Patch 4.3 now available on the Background Downloader
In an effort to save my PM box from imploding, I had to do a breaking news to tell everyone that the Patch 4.3.0 is now available on the background downloader for both EU and US players.

It doesn't actually mean much, it just means that we reached the point where Blizzard is comfortable enough to release most of the static assets to the live client while they finish polishing the PTR one. There was no release candidate build on the test realms and I don't really see the patch happening right now, you can all calm down.

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  1. dahawk's Avatar
    anybody seen my car keys i dropped them while reading this..
  1. vihtahousu's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by vihtahousu View Post
    I can't tell source but patch is coming 30.11.2011 new arena season starts 7.12.2011
    I just had to quote my post month ago
  1. geekgie's Avatar
    I have a problem with updating to 4.3, I'm deployed overseas and am unable to get the patch through the downloader due to server side restrictions. Normally not a problem as I just download the file manually, however when trying to update I realize that I don't have the wow.tlif file. From the research I have done that is required to apply the patch through the launcher once downloaded....I can't find a copy online anywhere sadly. Does anyone know a way around this or where I could get a hold of the .tlif file? Thanks in advance.
  1. Beanshidhe's Avatar
    Can't wait to see it all!

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