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Chuck Norris is a Hunter
Hopefully a better quality video will be available soon, but so far this is the only clip I could find of the new WoW TV Ad.

Update - High quality video from the official World of Warcraft youtube Channel added!

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  1. Alskonda's Avatar
    Lol.. that's all to be said.
  1. Lazaroz's Avatar
    w00t!? Awesome!

    Also, human monk animations, perhaps?
  1. Inie's Avatar
    I think this is brilliant
  1. dubbz's Avatar
    LOL Chuck Norris
  1. Seregon's Avatar
    Oh my God! The epic... is too much!
  1. StarbuyPWNDyou's Avatar
    Why doesn't this forum have a like button? :/
  1. Ancestral's Avatar

    So... SO EPIC.
  1. Flaks's Avatar
    About time they got Chuck Norris. I feel as though the entire commercial should have taken place in the Barrens and involved Mankrik's wife in some way.
  1. Koganor's Avatar
    It was only a matter of time....
  1. Etai's Avatar
    Lol awesome
  1. Sting's Avatar
    Now all we need is Bruce Lee as a Monk for MoP.
  1. Kilobyte's Avatar
    so much want
  1. Rhywolver's Avatar
    Damn it I hope this is the new character model for the male human, looks a bit more slim and better at all. Maybe the moves for the monk? On the other side, Mr. T had the unique Night-Elf Mohawk, too... Nice getting Chuck Norris for the commercial, 10/10
  1. Sarahstrasza's Avatar
    Alliance. Ew.
  1. Marcadius's Avatar
    el oh el, wow subs climb over 12million again now :P
  1. Mokkah's Avatar
    I am rerolling alliance if that haircut and beard become available.
  1. Shekita's Avatar
    Few years late on the Chuck Norris train.Their commercials just like their expansions have become horribly predictable. AMIRITE?
  1. zebramints's Avatar
    omfg so amazing
  1. Zasso's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sarahstrasza View Post
    Alliance. Ew.
    Chuck Norris doesn't have a faction, he is his own faction.

    But did you not seem him beating the crap out of that gnome? Proves everyone hates gnomes.
  1. Wootylicious's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Marcadius View Post
    el oh el, wow subs climb over 12million again now :P
    dem sneaky devils at blizz eh..

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