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WoW Turns 7! Anniversary Tabard now available in-game
World of Warcraft turns 7 this year (see World of Warcraft’s Seventh Anniversary! and to celebrate, players will be awarded a tabard and the WoW's 7th Anniversary Feat of Strength. The celebration lasts from November 20 to December 3, this is a visual tabard and it will not unequip your current tabard.

Update - I just realized that the "Celebration Package" item summoning the tabard requires the 7th anniversary event to be active, it most likely means that this item will expire. Might want to wait for a blue confirmation on that before you go through all your alts to get it.

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  1. Svovel's Avatar
    Hmm am I getting this right? Alot of the whiners seem to think they've paid a monthly fee for the last seven years just to get a vanity pet? I believe you paid for the other content this game has to offer. Not a freaking pet! Get some perspective! Realize the scale of this, well, pretty much non-event. You get a small gift for a VERY small event, by doing absolutely nothing.....
  1. Kihlerabz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Howlrunner View Post
    The biggest issue I can see is just how badly Blizzard misjudge this stuff.

    EVERY year, there is something about the anniversary, its pretty obvious the majority of the player-base likes it. Last year, they had a lot of moaning about no gift or pet, and said they took it on board etc. This year, they have done far less than people would have expected.
    Now, there is only 3 possible reasons for this-

    1) They are so busy working on new product, they simply didn't have time.
    2) They have massively misjudged the community in terms of what they want (this is VERY bad when your in service industry)
    3) They are so wrapped up in their own hubris, or just don't give a toss anymore. (VERY bad as well.)

    Now, I am hoping it is one, but I am sadly beginning to think it is either 2, or 3. There is no point saying this doesn't matter, and its only a game etc. This is a prime example of how badly Blizzard misjudges things and get's it wrong so fundamentally from my perspective.
    I'm in agreement with the spirit of Howlrunner's post. I find it more interesting to muse about Blizz's motive, thinking or rationale for chosing this (gift/reward, what-have-you) than passing judgement as to whether it's lame or not.

    As far as the "entitlement" attitude some have expressed . . . I guess if it was only fireworks each year there'd be a corresponding ho-hum response each year as well, but they went a little extra in some years so naturally by doing so have set themselves up for dissappointing responses when they don't "outdo" (or roughly equal) previous years. But where does it end in trying to "outdo" themselves? Maybe the analogy is not perfect but does every Christmas, Birthday or Anniversary have to be bigger and better than the one before it? Of course it depends on the milestone achieved: a persons 100thbirthday is pretty special and there are Silver, Golden and Diamond Anniversaries. So for Blizz's WoW it's year seven. To some the 'thank-you-for-you-loyalty-and-support' celebratory token of appreciation is underwhelming. But the anology is not perfect in that this is a not a real-life person to person gift-giving situation, it's a company to consumer situation. The company has to continually strive to please the customer with their product or service.

    Which brings me to the 3 possible reasons Howlrunner mentioned. I don't think it's reason number 1 -- it's hard to believe a company as big and well funded as Blizz is (i.e. monthly raking in fees from subscriber's numbering into the multi-millions) could not afford to hire for or allocate a tiny portion of their resources to come up with something more unique for the occasion or even simply to create a new pet model. And I don't think it's reason number 3 -- that they blatently don't care since I don't get the impression that they aren't making at least a good-faith effort in tyring to improve the gamel. But that's of course subjective. From what I've read some seem to feel they haven't done anything right for a long time (yet they are still investing time enough in the game to be able to express a negative opinion about changes over time). I would put my money on number 2 -- massive misjudgement of the what the WoW community wants or put another way, misjudging what would delight more veteran players. I think the newer players will probably wonder what the fuss is all about and accept the gift simply for what it is. Whereas I can certainly see how this is pretty underwhelming a token off appreciation for loyal, long-playing (and therefore long-paying) customers.

    If the game lasts that long, it will be interesting to see what they do for the 10th anniversary. Perhaps they will try to really impress their customers with fireworks, a pet and a exp/rep buff dissappearing tabard?
  1. Kihlerabz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Tinykong View Post
    McDonalds serves you a dry, old cheeseburger that's been laying around for a week. McDonalds fan boy says "You're lucky they served you anything!"
    Even though I agree with the technicality and obviousness (and therefore sillyness) of the observation that "it's not in the TOS that we get anything from Blizz for their anniversaries" I find this McDonald burger analogy incredibly amusing and illuminating to the subject at hand.

