will want to purchase. 1% of the population is probably too small but it won't be much more than that. I'm surprised it's even offered at all honestly. Lastly, I've been playing since release now as well. There's a ton more features now than ever such as faction/race changes, etc. This just seems clunky and akward. People can afford it no doubt or their parents can. From your insult at the start, I'd say you fall into the later category.
  1. Lamavras's Avatar
    Look guys, I'm tired of reading this back and forth. It's an optional service being offered. If you don't want to move your guild from one server to another, don't, but if you do and are still complaining about the single-payment price for an optional service while you can also afford the game consider this:

    If you want to change realms along with the guild that you and your members have worked so hard to get up to lvl 25, then it's going to cost a little extra compared to just changing servers and starting up a new guild because there's more data to transfer from one physical location to another physical location. It becomes somebody's job to actually transfer all of that data over and make sure that it's all done correctly and that everything fits and works (guild bank is still the right level, all the items are still there, the guild's rank in the server now has to be calculated...), and to make sure when other guild members are switching servers that their characters are switched properly and that they get put into the correct guild, with the same guild rank as before. Blizzard has to pay that person for doing his job. If they didn't offer character transfers, Guild transfers, faction changes, race changes, sex changes, name changes or whatever, then they wouldn't have to hire the people who go into your character's file and make all the edits necessary and pay them money.

    So, they're giving the guys a bigger workload depending on how many people decide to use this feature, considering that if a guild moves, probably twenty-five+ people and their alts are all going to be moved too. That's a lot of work to do. Should these guys just do all of that for free, day after day after day? I know I wouldn't.
  1. Crymoar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by syrik View Post
    Pretty sure the only thing I implied, which is to say, I came right out and said it, is that Blizzard is full of a bunch of greedy bastards. I can see that you are in support of greed and that's ok, greed is popular in America. Evidently not getting an education while also supporting their greed is popular, at least with you judging by your poor use of syntax and grammar in your post. At least you spelled everything correctly, spell check is a wonder isn't it?
    I'm pretty sure I voiced no oppinion on the matter itself, I only found your rambling to my amusement.
    And it's not that I was dissapointed the second time around either, though I'm inclined to tell you I'm not american netiher is my native tongue english.
    Regardless, we all now that bashing someones grammar is the first sign of a lost argument, though I'm not really sure we had one to begin with.
  1. darkpower's Avatar
    Jesus, when will the constant QQing about shit that Blizz tries to do to please the very people that asked for such features, like things to do at max level besides raiding, like transfers, like entry-level raiding, only to see them flip-flop when it's given to them. Good lord, no wonder Blizz would have "trouble keeping subs". How many times do we see these flip-flopping episodes happen. And I have an idea of what is causing this sort of thing to happen.

    HINT: The reason has suddenly cut down WoW twice in about three or so days in at least two of his videos.

    Here's the thing:

    - If you're GM is really going to leave you hanging like you say he or she could, then that says a HELL of a lot about your GM then, would it?
    - It's expensive...so you won't just casually decide to do so, will you?
    - Looking For Raid...now your normal/heroics won't be (as) nerfed, huh? And people will learn the skills of raiding, and may think about moving up in the ladder when he or she knows that they could handle the harder levels, thus...more in the talent pool. Why is this now a BAD thing?
    - Pet Battles...who the HELL is forcing you to do them? They announced the challenges, as well, and the return of world bosses. Looks like we are focusing on this one thing (because we can't focus on Pandarians now because of more and more people understanding that they aren't exactly child's play) and ripping on it and ripping on it. And I'm sure no one who's hating on it won't be the LEAST bit curious, huh? After all, it's just a "Pokemon ripoff" (even when the Blizz devs admitted that Pokemon was part of the inspiration to this feature).

    Seriously, what is it going to take to people to slow their roles?
  1. finchna's Avatar
    if you go with the GM being able to move a guild as blizz is setting up, how about an alternative of charging guild members gold to make the transfer with the guild. That way the guild could pay for its entire transfer with a little bit of real $$ and a moderate amount (say 1000 gold per guild character) of in-game gold? I know that blizz wants to get more revenue off fees but for kids who have 5-10 toons in a guild (mains/alts) the real $ could become too expensive for them or their parents on top of the regular game costs. (and we'll hope that the GM doesn't make another move or three)

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