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Dragon Soul - End Cinematic / Cataclysm Epilogue - SPOILER ALERT
Blizzard was extremely fast and already patched in the missing Dragon Soul cinematic! Watch at your own risks.

Fall of Deathwing Not Yet Available in Raid Finder
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We would just like to let everyone know that the Fall of Deathwing is not open just yet for the Raid Finder or Heroic difficulties. We plan to open this encounter up in approximately one week. We felt it was important to let more people get through the fights in normal difficulty, make videos, strat guides, update their mods, etc. before we let everyone take a crack at Deathwing. We’ll keep you informed when this part of the raid opens up for Raid Finder. Keep in mind that it’s required to complete the first half to be able to queue for the second, so don’t hold back!
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  1. Imhullu's Avatar
    gasp! Spoilers
  1. Volga's Avatar
  1. vizzle's Avatar
    It was nice and all, but Medivh's speech at the end of WC3 is the exact same theme. And Aggra's having a baby? :/
  1. Arkenaw's Avatar
    can't wait to beat deathwing in raid finder.
  1. Ace192's Avatar
    What? Aspects are pretty much dead now? That kinda kills a shit ton of epic characters...
  1. Velossa's Avatar
    Pfff, Alexstrasza has Power Word: Pregnancy?
  1. GhostInTheFog's Avatar
    wow that was pretty awesome.
  1. Imhullu's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Arkenaw View Post
    can't wait to beat deathwing in raid finder.
    I'm wondering will you eve be able too?
    On battle.net if you look at someones armory page, under lfr it only has 6 bosses, and no spine or madness listed.
  1. Rorixis's Avatar
    Fucking awesome ending :P
  1. Hedleyazg's Avatar
    J.R.R. Tolkien called, he wants his story back.
  1. ambigiouslynamed's Avatar
    i like how nozdormu gets to be relevant for a single patch and kalec is aspect for little more
  1. Pud'n's Avatar
    Wow I guess Traask was right about the Aspects permanently losing their powers. Guess that means we're not gonna be seeing the aspects for a while.
  1. lookatmypet's Avatar
    Shes Pregnant! Lmfao
  1. Arkenaw's Avatar
    Wow, so what happened to the aspects? Are they no longer dragons or just won't live forever now
  1. Boubouille's Avatar
    Added the Dragon Soul Raid Finder blue post since people have been asking about it in comments.
  1. Lannden's Avatar
    That is actually a pretty cool ending.
  1. Desdonde's Avatar
    Good to see some voice acting at least
  1. Aikou's Avatar
    MAN thats wack!!!! The aspects cant be done!!! i mean isnt it there job to make sure everything keeps function i mean srsly mortals taking acre of the world. i doubt that im kinda sad now ima miss alexstraza and ysera.
  1. MushroomBomb's Avatar
    Isn't this, uh, pretty much what Elrond decided at the end of LOTR? >_>
  1. quantaron's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Army of Darkness View Post
    Wow I guess Traask was right about the Aspects permanently losing their powers. Guess we're gonna see a lot less of the dragons in upcoming expansions also.
    So wait a minute... if Nozdormu loses his powers, then in the future he can't really become Murozond, can he? This is ridiculous.

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