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Another PTR build was pushed recently with no significant changes. This time it was a Test build, while the previous build was a Release Candidate. There is still plenty of time for the patch to go live by the Season 10 end date of November 29.

Statistics: Achievements and Honor Kills
All of the graphs today allow zooming in both the X and Y direction to allow you to take a closer look at areas of interest. As the US and EU sample sizes were not the same (~3.6 million vs ~2.7 million), the EU results were scaled up to the US sample size, allowing us to directly compare the results.

The first graph we are looking at today shows you how many characters have an achievement point total in the indicated range of achievement points. For example, the point of 1500 has 103,525 characters for the US. This means that out of the entire sample of the US, 103,525 characters have between 1500 and 1599 achievement points. This type of counting of characters also applies to the other two graphs.

You can see that US players seem to have more alts or casual players than the EU, but both experience that nice dip right before 9000 achievement points. This is due to the people that are close to It's Over Nine Thousand! achievement pushing to finish it. Both the US and EU have two main peaks, likely indicating the population of 85s that has run no dungeons and the part that has run some of the dungeons. This indicates that the majority of the sample does not play enough to get a large amount of achievements on all of their characters.

Moving on, the second graph has Honor Kills split up by faction, as there was no significant difference between the US and EU. It does appear that at the more casual end of the graph the Horde has a slightly higher amount, but once you get closer to the second half of the graph that gap shrinks to almost nothing. Only part of the range is shown, you can see the entire range is hard to look at. The entire range does show you that the gap of Alliance players is compensated for by the increase at the very low HK level. This indicates that the amount of casual players or alts that are PvPing is significantly higher than the people that play often.

The final graph breaks down the HKs by realm type, and you can see the players that have less HKs play on the PvE realms, while the players with more play on the PvP realms. Ths gap disappears once you go farther down the graph to the more serious players. The RP realms results look very similar to PvE realms and RPPvP realms look very similar to PvP realms. All of the factions and realms showed a nice bump around 100k HKs when people were going for the 100000 Honorable Kills achievement.

If you like this type of post or want to see something specific let me know in the comments!

Don't see a chart? Enable javascript!

Don't see a chart? Enable javascript!

Don't see a chart? Enable javascript!

Account Security Warning: Steam Compromise
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
As some of you may know, Valve Software recently announced that certain Steam user account information was compromised by an illegal and unauthorized intrusion into their network. The statement from Valve on these events can be found here:

If you’re a registered account holder with Steam, we encourage you to review the information provided by Valve as soon as possible. We also recommend that you update your password via Account Management ( should it be the same as or similar to the one you used for Steam or for the Steam forums. You may also wish to change your registered email address as a further security measure, or to change the password to your email account and other online accounts that might be at risk of compromise. If you are unable to update your email address and/or password on your own, please contact our customer support staff for assistance:

For additional tips and suggestions for how to improve your account security, such as by adding a Authenticator to your account, check out our Account Security Awareness guide ( and blog post (

Annual Pass with Parental Controls
Blizzard is sending out an email to people that have purchased the Annual Pass in Europe with Parental Controls enabled to confirm that the parent approves of the free copy of Diablo III due to its rating. If you purchased the Annual Pass and have Parental Controls enabled, you have until November 28 to reply to the email.

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Dear parent or guardian,

We are writing to you to let you know that the owner of a account for which you have registered as the parent or guardian has signed up for the World of Warcraft Annual Pass promotion. This promotion offers a free digital copy of our forthcoming game Diablo III when players commit to a 12-month subscription for World of Warcraft.

However, as Diablo III has been rated as PEGI-16 (USK-16 in Germany), we are writing to you to let you know that this promotion will automatically be removed from the account on November 28, 2011. Once the promotion is removed from the account, the account holder will once again be able to modify their existing World of Warcraft subscription, including removing recurring payments.

If you instead wish to continue with this promotion and secure a free copy of Diablo III for the account holder when it is launched, please reply to this email before November 28, 2011 stating that you, as the parent or guardian, are happy to continue.

