Patch 4.3 World Map and Minimap Improvements
The world map and mini-map got a couple of upgrades on test realms and they should be slightly more useful after the patch, hopefully we will see it on live servers soon.

  • The minimap has an improved menu and will let you track a couple more things, including archaeology and questing areas.
  • You can now track areas on your minimap, archaeology sites and quest objectives areas will now be displayed directly on the minimap!
  • The world map now (finally) shows the level of regions on mouseover.

Patch 4.3 - Priest Glyph of Shadow
Priests are getting a new minor Glyph in patch 4.3, the Glyph of Shadow! As mentioned during Blizzcon, this glyph changes the alpha of your character and lets you see most of your equipment while in Shadow Form.

Patch 4.3 - Divine Aegis Animation
While we're talking about priests, here is a video preview of the new effect on Divine Aegis.

Patch 4.3 - Hurricane Animation
Druids also got some more tweaking to the new Hurricane animation. Don't forget about the other animation updates:

Comics: Dark Legacy and Teh Gladiators
Dark Legacy Comics #310 and Teh Gladiators #284 + #285 are available!

The MMO Report did a nice Blizzcon special this week, with a quick overview of all we learned.

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  1. Jeluia's Avatar
    Yay! They are bringing the Divine Aegis bubbles back, oh how I missed those on my priest!
  1. Bubblez's Avatar
    Glad to see the old bubble for Divine Aegis return. People (non-tank eedjits) mistake it now for my actual PW:S and run into mobs thinking the shield will hold. xD Kinda funny to see actually...
  1. Lootaurs's Avatar
    Divine Aegis looks very cool now. I think the old shadowform is better than the glyphed
  1. ctk4949's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Keile View Post
    Ever been through a Hurricane?

    I have....lots of them (I'm in Florida -_-)....they spawn Tornado's like crazy, so this is actually a fairly accurate graphic.
    Yes i live in Miami, but when you think of hurricanes. Visually, you don't think tornadoes. I like the way the current Hurricane looks. Maybe add wind/more lightening/rain/debris flying around, lol.
  1. flufi's Avatar
    I love the new spell animations.

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