Diablo 3 - Diablo III’s full opening cinematic @ Spike Awards, Penny Arcade's Point of view of Real Money Auction House

Dragon Soul - End Cinematic / Cataclysm Epilogue - SPOILER ALERT
Blizzard was extremely fast and already patched in the missing Dragon Soul cinematic! Watch at your own risks.

Fall of Deathwing Not Yet Available in Raid Finder
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We would just like to let everyone know that the Fall of Deathwing is not open just yet for the Raid Finder or Heroic difficulties. We plan to open this encounter up in approximately one week. We felt it was important to let more people get through the fights in normal difficulty, make videos, strat guides, update their mods, etc. before we let everyone take a crack at Deathwing. We’ll keep you informed when this part of the raid opens up for Raid Finder. Keep in mind that it’s required to complete the first half to be able to queue for the second, so don’t hold back!
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  1. Joshmaul's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kuntantee View Post
    Titans need to come azeroth somehow... In order to reach that particular "moment" where titans see the chaos in azeroth and decide to bring peace
    Their idea of "peace", if Algalon was any indication, was to blow the planet up and rebuild it from scratch.
  1. juggerneat's Avatar
    Worst cinematic ever. This game really became so dull it's unbelivable.
  1. roahn the warlock's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nefastus View Post
    Hahahahaha was exactly what I thought. Blizzard is well know for not having creativity. Basically EVERYTHING you see at their games if you look around you will see it was taken from somewhere.

    Also the cinematics blew. A good prelude for the end of warcraft with pandaland meets pokemon. Playing fable while i wait SWTOR.
    Oh swtor will suck too, nothing George Lucas wrote was original either,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uzume View Post
    Just to clearify to some people here;They have no powers left because they poured all of it into the Dragon Soul. They also fulfilled their whole purpose of their powers. They dont need them anymore.As for Nozdormu this is the future where Deathwing dies. Hence he won't be corrupted.
    Actually he ill, because the ending we saw in end time is actually better than what is going to happen. It ties well with this amazing article http://wow.joystiq.com/2011/11/06/kn...is-of-azeroth/
  1. DeltrusDisc's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Fojos View Post
    The aspects duties were fulfilled long ago, if it wasn't for Deathwing.
    No, it wasn't. It was to watch over and maintain the world, so long as the old gods were around, and the old gods cannot be fully killed otherwise the world will more or less cease to exist... They were there to keep them in check. You need to learn more about lore... I quit WoW months ago and I know more about it than you. =/
  1. shadowstep's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kaelynath View Post
    *Metzen puts on a pouty face*

    "FINE. If my beloved Thrall can't be an aspect, nobody can."
    this just made me smile
  1. Akakishin's Avatar
    ppl in blizz can read LOTR deeper... they didnt lost their immortality in the end when they left middle earth LOL when you're tryin to copy somthing..for god sake...do it more carefuly and show some respect to LOTR and Warcraft Lore ffs
    its just a fail like wrath's ending. Failzzard goes on and on.
  1. flufi's Avatar
    Its nice cinematic...
  1. Flaks's Avatar
    Damn it necro'd. Sorry!
  1. Deepsidedj's Avatar
    They still have powers only they are not immortal anymore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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