  1. furydeath's Avatar
    Doesn't seem to work on WSG/AB rep for me, well this is no point for me to keep for the next 6 days other then taking up a slot.
  1. Golg's Avatar
    People seem to not be able to read the fact that it only increases exp. and rep gains from kills. So using it for PvP rep will get you nowhere.
  1. Oliveros's Avatar
    So there I was, considering resubing to get this year's pet, I figured they can't possibly screw up like last year... then I see this. Guess who wont even buy MoP now? have fun with your pokemon, wow is dead.
  1. walexia's Avatar
    well hmm they didn't really have to do something this lame, this is almost the same as them doing nothing for us, except they put as little effort as possible into it.If they didn't wanna give us anything then they should have just made a blue thread saying thank you and prob signatures of grateful developers.This poorly designed "in-game gift" just reflects badly on them.
  1. Shinryu's Avatar
    Lame gift is lame, at the least you'd think they could've made it a perma tabard.

    And in response to the ones calling us haters, screw all you blizz apologists out there, you're half the reason we get crap because you encourage them to think lame stuff or nothing is acceptable apparently instead of pushing for better.
  1. Dasn's Avatar
    fucking lol'd at you people complaining over a free tabard for a few days and an exp/rep bonus
  1. Eleveneleven's Avatar
    It is pretty funny that at the time they need to reward their loyal the most (since people are leaving this game in huge waves) they provide the absolute worst thing they've ever given for an anniversary.
  1. tweekzlol's Avatar
    as i havent found any blue posts about it, im gonna have faith in blizzard and think this item just requires the achivement so you cant use it on a char without it, and not only during the anniversary
  1. patcherke's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mosley View Post
    These Blizzard fanboys calling people 'ungrateful' for expecting something more than just a tabard are pretty ridiculous. Blizzard is in fact obliged to give us things. We bought their game and we're paying for it monthly, not mentioning other services that bring them money. And we are the ones keeping WoW alive so yeah, it's Blizzard who should be grateful that there are people playing their game. Now don't tell me that Blizzard couldn't take some little more time and design something more interesting that a tabard, I'm not complaining that it's bad because honestly I don't care but I can imagine that it would make quite a few people surprised and/or happy if they would give out some little vanity item with some interesting cool on use effect or whatever, they have all the means to do it and it's not hard for company like Blizzard. By the way people will always find something to complain about, no matter what.
    So people that realise the value of gifts and actually are grateful when they receive one are called fanboys, just because you think your own opinion will look more important and cool then… wow, just wow.
    What has fanboyism got anything to do with being grateful when you get something?

    So you say you are not complaining, and don’t care, but at the same time you think blizzard is obliged to give us something and that you expected something more. You just contradict yourself there, you know.

    As for people not resubbing, or pre-ordering SWTOR just because this tabard I have one word: pathetic.
    Please go away, play other games and come to the realisation that these other games don’t give you anything for free either. And maybe you can then grow up and realise some of the values of life: be grateful for what you get, how small it may be.

    It is a game and you are not forced to play it.

    OT: as a pet collector, I would have loved it if they had added a anniversary pet, but now that is not the case, I am not ungrateful.
    Will I make much use of the anniversary gift? I don’t think I will, I rarely level alts, don’t do battle grounds much, and most factions are on exalted already.
    I might make some use of it to rep grind the steamwheedle cartel factions (which are not on exalted yet) but I don’t think it will be of huge importance.
    Will I wear a tabard if it would stay in game? I don’t think so, I normally don’t wear a tabard.
    But do I whine about its color, about the fact that is ‘a meager 7%’, or that ‘its effect only lasts for 2 weeks’ or that it doesn’t have my name on it? No, I take it and say thank you, just like any normal person with some knowledge in life would do, just like someone which is not a spoiled brat would do.

    Sorry for the wall of text, but this whining is just annoying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yseraboy View Post
    Strongly disagree.

    Nothing would say "We're just phoning it in..." more than a re-skin of an existing pet.

