MMO-Champion Guardian Cub Tradeable Pet Giveaway
The new Guardian Cub is now available and the first ones will be tradeable in 24H and we're giving away 15 of them!

  • The giveaway is for 15 x Guardian Cub companion pets. You can obviously only win one.
  • To enter the giveaway, just reply to this post!
  • The giveaway will be closed 24H after posting this news and winners will be chosen randomly.

Do not bother trying to cheat the system with dual accounts and things like that, we can track them down pretty easily and it will disqualify you automatically. Good luck!

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  1. Azeara's Avatar
    A drop in the ocean but at least I enter for a chance to win a lil cutie
  1. Praier's Avatar
    Aww, *so* want please!
  1. shamshell's Avatar
    I would love a new pet! I need it for 5.0 pokemon battles
  1. Deathblitzz's Avatar
    For God's sake! You're BOXES with legs! It is literally your only purpose! Walking on to buttons! How can you not do the one thing you're designed for? Warmer, warmer, warmerr. Boiling hot. Boiling okay colder. Ice cold. Verrry cold. Arctic. Very very very cold LOOK JUST GET ON THE BUTTON! Oh, that's funny is it? Because we've been at this twelve hours, and you haven't solved it either, so I don't know why you're laughing. YOU'VE GOT ONE HOUR! SOLVE IT!
  1. Souldeleter's Avatar
    Yeah!! Gimmegimme!!
  1. leni007's Avatar
    good luck everyone!
  1. Lunarius's Avatar
    May as well, nice little distraction from NaNoWriMo
  1. gurgo's Avatar
    worth a shot
  1. averlotte's Avatar
    Reply for pet
  1. Ceas's Avatar
    Wish me luck.
  1. Kirkpatrick's Avatar
    Pretty please! *Batters eyelids*
  1. Northdwarf's Avatar
    I need 7 more pets for Celestial Dragon :P
  1. Kiktu's Avatar
    Woo hoo!!! Hook a brutha up...I loves me some pets....
  1. alikairi's Avatar
    oh my god!!! he's so lovely >.
  1. Milktank's Avatar
    Must have one!
  1. gingasnaps's Avatar
    I can haz???
  1. JollyWhiteGiant's Avatar
    Generic Reply!
  1. clerold's Avatar
    pet looks so awsome i hope i win
  1. Brokensavior's Avatar
    looks nice
  1. RHAGESTORM's Avatar
    nice need 10 more to get 150

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