Patch 4.3 now available on the Background Downloader
In an effort to save my PM box from imploding, I had to do a breaking news to tell everyone that the Patch 4.3.0 is now available on the background downloader for both EU and US players.

It doesn't actually mean much, it just means that we reached the point where Blizzard is comfortable enough to release most of the static assets to the live client while they finish polishing the PTR one. There was no release candidate build on the test realms and I don't really see the patch happening right now, you can all calm down.

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  1. bluspacecow's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Margallo View Post
    Still not working right for me and I usually let the patch download itself from the launcher, but how do I do it from the BackgroundDownloader?
    Blizzard's patching servers are geo-located caching CDN servers. Which means they will technically resolve to a different physical host based on where you are in the world.

    So your local Blizzard CDN server probably hasn't had it propagated to it yet.

    If you're wanting to "reset" the manifest lists of what you need to download do this :

    1) Quit all Blizzard programs (Background downloader , launcher , wow etc etc etc)

    2) Using a command prompt flush your DNS cache. This will vary depend on which OS you are on but with windows I think it's ipconfig /flushdns

    This will ensure that if the IP address for the patching server has changed it will give you a new IP address for the patching server.

    3) Go in your wow folder and delete wow.mfil , wow.tfil and the file in the WTF folder.

    This step will reset the manifest lists , how much of a patch you've downloaded as well as the torrent information it uses to download patches.

    4) Open the Launcher , go into the Downloader Preferences and Turn on "Download while playing World of Warcraft" and "Don't thottle background download"

    While you're doing this the Launcher will be contacting the patching server and grabbing relevant information about what to download.

    5) Wait at the launcher until you see "Downloading data for the next patch"

    If you don't see all this don't stress out. It may not of propagated to your part of the world yet and there's not much you can do if that is true.
  1. Guyon's Avatar
    Downloading at 32kb/s :\
  1. Wishblade's Avatar
    As appreciation for the news yet again, /hug. =)Looking forward to 4.3 and heard Darkmoon Faire is around now for testing, think I'll pop in and check it out. =)
  1. johnblund's Avatar
    If your downloading slowly you might wanna check if it is set to not throttle the download speed in the settings.
  1. morgathoo's Avatar
    Doesn't Blizz give us about a 2 week heads up on patches whit the announcement of the arena seasons ending? So IE we have to wait for them to say that B4 we can start guessing a patch drop date?
  1. Riboflavin's Avatar
    Hey, not sure where this should be posted, but Darkmoon Faire is up on this build. The island is active, and the fez monkey is awesome looking.
  1. Nii's Avatar
    Well done Blizzard for proving you are petrified of SWTOR - this patch is nowhere near ready for release and you still want to beat The Old Republic's release date. Silly, silly move.
  1. Eskopommi's Avatar
    why isn't it ready?
  1. La's Avatar
    look at it this way, at least it`ll be out before Christmas. yay?
  1. Spiffums's Avatar
    No wonder I have had lag for 3 days now. LOL
  1. Kroheike's Avatar
    Actually, nii, blizzard has always let us download the patch in smaller parts weeks before the release as soon as they have most of the patch content ready to speed things up, or would you rather download a big patch file on release date? this way they only have to add a very small patch on patch day and everyone is happy. of course you may feel free to stop the downloader from downloading anything now and just wait for the release day to start downloading, if you feel this is a smarter move.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arganaut View Post
    What I would like to understand is why I had a 15.3Gb download?

    This is a huge content patch! Probably on par with a bluray DVD with all the crappy extras.
    It's not 15.3 GB.

    Your reading it wrong. It's giving you the total size including the 4.3 pre-patch and also including the patch data you've already downloaded.

    If it say's it's "Downloading 14.6 of 15.2 GB" This means it's already got 14.6 GB of it and only needs to download around 800 MB to bring it up to roughly 15.2 GB

    Quote Originally Posted by Arganaut View Post
    Is there anyway to reduce the size of your WOW folder? Mine is currently at 33.8GB? Can we delete previous patches?
    Delete the updates folder and let it re-build in a smaller size.
  1. ButterToast's Avatar
    I just downloaded a patch but it was like 800 mb only. and it didnt say 4.3.0 so what the hell did i just download ? it says WoW is Up To Date atm.
  1. Seregon's Avatar
    I'd say patch on live realms in... 3-4 weeks.
  1. Stabb's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ButterToast View Post
    I just downloaded a patch but it was like 800 mb only. and it didnt say 4.3.0 so what the hell did i just download ? it says WoW is Up To Date atm.
    You downloaded some data that Blizz are done with for the upcoming patch. They do it like that so you can download the actual patch faster when its released, so you dont have to download everything on the patch day.
  1. Thejomp's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure the patch will hit live servers in couple of weeks - 16 November
  1. Eskopommi's Avatar
    usually new patch has come couple weeks after the background downloader oppoturnity.
  1. Snamor's Avatar
    Horray! Anyone else thinks that 7th December ( 1 year of Cataclysm ) could be a great date to hit live?
  1. nambus's Avatar
    PATCH 4.3 RELEASE PREDICTIONS NOV. 29th. What do you think?
  1. Evory's Avatar
    Predicted first week of December months ago and i still stand by that guess.

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