If you have any questions or further requirements, telephone numbers and further help from our Customer Support department can be found at

Poll: Annual Pass
While we are talking about the Annual Pass, let us know if you decided to purchase it!

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  1. donlethon's Avatar
    Is there any Achievment Ranking website ? like sk-gaming in the past
  1. donlethon's Avatar
    Is there any Achievment Ranking website ? Like SK-Gaming in the past
  1. nobodysbaby's Avatar
    Where is the option "Yes, but I now regret it" button?
  1. ruke's Avatar
    why not log plotting the hk graph?
  1. Spike`'s Avatar
    There are some reasons for the people to take the annual pass

    1. they really like the game and will play it over 12 months anyway.
    2. they want the mount and access to MoP beta.
    3. they were blindly from the "offer" and signed but regret it now.

    I signed but not for the game, not for the mount but for Diablo 3 and MoP beta

    yes i could buy Diablo 3 on release but how economy are i don't have the money the pay all that 60€ upfront, basically i see this like a loan to the bank, pay easily/low with interests (i will play 4.3 for more 3 months, 3,5m, so not much interests vs that months plus the cost of Diablo 3) and then i could see Beta and if the game worth it

    but really i was expecting around 100k signed
  1. Diancecht's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Affectionate View Post
    its just... nothing impressive. and its WAY too much focus on story to compete in an MMO market. I honestly never once felt like i was playing an MMO, and not in the "oh i was so immersed in it it was awesome" kinda way, but in the "you mean i have to sit through another 40min of run around talk to so and so, talk to so and so, run around, talk to so and so, before i get to actually kill stuff again?"
    If you never felt like you were playing an MMO it makes me wonder if you ever grouped during the beta. I grouped with my wife and some friends for everything from questing to flashpoints. Grouping with others for your questing makes the process 100x more enjoyable and you are rewarded for it with social points. The ability to holocall in to turn in your quest while your away but a group member is talking to a questgiver is really slick. It could be you're just not the target for SWTOR, because I found myself having some of the most fun waiting to see who would win the roll during the conversations and some of the responses led us to wildly different places than i would have ended up. Specifically during the first flashpoint there's at least two branching paths that change which bosses you fight and such by which choice is picked during a conversation.

    Yes, there is a lot of story, but experiencing that story with friends is incredibly enjoyable, rewarding, and a part of the focus of the game. Don't experience the story on your own or you will likely feel like you're playing some single player game and not an mmo, but it will be your own fault.

    Though at least you didn't say it plays like wow, because after this weekend I don't know what those people are talking about. It's both bad and good that it doesn't play like WoW, but if I had a gun to my head and had to say what mmo it played like it is CLEARLY EQ2 with lightsabers. Down to the scale of the zones, the groups of enemies instead of single mobs, and the full voicing. It's EQ2 with lightsabers if anything. . . Which really aint that bad, because a refined EQ2 sounds pretty awesome to me.
  1. Novarius's Avatar
    damn back to testbuild......what the hell.......short -> that waittime suxxx but i have an swtor beta key now maybe i play that until 4.3 -.-*
  1. Rorcanna's Avatar
    Hi!People often claim in "arguments" about the factions, that there are more people playing Alliance than Horde. Often just to prove a point that their faction is better, or that "More kids play WoW than adults and thus more people play Alliance/Horde" or equally jibberish statements. But, this made me there any way of finding out, which of the factions IS the most played? As in most characters above level 70, or at level 85? It wouldn't serve a purpose other than fun facts, so to speak.
  1. Dezplezzed's Avatar
    Is it no longer possible to get the annual pass?I was going to wait a bit longer to decide...
  1. Xe4ro's Avatar
    Realy nice Statistics! Would like to see more stuff like this =)

    Quote Originally Posted by Dezplezzed View Post
    Is it no longer possible to get the annual pass?I was going to wait a bit longer to decide...
    It still is possible to get it, they advertise it on their side and on the WoW Launcher all the Time.
  1. Dezplezzed's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Xe4ro View Post
    Realy nice Statistics! Would like to see more stuff like this =)

