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Patch 4.3 - World Event Pets No Longer Bound on Pick Up
An interesting change is made to pets in Patch 4.3, all world event pets are no longer bound on pick up. Feel free to yell at me for not spotting that a week before when you could still buy the Feline Familiar to keep it and sell it after the patch. Thanks to darkquantum for the news tip!
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion

Guild Master Dethrone in Patch 4.3
In Patch 4.3, Guilds with inactive guild leaders can now impeach their GL and replace him with another active user.

For more information, check out the announcemend posted a month ago.
Originally Posted by Lylirra (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
In the event that a guild leader takes a leave of absence and remains inactive for an extended period of time, it can be difficult for some guilds to carry on as normal. To help assist with these situations, we're introducing a new system in patch 4.3 known as "inactive guild leader replacement" that will allow players of the appropriate rank to take over leadership of a guild from an inactive guild leader via the Guild tab.

The way inactive guild leader replacement works is pretty straightforward. If a guild leader’s character is inactive for 30 days, a notification will appear in the Guild News & Events feed which can only be seen by guild members who are eligible to become the new guild leader. To determine eligibility, the game will look for the highest ranked character in the guild that's logged on in the past week, and any guild member from that rank will be able to request guild leadership simply by clicking on the notification.

As with many actions in World of Warcraft, clicking on the notification will open up a confirmation window which, once accepted, will transition leadership from the inactive guild leader to the first player to request leadership. If guild leadership is changed, the old guild leader will be notified via email to his or her registered Battle.net address. While some players may need to log out and back in before their Guild tab will visually update, the change in leadership will be immediate, with all ranks and permissions remaining in-tact.

Please note that if you're an active leader of a guild, this system should not affect you or your guild. The goal of inactive guild leader replacement is simply to allow guilds which have found themselves without leadership for a long period of time to resolve the situation on their own without the need to contact our In-Game Support department.

Inactive guild leader replacement is currently live on the PTR, but keep in mind that it may be difficult to test, as a guild leader will need to be inactive for a full 30 days before the option to transition leadership will become available.

PTR Raid Testing Schedule - Nov 8/9
Originally Posted by Daelo (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
More Heroic testing, oh my. The second half of Dragon Soul should also be available for LFR soon, possibly tonight.

Monday, November 8
  • 10:30 PDT Warlord Zon’ozz 10 Heroic
  • 14:00 PDT Hagara 10 Heroic
  • 15:30 PDT Warmaster Blackhorn 10 Heroic

Tuesday, November 9
  • 10:30 PDT Warlord Zon’ozz 25 Heroic
  • 14:00 PDT Hagara 25 Heroic
  • 15:30 PDT Warmaster Blackhorn 25 Heroic
  • 17:00 PDT Spine of Deathwing 25 Heroic

Remember, don't forget to brush AND floss your teeth. Oh, and the schedule might change at a moment's notice due to a myriad of factors.
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  1. lolipopp's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Fudruker View Post
    its ok i have like 8 sinister squashlings in my bags time to sell them for 1k each ^_^
    i hate you i deleted even more !
  1. Mic_128's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dthamilaye View Post
    Well, the guild leader thing kinda messes things up for those that keep up an old guild as their bank.

    We had a small but working guild in vanilla. Later on people slowly left for other guilds and only their bank alts and such stayed behind. My alt became the guild leader and I bought guild bank space for my own stuff. At the moment there are few bank alts of people that appear once every few months and then old characters that have not been logged in for several years.

    Now, I'm checking on my guild leader alt every week or two, but after this change I think I really should just kick everyone else out of the guild to prevent my own stuff becoming accessible to someone that just happens to log in after a year or so (assuming I havent checked on my alt for 30 days). I would like to keep all the old players in the guild but not sure if I want to risk it. This is where the new system sucks.

    Though, alt bank guilds with some random old players probably were not the most important thing in Blizz mind when they implemented this change.
    It goes down the roster, so you could always stack any other alts in that guild, so bank alt loses the throne and only bank alt in guild rank #2 can get the promotion, ect.

    Otherwise, just log onto yuor bank alt once a month. Doesn't seem hard.
  1. Synrithh's Avatar
    Atleast the Sinister Squashling became BOE was up on mmowned.com for a few days ago actully, so I got to save mine :=)
  1. Zephh's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by reve View Post
    30 days only for removal of GM status? Kinda... Not too nice.

    There Policys Always been like that....Boo hoo Nobody cares
  1. Ragedaug's Avatar
    Pets not being BoP makes sense with the upcoming account wide pet system being released in 5.0. I'm a little surprised they are being tradable (if that's the case) versus being account bound. If so I'm guessing Blizzard is just trying to make as many pets available to as many players as want them for the upcoming pokemon battles.
  1. Vehemence's Avatar
    ''You may assume control-'' ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL OF THIS VESSEL.
  1. Ragedaug's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Fudruker View Post
    its ok i have like 8 sinister squashlings in my bags time to sell them for 1k each ^_^
    Not to squash your dreams, but every one that wants these enough to pay 100's for them either has as many as you do, or deleted them because they already have it learned. You still may make a few gold out of it, so it's definitely worth waiting to auction them. Who knows, maybe you'll get lucky.
  1. traen's Avatar
    Remember, don't forget to brush AND floss your teeth.
    What does this joke mean?
  1. hazelpersona's Avatar
    I assumed they were going to unbind the pets because of the pet battles so I saved all my squashlings. I have about ten on my character. I'm glad I did. ^.^ They just did it a lot sooner than I expected.
  1. nbba's Avatar
    I mean, most people just run that stuff once and stop until they catch all the rewards.

    ---------- Post added 2011-11-04 at 10:30 AM ----------

    I mean, most people just run that stuff once and stop until they catch all the rewards.
  1. VanishO2's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Hexisle View Post
    There used to be a NPC in dlaran that could give deleted pets back, wonder if she will still be there?
    I think it just restored the pet spell in your companion page, not the item.
  1. tjapp's Avatar
    Just gives a reason to masskick all the members in the guild before you take a break, will this make stuffs much better ? prob not.
  1. Kaldriss's Avatar
    assuming control....made me think of mass effect...good stuff
  1. Ripentine's Avatar
    Overall i deleted 39 Sinister Squashlings this year... I wanna kill somebody.
  1. rebecca191's Avatar
    Well... darn it. I could have saved a couple of my endless Sinister Squashlings for the alts I was too lazy to trick or treat on. Oh well.
  1. kerghan's Avatar
    Wish I had saved some of the 42 squashlings I got during Hallows end >.>
  1. Eliot123's Avatar
    Oh jeez, I deleted like 50 Sinister Squashlings a week ago. ._.
  1. Serissa's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Cernunnos View Post
    If it were not for the engineering thingy that makes snow balls these pets would not be summonable outside of winter veil anyways, due to requiring a snow ball to summon them in the first place.
    Surprise! http://www.wowhead.com/item=44751
  1. Booziel's Avatar
    What about Children's Week pets? Those are the big time pets since there are a few achievements and it currently takes 5ish years to get them all on one character.
  1. WillowWind's Avatar
    I'm a little bit bummed. I sort of liked having pets to show off - the ones I worked for. (Sorta, some are just do the daily stuff, but still) Of course, if this came up last year I would have been thrilled. I didn't get the achieve for doing ALL the holiday stuff only because the Squashling never dropped. So I had to wait a whole Year to get it - which ... of course to rub it in I got like 20 of the little boogers (which .... like most here, deleted them all!!! nooooooooooooooo. com )

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