    Giving an annual pet was one of the biggest mistakes Blizz made, because it caused two problems:

    1. A sense of entitlement, in which players expect a new, "better" pet each year.
    2. Since everyone gets the pet, no one uses it because it isn't "special" or "unique".

    How many Baby Blizzard Bears or Mr Chilly pets do you see?

    How many other dime-a-dozen pets do you see people using?

    Other than the Onyxia whelpling - which blows a smoke-ring - I can't think of any Blizz-gave-one-to-everybody pets that I've seen people using after the event has passed.

    Granted, some people do use the "collector's edition" and/or Blizzcon pets, but those aren't something everyone has, are they? And they are having the same problem of coming-up with a "killer" pet each year.
    While I agree on the things you pointed out, there are some things I’d like to add:

    You don’t see that many vanity pets being used because most of the people that use them a lot are pet collectors, which often run around with the more rare pets they have, or, like me, with any other random pet.
    On the other hand you can say that 90% (give or take, just to say it is the majority) of the vanity pets are basically ‘give-to-everybody’ pets, since you can buy them for very little money, and everybody has got access to them. There are actually only a handful of pets you have to do some effort for. (and for most of those, even then, the effort is still small)

    I have a macro that brings up a random one of my pets, so the chance that it is the baby blizzard bear (4th anniversary)or the penguin (battle.net) is not too high, but it doesn’t mean they are ugly.
    (and if they are, just don’t use them, simple as that)
    I do have the corehound pup(authenticator) and the onyxian whelpling (5th anniversary) on my bars separately though, just because they are very cute, and these 2 are more likely to be seen around my side, as these pets are more likely to be summoned.

    ---------- Post added 2011-11-21 at 11:46 AM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Tinykong View Post
    McDonalds serves you a dry, old cheeseburger that's been laying around for a week. McDonalds fan boy says "You're lucky they served you anything!"
    Can you give an even worse example?
    See it more like this:
    You are going to macdonalds for a meal, and they give your kid a toy to play with. What do you Say?

    Hey I expected a playstation, because I come here to this restaurant for the last 7 years. This toy is useless, as it will last for only a few weeks… (which is true btw, those toys are mostly not that good of quality, but whatever)

    Or 2.
    Here boy (or girl, whatever you child’s sex is), these nice people give you something to play with, what do you say to the nice mister? And then the toddler says ‘thank you,sir’.

    I can assure you, since I have kids, I will definitely try to teach them the second answer.
    And so should every grown up do.
  1. crsh1976's Avatar
    Kinda lame, really.
  1. achaeon's Avatar
    I'm not going to hate, whatever, they dont 'owe' us I guess. But it's a pretty lame 'gift'. Honestly it feels more like one of those 'nothing would've been better' scenarios.

    ---------- Post added 2011-11-21 at 12:04 PM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Lobstarrr View Post
    All haters, get the fuck off of these forums, it's getting really old now.
    I'm sorry not everyone's opinion mirrors yours', lord and master.
  1. The King in Yellow's Avatar
    Wait wait wait......Haven´t I seen this tabard before?
    OOH YES http://www.wowhead.com/item=19160

    Now I remember...Atleast the experience boost is nice, I guess.
  1. DBZMerciter2005's Avatar
    I couldn't care less about the pet, I just wish this was a permanent BoA tabard instead.
  1. nicki's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by 00furious View Post
    If the worst issue you have in your life is that something you received for free, isn't amazing.. I wish I had your problems.

    and i actually like this gift. sure, a pet would have been cool too, but i like the utility of this one. who cares how it looks? it's the buff that matters
  1. mikisulu's Avatar
    MMoC started as a wow fanboy site, the forum was mostly speculations and questions and answers about WOW. The forum has morphed into troll country, where every rumor and every screeshot can be taken as the sure sign WOW is dying and blizzard is stealing ur money. I have stopped reading the forum, because of this.

    If i want to read trolls, i want them to be adult and intelligent and thought provoking (4chan/reddit/digg/fark).

    So maybe in a couple of years most of the trolls will have graduated to more mature forums where they will meet real opponents, then this forum will be worth reading again.

  1. Gootgot's Avatar
    WHAT ?! THIS is all we get ?! Temporary visual tabard................just gz blizz.
  1. rubyloc's Avatar
    I'm just happy I got another FoS, stop complicating things

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