    It still is possible to get it, they advertise it on their side and on the WoW Launcher all the Time.
    Ah awesome, thanks ^^
  1. Taiknee's Avatar
    If you like this type of post or want to see something specific let me know in the comments!
    Yes! I have an idea that I think is pretty cool. Would you consider doing something such as creating graphs of the number and type of specs used in PvP vs. PvE for each class? As an example: 1st graph could compare the total number of warlock specs vs each other 2nd graph could compare the # of warlock specs used PvE 3rd graph could compare the # of warlock specs used in PvP Does this kind of make sense? The other graph idea is items (by type) most used as transmog gear by specific class! For example, the number of rogues who wear Cursed Vision of Sargeras
  1. Marema's Avatar
    If I'm reading that right, there are around 3300 people in the US that have the 9800-9900 achivement point range? Wow, that isn't many people at all. My 'old' main is sitting at 9850 and I can still easily go back to the new revamped zones and do loremaster all over again, plus farm the remaining 2 mounts I need for the 100 Ach. Gah, what to do, what to do. Ach whore again on the paly or keep playing alts, hmmmm.
  1. quras's Avatar
    I have not gotten the chance to be in any Beta (short or long) but I'm so glad I didn't get the annual pass to WOW with the amount of games that are scheduled to come out in the coming months. Wow has not been good enough to get locked into it for the next year.
  1. Sarahstrasza's Avatar
    Bought the annual but i'm still gettin my collectors version of DIII!
  1. Eec003's Avatar
    yeah im pretty sure 43% of the people on here def. didn't buy the annual pass btw.
  1. Seifa's Avatar
    I didn't get the annual pass, just because i'm not sure i'll play wow in the next 12 months, and i'd rather have D3 CE, and i don't care about MoP Beta or the mount.
  1. Oragan's Avatar
    Didin't bother with an annual pass as i have no interest in D3, don't care for a mount or a beta key and when GW2 comes out ill stop wow alltogether unless MoP is very good
  1. Aesacos's Avatar
    So nearly 20% of the people who answered a wow-related poll no longer play it. The point of reading about a game you no longer play eludes me. But it explains a lot of the hate-posts^^
  1. thunderdragon2's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Baphomette View Post
    I don't think there has ever been an instance of Blizzard favoring PVP over PVE. Their concern is making sure everyone is busy enjoying all the new 4.3 stuff when TOR releases on Dec. 20th. November 29th is still going to be a couple of weeks earlier than expected. November 15th would have been ridiculously early; people would already be bored senseless of the new heroics in a month's time.

    There have been a couple of times when the new PVP season has started one or more weeks after the content patch hits for PVE. The new PVP has never started before PVE content and almost certainly never will.

    Raiders will be able to get 397 weapons the first week of 4.3, and if they have a good PVE group they could get 403s from Deathwing with the possibility of 410s from Heroics during the second week. Meanwhile, PVPers will probably have to have earned 7800 Conquest before buying a 397 weapon. This takes:

    6 weeks at 1350 CP/wk (8 arena wins at baseline rating)
    5 weeks at 1560 CP/wk (RBGs at baseline rating give 1650)
    4 weeks at 1950 CP/wk
    3 weeks at 2600 CP/wk

    I don't know what kind of ratings the good players will be at immediately after the MMR reset, but the PVPers with a good PVE group are going to have a large advantage in the first few weeks of Season 11 if they get a weapon. You look at some of the other Dragon Soul drops that are going to be PVP BiS, to say nothing of the damned legendary that will still undoubtedly proc in PVP, and I don't think you'll find a PVPer who feels like they're being favored in the slightest.

    Once again I spend far too long replying to a guy who probably can't/won't read/understand what I say.
    oh i understand u alright but i realy belive blizz would be that incompitant i think it may work like icc if blizz are anyuhing to go with i assume theyd put some gating inplace like icc and toc (i dono how often the gating will ne unlocked) but remember icc lasted a year (5 monts of that was due to gating) icc wouldnt have lasted half the time it did if it wasnt for the gating dont denie it

    i just dont/ddint think blizz are that stupid

    and correct me if im wrong but wouldnt a MMR reset put all players bck to 0 or 1500

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